Good Morning Ladies 🙂 Seems all I ever post anymore is sales rooms & events, lol. But today I actually have a NEW Release Skin from WoW Skins that is for the Mainstore. This is AMYLEE. AmyLee comes in 4 tones, 6 makeups plus a natural version, appliers for Slink Hands, Feet, Lola`s, Lush, Phat Azz & Loud Mouth. I`m going to focus on the Loud Mouth for this post, because I usually am focusing on the hands & feet, so let`s do something different 😉 I`m wearing the Loud Mouth “Alli” (mesh mouth) and the skin appliers to help it match from WoW Skins. I have been wondering if I had to wait for Loud Mouth to release other teeth options to be able to give it a different look, (you know how I hate to look like everyone else, lol) and so I went through my inventory & tried every single mouth & teeth option that I had. I`m pleased to say that they all work :). Now you may ask, what is so great about the Loud Mouth, why not just add an alpha & teeth? Well, you could do that, however, you have no control over the size of your mouth, nor will you be able to change your lipstick color, well unless you add a tat layer. But, with the mesh mouth the hud allows you to create any color lipstick that you can imagine & also change the size of your mouth. Important: Do yourself a favor & make a copy of your shape & apply the suggested numbers from the Loud Mouth Notecard for when you are using the Loud Mouth, believe me, you can`t even imagine what numbers you`d need for this, so save your time & just go with what they suggest, lol. It works just like the Slink Hands, Feet, & Phat azz work, works best when you use the suggested numbers. Ok so now that we have that all explained, let`s get back to looking at the AmyLee Skin. (All credits will be listed at the end)

Here are the available makeups, note that I have changed the lip colors, so you`ll need to create them with the hud, however, the eye makeup comes on the AmyLee Skins. (I`m wearing *Milk* skintone)


The 4 tones for AmyLee. Milk, Tan, Sunkissed & Dark Tan.


Here is the pics for my mouth experiments, lol. Play with them, move your teeth in & out, up & down, find the look that`s best for you :). I have teeth & tongue options from all over the grid, however, most are from DEETALEZ. Also shown, [PXL], [M]





Next we`ll take a look at a NEW Release from Leri Miles Designs. This is the outfit for THE DIRTY TURKEY HUNT, how nice right? The outfit includes cropped sweater in chocolate & the layered maxi skirt also in chocolate. I`ve added hair from UNDERSCORE, a hippie headband from SUGAR & CYANIDE (gatcha machine in mainstore, love these!) and then from AXIX ANIMATIONS from Oct 26th – Nov 6th, you can get these gifts/hunt prizes – Dark Angel Wings (unisex) & Skull Deer Necklace for him or her.



I`m also wearing the NEW “GlossyPuff” bangles from Baubles!.


And from LANTIAN FOX – “Mysticrystal” Belly ring – This crystal is handmade by the creator & is exclusive to this store only. The eyes of course I showed you yesterday from SU! group gift, I can`t get enough of them yet, so you`ll probably see these for a few more days, lol. Note: The belt on the skirt is an exclusive LMD design.



And that will be all from me this morning. Some great events coming ladies. I`m about to get started blogging for the ROCKABILLY EVENT & so excited to bring you so many great looks, I`ve glanced at some of the items & you will love them, so be sure to come back everyday & see what else I`ve put together for you 🙂

As always a great big thank you for visiting & supporting “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO


Skin – AmyLee – WoW Skins •NEW!•

Hair – Milk “Gigi in fades” & Underscore “Kitaru- brown smooth basic roots”  •NEW!•

Teeth & tounge options – DeeTaleZ

Eyes – Suicidal Unborn (GroupGift)   •NEW!•

Lashes – Falsies – Mon Cheri

Mesh Mouth – Loud Mouth – YES, that is the name of the store as well.

Deer necklace & wings – Axix   •NEW!•

Clothing – Sweater & Skirt – Leri Miles Designs    •NEW!•

Headband – Sugar & Cyanide Gatcha Machine

Belly Ring – Lantian Fox    •NEW!•

Bangles – GlossyPuff – Baubles!    •NEW!•

Nails – 800 New Textures – Jamman Nails     •NEW!•

Earrings – Purple Moon – Halloween Gift    •NEW!•


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