Good Morning Ladies 🙂 Deetalez has released some super hot items for your NEW Phat Azz :P. First, the army body in assorted colors, (here shown in red) has now been updated with appliers for the phat azz & also has the appliers for Lolas. Next these awesome jeans, also come in a variety of colors & styles, (pearls shown) have just been released with the appliers as well. The skin I`m wearing is the latest release from DeeTaleZ too!. “Jaz”

Lately, I`ve been going through my inventory, which if I may add, has cost a small fortune, lol ok maybe a pretty large one, but who`s counting right? lol And I have sooooo many great items that I`ve purchased before I began blogging that I wore maybe one time & never seen again. So if you notice or recognize things from a while back, that`s why 😉 For example, these boots, these were my very first gift from someone when I first joined SL. Yanno, you just have some items that you wanna keep & never throw away 😉 I know you understand, there are just some very “classic” pieces in SL…like remember the “Blitzed Studded Belt”? lol I know you do, we all had it & probably still do :P. And how about more currently, the “Remarkable Oblivion – Hobnail Boots”? Some items are made so well, you know you`ll never get rid of those 🙂 So, everyday, I bring you NEW releases, just don`t be surprised if I throw in a classic …or 2 😉

The hair I`m wearing is NEW from EXXESS. This comes in 8 different color huds, and each have 10 shades of that color.

Enjoy the post xo


<3 these jeans!







As always a great big hug & thank you for visiting & supporting “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO


Skin – DEETALEZ – “JAZ”   NEW!

Clothing – DeeTaleZ – Army Body Red with lola appliers & Tasty Butt Jeans with Phat Azz appliers.   NEW!

Hair – EXXESS – “Syra”  NEW!

Straps (wrist) PE

Left Upper Arm – LouLou & Co “Myrtil”

Right Upper Arm, Helmet & Belt – DL::

Stone bracelet – Earthstones

Eyes – Ikon  NEW!

Mesh Breast – Lolas Tangos

Mesh Hands – Slink

Mesh Bum – L.Inc.  NEW!

Necklace – Casuka

Ladybug Earrings & Ring – Superbia

Boots – Carmens “Noel”

Lashes – Redgrave

Piercing – Adrenaline

*SIGHS* yes, my settings were off, rolls eyes.


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