Good Morning Ladies 🙂 So a few months back when all the rage was the creation of the mesh bums, I did a complete side by side post comparing those to one another so that you could make an informed decision on which one you wanted. Well, I`m back again today with even more choices. A few NEW items have been released lately and we`re going to try & cover them all in todays post. 1st we have the NEW [BANNED] BOOTY. This is the NEWEST of mesh bums in SL, and they actually come in a few different styles & now even a fitted mesh bum. I`m going to focus on the last release which I`m pretty sure is the larger of the bums, lol. Next – I purchased a mesh body months ago, “WowMeh”  & honestly I had forgotten that I had even purchased it until this week, a post by my friend Alex on Facebook, reminded me that I had it. I seen that many questions were being asked about this item, so I decided to pull it out of my inventory & play with it a bit so I could show you that too. And finally, the last item will be that WOW Skins just released appliers for this Mesh Body “WowMeh”.

I`m going to use the New Release skin from WoW Skins as well. “ANIKA” – I just love her face & decided since I want to show you the appliers, a WoW skin would be perfect 🙂 I shared a few pics on FB yesterday before I could complete this post, so for those who didn`t get to see that, I`m wearing the last tattoo release from RECKLESS, which is amazing!! I had to blog this as soon as I seen it :).

Warning, a lot of these pics will look the same, but remember the focus today is on the body, not an outfit, so unless you look closely at the differences, they will look alike. Enough of my rambling, let`s get to the post 🙂

Here is a few pics that I blogged earlier about the PhatAzz & CuteAzz, & the direct link to that post if interested.

Click here for original post



The first thing I want to talk about & this was my main question about this next item – [BANNED BOOTY]. Can you use the same appliers for PhatAzz – CuteAzz clothing & skin appliers for the Banned Booty??? At first it was a little confusing, but after speaking with the creator & watching a tutorial that they created on YouTube to help their customers, I found it quite easy to convert these appliers. And that is basically what you have to do. The skin appliers will need to be purchased, however, there is no need to buy new clothing or tattoo appliers, the video explains in detail how you can create your own appliers with standard appliers they`ve supplied in the pack. See here for more info.   Note, I converted the phatazz tattoo layer for the Reckless tattoo to work on the Banned Booty 🙂 It works 🙂

Video Tutorial

The Banned Booty also comes with about a dozen different attachments to choose from so you don`t have to worry if something is Banned friendly, chances are there is an attachment that will work with any pants, shorts, skirt, boots etc.

Now, let`s take a look at the BANNED BOOTY


There is 2 options for this one, one has a thicker leg. The last pic shows the thicker leg option.

BANNED BOOTY – Rear view (LOL)  – thin legs – & thicker legs.

Now you can see all 3 side by side….


Next, let`s take a look at the WowMeh Mesh Body – This is NOT an attachment like the bums are – this is a headless FULL BODY , so yes ladies, you can keep your face!! I`ve shown you this on an assortment of shapes – pls excuse the gaps in my ankles, lol too many shapes to edit for this post, I basically just wanted to show how this can be worn with ANY shape at all. Note, I am wearing SLINK hands & feet, although the mesh body does come with them, SLINK is just my personal preference. I would suggest purchasing this as soon as possible, I`ve watched the price climb over the past week or so…..demand lol. This product also supplies FREE updates for life, the last update is really nice & hence why I think that everyone has jumped on this over the past week or so.

The WowMeh comes with a hud full of alpha layers that you can make just about any part of this mesh disappear which is quite nice when working with clothing 🙂

The gray areas that you see below are the alphas, you just click on any of them & viola that part of your body disappears.


PicMonkey Collage1

This pic proves that point a little better. The 1st pic is MY shape, the 2nd pic is the shape that comes with the WowMeh Mesh Body.

PicMonkey Collage

Amazing job Sawsan (WOW SKINS) on these appliers, flawless 😉



And finally – the advantage of the Mesh Body is that there isn`t a worry about those pesky seams…even wearing mesh hands & feet, I`ve put arrows where you would normally see gaps or lines, as you`ll notice, there is none with the mesh body neckline or the hands & feet.


I know this can get a bit confusing, so feel free to message me if you have any questions, I`ll be happy to help 🙂

And that will be all from me for this post 🙂

As always a great big hug & thank you for stopping by to visit & support “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO

Skin – WoW Skins  ANIKA
All Appliers – WoW Skins
Hair- Tableau Vivant – Springflower hair
Lashes – Mon Cheri – Falsies
Liner – Belleza
Eyes- {song} Hope Eyes in peach
Clothing –
PINK SET comes with the Wowmeh body
Shoes – tsg (The Sugar Garden)  – Bubble Heels
Accessories –
Nail Appliers – ZOZ
Tattoo – RECKLESS – Hide & Seek
Impants/ Mesh Body Parts – (If I`m wearing them, these are what I wear listed below).
Mesh Breast – Lola Tangos- LOLAS
Mesh Hands & Feet – SLINK
Mesh Bum”s”  – L.INC
WOWMEH MESH BODY – There is a DEMO available.