Mornin ladies 🙂 Today is a VERY special day for me 🙂 ♥ I began this journey about 2 years ago as a blogger. Friends that have known me since then, remember that I was always spending many hours just playing with my avi & dressing her up over & over, everyday a different look, a different style. So many kept telling me, “You really should start blogging”, you practically do it anyway. I hesitated a while, I really liked the freedom I had to do what I wanted, when I wanted. Eventually, as you all know, I caved, lol & well here I am 2 years later, and I can say that the joy I get of seeing creators succeed, or when a brand new designer hits the scene & no one has heard of them, & all of the sudden a few great post by bloggers & them bam, that creator is all over, I have to say is the best feeling EVER! To see others work so hard & get recognized for that work really does make my heart smile. Yes, I traded my freedom a bit, I still get to do mostly what I want, sometimes there is lots of deadlines to meet, but even then, everyday, I love what I do. I`ve gotten tired, overwhelmed, & burnt out, I`ve been through every range of feelings that come with being a blogger, but I never quit, on days when I really wasn`t inspired, I`d push through, I`d remind myself that this is what I wanted, and if I slack now, I`ll be even more behind later. I`m no where near perfect, I`ve missed deadlines, I`ve forgotten obligations, totally missed items, but I can honestly say, none of it was ever intentional & I do care, I do try to the best of my ability, and for that I`m happy with self and the work I`ve done.

Yesterday,  I was talking with a store owner about her items & the fact that I`m blogging a few events that she`s in, & she says….”you are like super woman of the blog world … here there and everywere lol”. It cracked me up, because I sometimes feel like pulling out my hair because I`m here, there & everywhere, lol.  That creator was the owner of Dark Passions, BCreative Wilde Heart, who creates amazing appliers for Slink Hands & Feet, and whom also did I mention a New Sponsor of Punki`s Fashion Passion!” 🙂 Before someone gets mad at me, she didn`t need a group slot!! LOL! Thank you for believing in me ♥ I wish I could thank each person that I`ve blogged for, that believed in me, or just wanted to give me a chance when I was just starting out, but that would bore most of you to death, lol and they know who they are anyway & just how special they are to me ♥


1 million hits has been a personal goal of mine, and I`m beyond words today to express the gratitude to every single one of you that click on my blog, to every one of you that message me about something you liked, and to the talented designers that love my work & want me to blog their items, I couldn`t be here doing this without any of you. You allow me to relax, to dream, to be inspired & to be creative. Today, I will have succeeded in that goal, and hit that 1 million.  Some have said, “Will you take a break now?” lol it makes me laugh, because although I`ve thought about it, I doubt I will. I love this! I love waking up every morning & having my coffee & working on my blog, it`s become part of my life now. Everyday I`m inspired by amazing bloggers, there are so many incredible bloggers on SL, it blows me away, and to be blogging along side of a lot of them some days bewilders me. We`re always our worst critics aren`t we? lol . I thought to not even mention this in a post today, but I honestly want to share with you the excitement & also take the opportunity to say a genuine heartfelt thank you. Somehow thank you just doesn`t seem enough for what I feel inside. I`ll end there, as we have a post to get to ; ).

Today, we`re going to feature a Brand New Skin Release from ESSENCES. “The GREEK GODDESS” as you can see in the above pic is absolutely STUNNING! The Greek Goddess comes in 3 tones, well actually six, but they are named Dark, Medium & Pale, each one of those have a 01 & a 02 option.  Dark 01, dark 02, etc. Each one of these tones then come in 5 brow options, blonde, brown, brunette, cranberry & ginger. I`ll show you each of the tones today, however, I think I`m featuring mostly brown & brunette brows in this post. I hope you all go try the demo for this skin, as soon as I put it on, I was like “WOW, she`s amazing!” And I just know you will too!

Next, from THE ALOHA FAIR, I`m wearing another incredible pair of wedges from ESSENZ, omg I love these shoes!! Also from the same event, my outfit is from NINETY, “Everyday Peach Outfit” and the gacha totebag (rare! teddy) is also from NINETY. To complete my ALOHA post, I`ve added a super cute “Turtle” Necklace from POMPOSITY, and nail appliers & added hibiscus nail charm from CANDY NAILS. All of these items are featured at THE ALOHA FAIR, so gets your butts over there & get to shopping!







Have a fabulous day ladies ! And as always a great big hug for stopping by & supporting “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO

credits …..

skin – ESSENCES – The Greek Goddess

hair – EXILE – Young & Beautiful

lashes – MON CHERI – falsies


mole – PINK ACID  – natural beauty mark

necklace – POMPOSITY – Long Turtle Necklace – THE ALOHA FAIR

outfit – NINETY – Everyday Peach Outfit – THE ALOHA FAIR

shoes – ESSENZ – El Paso Wedges – THE ALOHA FAIR

bracelet left – EDENMOON  – banglewatches

bracelet right – SASSY! Just in time

hand bracelet left – TANTALUM – Love Hand Bracelet

anklet left – TANTALUM – Flower Cascade Anklet – CURRENT PRE -RELEASE GATCHA GARDEN

anklet right – MUKA – cuff rosa

nail appliers & add-on hibiscus nail gem (LOVE IT!) – CANDY NAILSTHE ALOHA FAIR

Mesh Hands & Feet – SLINK

Mesh bum/legs – L.inc.

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