This picture is complete raw shot – no edit at all, so you can see how lovely the skin is.

Ok ladies, I am soooo excited right now. I`m sure that most of you long time skin addicts can take one look at this & know immediately what skin this is. I must admit that this was one of my very favorite skin stores a few years ago. I broke away with wearing them due to the whole appliers & then mesh bodies & heads. I recently found out that DREAM INK (yes that`s the name of the store) now has MAITREYA & SLINK appliers. They also have Slink hands & feet, Lola Tangos & phat azz for those that are still using those. I inquired with the owner about appliers for the Mesh Heads & was told that YES, she will be doing those also in the future. I couldn`t be any happier! I have missed my Dream Ink skins sooooo much, and have been staring at it all day since I put it back on, lol.

Dream Ink sells their skins a little different than other stores, so do yourself a favor & when you go there, give yourself some time to really read the fine print and try demos. Know what you are getting before you click BUY. Most of them sell by makeups, so this is why I say be sure you know what you`re getting. Here`s just a suggestion from me, and I`m totally a skin addict, but I tend to buy plain skins, with very little makeup, that way I can add to them later with different makeups & not be stuck with some bright green eyeshadow or something (example only). But I have also been known to buy Dream Ink skins with makeup also like the one shown here, because I was just crazy about the look 🙂

I am very happy to let you know that I will be bringing you more Dream Ink skins in the future, and will keep you posted on any news from and new releases.

Next on the agenda today, ALICE IN SEXYLAND has begun, and I must say I`m a tad disappointed, but I`m not actually blogging this event this time, not really sure what happened there, I usually get invited to blog all of their events, but it is what it is, and honestly it`s quite possible I forgot to apply with my recent surgery & so much going on in RL. None-the-less, I have a few sponsors that are participating so I still get to blog some of the goodies from the event.  Today we`re going to feature AVICANDY. My goodness, I could go on & on about this lil lady. I remember meeting her very early on in her creating days & I immediately seen amazing ability, and I flat out let her know that. Sometimes, we all just need that push from others that see our potential when we are doubting it. I knew that her work could stand right up there with some of the larger well known stores, it was that good, early on. And so, every chance I got, I tried to encourage her to get more involved, to get her name out there more & yes it was going to get overwhelming at times, but if it`s what she really wanted, I just knew she was capable of it. And now, let`s just say………LOOK AT HER GO! Everywhere I turn, I`m seeing her name, events, other bloggers blogging her items, and it makes me so happy to watch her succeed. 

AVICANDY has so many awesome items at the ALICE IN SEXYLAND EVENT, and below I`m going to show you just one of the outfits & a few props. I`ll have to bring you more in another post, because there is tons for this event, she was super busy with this one 😉

Finally, from PHOENIX HAIR, “Elise” a new EXCLUSIVE release was just perfect for this post with the headband, I couldn`t have planned a better hair for Alice. You can find this hair also at the Alice In Sexyland Event.

I hope you ladies enjoy the post, I had a blast putting it together. Have fun & HAPPY SHOPPING!





Credits –  


mesh body with hands & feet – MAITREYA LARA V3

mesh skin appliers – DREAM INK – Maitreya DD4 (Original & upgraded skin appliers both available.)  ♦ ηεω ♦

skin – DREAM INK – SF Tiana DD4 25 w/hairbase


Sexy Alice Mesh Outfit including shoes, socks, stockings & bows – AVICANDY  ALICE IN SEXYLAND ♦ ηεω ♦



septum – DIAMANTE – Lucid Dreams Septum ALICE IN SEXYLAND  ♦ ηεω ♦

rings – DIAMANTE – Tea Cup, Tea Pot, Sugar Pot  / Tea Party Ring Set ALICE IN SEXYLAND♦ ηεω ♦

nail appliers – AVICANDY – Royal Alice Maitreya Appliers  ALICE IN SEXYLAND ♦ ηεω ♦

lashes – REDGRAVE – Candydoll

eyes – SUICIDAL UNBORN – Nova Eyes – NEW Group Gift!   ♦ ηεω ♦

necklace – WE <3 RP – LASSITUDE & ENNUI- Sunna Necklace gold/white   ♦ ηεω ♦


AVICANDY – Eat me & Drink Me – Photo Pose Props/ multi poses, curtain & wall color changer, wall photo frames can be changed. Both of these sets are so cute!!  ALICE IN SEXYLAND ♦ ηεω ♦


logo pink black


Creator vendor pics – details listed

AD - Sexy Alice Outfit

AD - Royal Alice - Fingernails ex


AD - Sexy Alice Photo Pose Prop - Eat Me

AD - Sexy Alice Photo Pose Prop - Drink Me