Hi everyone 🙂 Well as most of you know, I went through a transition this week with my Flickr account. It`s something that has stressed me out for many months & I knew that with May (contract ends) right around the corner I had to get working on it. For those that have no clue what I`m speaking of, I have had the same Flickr account for a few years now. In fact, I had a paid Pro account, so my pics were unlimited & is why I have nearly 9000 pictures on there. Unfortunately, after about 6000 pics, Flickr decided to notify me that I wasn`t allowed to post my blog link – they consider that a business, makes me laugh even typing that, if they only knew how much “my business” cost me, lol Anyway, they requested that I remove all 6000 links from my pictures, which I`m sure you can understand is practically impossible & until I did that, my account was deemed “unsafe”. That seriously hurt my ability to share my pics, for every 100 groups I`d add a picture to, only about 6 of those groups would actually allow my “unsafe” pic. I was unable to post pics to events that I blogged for, unable to share with my sponsors the work that I had completed, it ended up being just one big headache. Basically, I was paying to have them restrict my account. And so I made the decision to create an entirely new page & not include my links, Lord knows I never want to go through this again. It`s taking me lots of time to re-add all of my contacts & re-join all of the groups, but in the end, I know it`s the best decision. If you haven`t added me – here is my link if you`d like to follow me on Flickr – I follow everyone back too <3. One more change that is coming, I will be adding a page to my blog that will give an entire list of lm`s for all of the stores or events that I use in each post. It`s an extremely LONGGGGG list, lol I`ve worked on it for months, but what I want to do is to cut back on the time I`m putting in (an average of an hour or two per post) just to include those links. I`d much rather bring you more content by cutting back on some of the work. I will include a button that you can click that will take you right to the store/event listings 🙂 I hope that everyone enjoys the changes I`m making & I encourage you to leave me your thoughts or comments, even ideas of what you`d like to see, let me know, remember I do this for you <3

Enough of that – let`s get to why I do this, lol My love for blogging. Today`s look is inspired by SU! drippy stocking at the Creepy/Kawaii Fair. It started with those & the rest is history 🙂 Also, big news, ESSENCES just released appliers for TMP, I`m so excited!


Hope you enjoy the post & have fun shopping!

Thanx for stopping by, muahz xo

Credits –

skin – Essences applier for TMP medium02 brunette

hair – Due – Breeze Ombre01

eyes – sorrow eyes blue – Dead Apples

face piercing – Diamante – Prestigious Mesh Facial Piercing

necklace – Diamante – Wishes Necklace

top – Goth1c0 – Crop Sweater Pure Evil

shorts – SU! B-Boop shorts

stockings – SU! – dripping stockings – all appliers included

shoes – Sugar Mesh Apparel -Doc Creepers black with pink

handbag – Ariskea – Cat Lady Stripe – Kustom9

armbands – Muka – cuff love

bracelet – Alterego – lights

ring – Alterego – lights

ring – !nfinity – OctoCutie

kitty headband – Suicidal Unborn

skully flower hairpin – Bubble

bellychain – Krash – Stones

Nail Appliers – ZOZ

giraffe – +Half-Deer+

mesh parts –

head – TMP Moody – The Shops

hands & feet – Slink

bum – L.Inc – CuteAzz