Hi ladies! I just love this time of year, fall has begun, there is a crispness in the air & spookiness is upon us! Halloween will be here before we know it, and us older ones will get the pleasure of seeing all the lil ghost & goblins come to the door & share their costumes in exchange for a treat.

In SL, there are so many costumes being made, and soon I will be sharing some of them with you, but till then, we have lots & lots of spooky accessories. Today we have a pose from JUST POSING, “Where you going?” pose comes with bloody knife in hand, as if to ask, hey, c`mere, where you going? lol It`s s uper cute & you can find this at the NEW eventCREEPY CUTIE CARNIVAL. OPENS TODAY! !!¬†For more info on this event click here.

Next we have NEW creations from REBEL HOPE & for the last few releases, she`s gone a bit edgier in her designs, so not only do we get the great textures that I`ve loved about REBEL HOPE, but now super sexy outfits as well. ūüôā It`s a win ¬†win for all of us. This months TLC – THE LIASION COLLABORATIVE features the latest from¬†REBEL HOPE that you`ll see throughout this post beginning with the Lia sexy mini dress as well as 2 versions of these amazing thigh-high boots. Savannah & Destiny. Savannah is a collection of animal prints & if you`re a fan like I am, you are going to LOVE these, just wait till you see them all down below ūüôā The Destiny Collection is solid colors that will match the Lia Dresses perfectly! <3

WOW SKINS offers this NEW skin at the BOHO CULTURE EVENT,  comes with cleavage & non cleavage versions, freckles addons as well as multiple makeup versions included. Each skin comes with a choice of 4 skintones to choose from, milk, tan, dark tan or bronze. I`m wearing bronze in the post today. WOW SKINS also has all popular appliers available.

Finally a few accessories from current events. TANTALUM brings us 2 NEW rings, one a giant spider “Davo Spider Ring” from the OMG ROOM¬†& the other “Elyseum” ¬† from the BOHO CULTURE EVENT. ¬†RANDOM.MATTER with the Armory necklace at ¬†THE BODY MOD EXPO event. Lastly from INSANYA at the BODY MOD EXPO, these awesome “Punkstar” glasses with an incredible hud that I`ll show you at the end. DAPPA brings us this great tatoo “Soar Tattoo” also at the BODY MOD EXPO. The Spooky Bat Plushie” is a RARE gacha prize from¬†FOREVER FAMOUS for the BLOODY HORROR FAIR.

I`ve chosen to wear nail appliers to match the boots from ZOZ, these have been out a while, but still one of my favs from ZOZ. “Animal Prints”

The hand tattoos are from MOON AMORE – “Shanti” at the COSMETIC FAIR.

My hair is from TRUTH, “Thalia” can be worn with or without the crown is found at the MYSTIC REALM event. I hardly ever have time to get to events because all of my time is spent unpacking, organizing & creating looks for my blog, but once in a while, I see an item that I just HAVE to make the time to stop working & go get, & this hair was one of those times, I adore it!

I hope you enjoy the post, have a fabulous weekend & lots of HAPPY SHOPPING!









As always a great big hug & thank you for visiting & supporting¬†‚ÄúPUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!‚ÄĚ MUAHZ XO



added lipstick – WOW SKINS


lashes – MON CHERI

Outfit – Lia Dress & Thigh High Boots – REBEL HOPE –¬†TLC – THE LIASION COLLABORATIVE

hair – TRUTH –¬†MYSTIC REALM¬†– Thalia

glasses – INSANYA – rockstar –¬†BODY MOD EXPO

ring (left hand) – TANTALUM – elyseum –¬†BOHO CULTURE EVENT

ring (right hand) – DIRTY STORIES – beware ring

ring (right hand) – TANTALUM – Davo Spider Ring –¬†OMG ROOM¬†

hand tattoo – ¬†MOON AMORE ¬†–¬†COSMETIC FAIR


bangles – BISHES INC. – animal prints

small bangle – FULO – sequin animal prints

tattoo – DAPPA – soar –¬†BODY MOD EXPO

nail applier – ZOZ – animal prints

knife & pose prop – JUST POSING – “Where you going?” –¬†CREEPY CUTIE CARNIVAL.¬†OPENS TODAY! !!

bat plushie – FOREVER FAMOUS – gacha –¬†BLOODY HORROR FAIR


THE CANDY SHOP¬†–¬†OPEN NOW! new round!

TOTALLY TOP SHELF Рopens 10-6 (small delay in opening this round) OPEN NOW!

GRENADE FREE WEEKENDS¬†– Jersey Shore Sim –¬†-Item must be marked down to 100L or less every weekend!

BODY MODIFICATION EXPO¬†– OCT 10TH!! –¬†this is NOT a FASHION FAIR. All items released at the fair will be related¬†to body enhancements or accessories (i.e, shoes, belts, bags, tats, skins, hair, eyes, jewelry, piercings, glasses, scarves, body paint, make-up, hair bows, etc, etc.)The Body Modification Expo will be a SIM Wide accessories fair offering shoppers a wide range of items designed exclusively for the event by our participating designers. Each designer will be required to create and display at least ONE new, exclusive item. (Depraved Events)¬†OPEN NOW!

VINTAGE & COOL¬†¬†¬†OCT 10 ‚Äď OCT 24 (WeDo SL)¬†OPEN NOW!


HAUNTED GRAVEYARD¬†– OCT13TH ‚Äď NOV 2ND (Krave Inc. -Hosted by Delirium Style & Sanctuary Inc.¬†) –¬†Gacha Event – OPEN NOW!

BLOODY HORROR FAIR¬†– OCT 15TH ‚Äď NOV 5TH (Candy Management)¬†OPEN NOW!

HALLOWEEN FAIR¬†– OCT¬†24TH ‚Äď NOV 7TH (United Fashion Fairs)

CREEPY CUTIE CARNIVAL (Cupcakes Anonymous) Oct 19th РOct 31st. РOPENS TODAY !!

THE FROZZEN FAIR 2014 Dec, 1 To Dec, 15 -2014(Boho Culture)


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