Hi everyone!! So yes, I’ve had some serious issues being able to work with the NEW Bento enabled Firestorm. And from the pic above, you can see just how I’m feeling about it, lol. From what I hear it’s a pretty stable viewer & most people aren’t having any issues what-so-ever. I, on the other hand, for some reason have never been able to use FS successfully. After many changes to my comp & settings, I am able to use it somewhat for now. I do still freeze often, so I’m still not a big fan, but I want to be able to bring you the latest news about Bento enabled items 🙂 P.S. I still don’t have the quality of my photos to where they were before, honestly I feel like a noob again, lol. – But as when everything changes, it’s a learning process & I’ll get there, be patient with me pls 🙂

Today we’ll take a look at the Catwa Catya Bento head & the Vista Bento hands. I’ll add in a snippit of the hands actually moving, with a few of the animations that come with the Bento hands. I must admit, they are pretty nice, and although I grabbed these, I don’t blame some of you for waiting for Slink to release hers, cuz we all know Slink makes the best hands & feet in SL 😉 – Yes, I’ll get them as well 🙂

I did very mimimal work on the Catya head. Everyone is working on “their” particular shape, and I will probably do as I always have, use various shapes, because I blog for multiple skin creators. I’m wearing skin from DEETALEZ today, the skin is Omega applier. I also purchased the Omega hand appliers so that I could match the Vista hands with my body.

Remember, if you purchase the Omega applier for Vista, you can use any Omega skin applier on those hands, same as we do with the Maitreya, or Slink bodies. To purchase Omega relay huds, you can find them here.

I’m also wearing some pretty awesome heels from MODA, just wait till you check out a closeup of these babies 😉

My dress is from SUICIDAL UNBORN — always super cuteness. 

Hope you enjoy the post ladies & hope I’ll be back really soon with my next post.

I’m not too familiar with using gyazo gifs, but at least this will give you an idea of the fingers moving.



And I think that will cover it for today – as always thank you for stopping by & supporting PUNKI’S FASHION PASSION!

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CREDITS! (don’t forget if you can’t find something, check the “taxi’s page below, and if you are still having trouble, feel free to message me. I’m saddened by recent comments I’ve seen from customers saying that they’ve contacted bloggers & a blogger gets angry with them for whatever reason, please don’t worry about messaging me, I actually enjoy helping people & making them happy 🙂 – You can either comment below or in-world @ Punkiss Resident, although I warn that I get capped often in-world, so here I’ll be sure to see your message.

mesh head – (bento) – CATWA – Catya
mesh body – MAITREYA – Lara
appliers for all – DEETALEZ – Kimberly / Catwa/Maitreya appliers / Omega Hands appliers
freckles – DEETALEZ – Mesh freckles layer
mesh hands (bento) – VISTA Prohands
hair – TRAM F41111 NEW!
eyes – SUICIDAL UNBORN – Sytpal eyes
dress – SUICIDAL UNBORN – Sick Girl dress
necklace -BENS – Linda Necklace
heels – MODA DESIGNS – Ice Queen Platforms
poses – VISTA ANIMATIONS (comes with Bento hands)
nails – ZOZ NAILS -Holiday Warmth – You must use the Omega version to apply to the Vista hands – @ WINTER TREND EVENT