Hey ladies!! Well I finally got home last night, after a very long traffic jammed 7 hour trip home, I was thrilled to see my own bed & my own house. I put out a post this morning that I had almost completed when I left, but just didn`t have quite enough time to get it out there, hate when that happens :P.  So now I`ve gotten some rest, unpacked some things in SL, did a lil shopping 😉 And now, my first entire post since getting back from Vacation 🙂 2 of my favorite designers will be featured in this post. The first is ESSENCES SKINS, “CHO”, the NEW skin release I recently showed you, now has a few versions available at seriously discounted prices found only at TDR Fusion. Next I always look forward to the beginning of the month, because FaMeshed Starts & REBEL HOPE always creates something incredible for this event. Today, she actually has 2 different texture lines to a super cute dress that`s tied on the hip, you`re gonna love it 😉

So let`s get to it, cuz I know you will be headed off to shop very shortly after seeing this post 🙂

This is one of the dresses “Rachel” from REBEL HOPE. I`ll show you this again further into the post, cute huh?



Cho at TDR Fusion comes in the NEW “Lait” tone, she comes with blonde, brown, brunette & ginger brows, tattoo & clothing layer breast enhancements (cleavage) & also appliers for Tangos and Slink Mesh Hands & Feet. (Note: I`m wearing one of each of the 3 Cho Skins that you`ll find at TDR, and all in Brunette brow options) Don`t forget, TDR is 70L`s & under on every item 😉00Cho TDR

This is the vendor pic from ESSENCES SKINS (Property of) – very cute, just wanted to show you that they can look very different, all depending on shape, skin, makeups, eye color etc. My shape is above in the larger pic & below in the smaller belongs to ESSENCES SKINS. The jewelry is from CAASH from a former round of Designer Circle.


Ok so now to the Dresses from REBEL HOPE found at this round of FaMeshed!  There is the flower patterned dresses named “Jessie” Dresses and then solid color dresses named “Rachel”.


How cute are these!!!!?  “Jessie Dresses” – Love the patterns on these dresses 🙂       –   Jewelry 2nd & 4th pic is by Stars, “Bubble Sets”002rebhope004rebhope


I so love these dresses!   “Rachel Dresses”06rebhope05rebhope


And here so you can the back plunge, very sexy & the tie on the hip is a cute touch 🙂00000


As always thank you for visiting & supporting “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO



Hair – “Hair 22” – EATERS COMA

Dimples & piercing – ZOMBIE SUICIDE


Mesh Hands & Mesh Feet – SLINK

Flip Flops – “Aussie Thongs” – SLINK

Jewelry – MoiMoi “Flowers” /MG -“Ladybird” and “Frog” / Sleepy Eddy “Pocketwatch” /CAASH “Flower Set” / Stars – Bubbles Sets. Ring NYU



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