Good morning everyone!! Today I have a few NEW releases to share with you. First from DEETALEZ, “Emi” has just been released at WE LOVE ROLEPLAY. There is 2 tones available at this event, and the other tones will be coming soon to the main DEETALEZ location. Emi comes with 4 brow colors, and a no brow option. You also get a modifiable shape, 5 tattoo layers for lip coloring, and 1 tattoo layer for eyeshadow, all of the tattoo layers are mod, so you can create any color that you want 🙂

Next, I want to share CUTE POISON`S latest creation. This is the Japanese Alter that she created for XIASUMI SCHOOL FESTIVAL. The alters come in white, silver, or gold, I`ll show you all 3 of them below. It`s so cute!

Then from 22769/BAUWERK, 2 new releases & a prior release also shown. 1st at WE LOVE ROLEPLAY, “Isle Of Tranquility, and Remnants of the Elven. There is a 3rd item for this event too, I`ll share the vendor pic at the end. Also shown, the Cherry Blossom Set that was featured at Origami. For more info on this event, click here. I believe this event has ended, however, you could try the main location to see if these items are there.

And then – BIG NEWS! 100 BLOCK FASHION FAIR opens today!! ZOZ has this super cute “daisy chain” nails, a spring polish set using exclusive mesh replacement nails fit for, classic avatars, slink hands and TMP hands. These are Mesh Nails, that you add to your hands. If using mesh hands, you just turn off the nails on the hud & add these 🙂 They come in natural & white tipped, I`ll show you both below. 🙂










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skin – EMI – mixedtype (tone) black brows –DEETALEZ – WE LOVE ROLEPLAY – NEW!

makeup gloss, makeup mouth shadow 1, black eyeliner “G”, mesh beauty mole,  –DEETALEZ  (MAINSTORE for lots of makeup add-ons for standard avis & mesh bodies, heads, etc.)

mesh body – MAITREYA Lara v3 – NEW updates!

mesh hands & feet – SLINK – NEW updates!

hair – EXXESS – Sava A – NEW!

Cherry Blossom B (hair) – LUXE (single flower)

eyes – used 2 different in this post – 1st – IKON, Sovereign eyes – 2nd – SUICIDAL UNBORN, Aileen eyes – Onix

lashes – MON CHERI – falsies

necklace – PIDIDDLE – My secret treasures – sakura petals

headpieces left & right with streamers – NAMINOKE – sukura

earrings – NAMINOKE – sakura w/doll

heels – MY ADDICTION – Gala Spring – group gift

Jacket /shrug – V I N C U E – Mao + cardi / pink w/cream – XIASUMI SCHOOL FESTIVAL NEW!

lace tank top (white) comes in assorted colors. – ILAYA – Lusiana Lace Top w/Belleza & Maitreya Appliers.

panties – FOREVER YOUNG – sweet panties – Omega appliers included.

choker – PINK ACID – pink & pearl bunny rabbit choker – CHAPTER 4NEW!


Mesh nails – 3.0 LONG 20 Slink Elegant 1 – ZOZ – 100 BLOCK FASHION FAIR

Uchiwa (fan) SWEETAHOLIC – Group Gift 02

cherry blossom set – 22769/BAUWERK

Isle Of Tranquilty, and Remnants of the Elven – 22769/BAUWERKORIGAMINEW!

*Vendor pics are shown to provide further details and are sole property of the creators.

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