Hi ladies, as promised I would bring you the full release to my blog of the Newest Skin from ESSENCES. I briefly showed her to you on the post I did on Womenstuff Blog, but today I have the entire line for you :). CHO comes in 10 tones, yes, there is NEW tones from ESSENCES!  Each tone comes with a clean version (browless), and also 3 eyebrow colros, brown, brunette, & ginger. There is also an additional skin with brown brows in each tone that has the freckles already on the skin. There is in addition a freckle tattoo layer, and brow lightners, if your unfamiliar with how the lightner works, it doesn`t matter which brow color you choose, you can add a brow lightner “eyebrow removal” in different strengths, example, there is a 49%, 79%, & 100%, each one gets lighter, the 100% is the same as browless. Haven`t you had a skin that you just didn`t like “their” version of what brown or red brows was? I know you have, we all have 😉 Well, these lightners could be your answer to get just the right shade you`re looking for 🙂 Don`t worry, everything I`m telling you about, I will show you in detail below. CHO also has appliers, appliers for Slink Hands & Feet, and also for Lola Tango`s. And lastly CHO comes with breast enhancement layers (cleavage). Everything you need for CHO is ready for you to create your own original look just for you!!

Please note that these are the skins AS IS – raw shots, no editing, no lashes added, no makeups, has been done to these pictures.

Here are the NEW tones 1-5 –           * Lumiere * Ivoire * Doux * Peche* Lait *


Tones 6-10-         * Noisette * Brillant * Moka * Canelle * Sombre*



Tone 1 – 1st picture is no nose freckles – 2nd picture has added tattoo layer nose freckles. The next 10 pics will be shown exactly like this.


Tone 2                                                                                                                                                             Ivoire


Tone 3                                                                                                                                                             Doux3


Tone 4                                                                                                                                                              Peche4


Tone 5                                                                                                                                                              Lait5


Tone 6                                                                                                                                                            Noisette6


Tone 7                                                                                                                                                          Brillant7


Tone 8                                                                                                                                                             Moka8


Tone 9                                                                                                                                                           Canelle9


Tone 10                                                                                                                                                           Sombre10


Here are the brow colors – Brunette, Brown, Ginger, & none.

brow colors


Brow Lightners – I started with the “Brown” 1st pic is 49%, then 79%, then 100% and as you can see, the last pic is the same as the 3rd, browless or 100%.



I wanted to actually SHOW you the attachment points for the appliers & just how flawless they are – RAW pics, no editing = no lines 🙂



I`m wearing dresses from AVALE – These are called “Fatima” Dresses, this color is “Pious” and the next color is “Tofee”







The jewelry I`m wearing is from CRYSTAL LINE, this entire set comes with a texture hud that changes gem & metal colors. I posted the larger “female” necklace the other day, this one is a tad smaller (less busy) & is unisex. The set comes with 2 different style bracelets & earrings. “LOVE EARTH” Collection by CRYSTAL LINE.

And finally from my friends at Bauwerk, this is their wonderful “Chesterfield” Sofa 🙂

And that will be all from me for this post, hope it`s helped you stay informed & that you have enjoyed the read 🙂 As always, a great big thank you for visiting & supporting “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO


skin – ESSENCES – CHO – all tones shown  – JUST RELEASED NEW!!

Hair – Sugarsmack “Kelsea”  in hazelnut – 24 EXCLUSIVE (going on NOW!)   NEW!!

Necklace, earrings & bracelets – CRYSTAL LINE   NEW!!

Couch/ Sofa – “Chesterfield” 22769 Furniture Division – Bauwerk 

Dresses – AVALE   NEW!!

Bronze Bangle – “Polished Cuff” – Sassy

Eyes – {D.A.} Real Eyes – Brown

Rings – “Ice Queen” Chop Zuey / Minimal Bold Ring (Gold) Limited Exclusive @ L`Accessoires NYU     NEW!!

Toe Rings for Slink Feet – Blushed Creations (marketplace)

Glasses – AIR_ “Arabesque” in antique copper

Mesh Hands & Feet – SLINK

Nail Appliers for Slink Hands & Feet – DEESSES “Art” Edition


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