Hello everyone 🙂 Well, I`ve finally made it! I`ve made it through the weekend guest in RL, & ready to start blogging these great events that are going on in SL right now :). The next few days, I will be covering 2 events. This one today is called the BITACORA TRAVEL FAIR. Bitacora started as a blog to help others find & showcase many beautiful sims across SL. Beautiful landscapes & builds are continuously being sought by the Bitacora Team & added to their blog. This year for their birthday they decided to put together the fair in which 5 continents can be traveled by all of us all in one venue.  America, Europe, Oceana, Asia & Africa are the Continents & here is what you will see represented there 🙂

– Africa: It will be representing a Savannah of Kenya
– America: A typical Mexican town
– Asia: A Japanese village
– Europe: A Parisian city
– Oceania: An Australian rain forest

The list of 90 designers & creators for each of these can be found here.

Bitacora Travel Fair opens it`s doors tomorrow, Wednesday at 3pm SLT. Oct 17th – 31st. In addition, there will be lots of Gatchas at the landing point, so there will be something for everyone 🙂 Today`s post will feature items from ARISARIS – “Niokolo Dress” Hope you enjoy & see you at the fair! <3



 Looking forward to bringing you many more items from this fair, the list of creators is amazing & I`d like to thank them & the organizers of this event for allowing me to blog for them 🙂 <3

As always a great big thank you for visiting & supporting “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO


Skin – Essences Qopi 01 @ TDR FUSION     ♥♥•NEW!•♥♥

Hair – “Whispers” EXILE

Dress –  “Niokolo Dress” – ARISARIS @ THE BITACORA TRAVEL FAIR 2013      ♥♥•NEW!•♥♥

Jewelry – “Toffah Arabia Set” – CHOP ZUEY      ♥♥•NEW!•♥♥

Nails – Jamman

For More Info on Bitacora Travel Fair pls see the following links.

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