Good Morning ladies 🙂 I have so much to show you today. First, you are going to be so thrilled to see that ESSENCES has skin at CHAPTER 4 GATCHAS! How awesome is that!?! I will show you all of them, even the RARES 😉 Next I have NEW releases from OPOPOP DESIGNS, BISHES INC, even sneakers from this round of COSMO. POMPOSITY is about to release another belly piercing, “Pearl Flower” and I`ll show you that too. While I`m at it, I`ll throw in a few amazing pieces from ZAARA – yep I caught that sale 😉 And some great beach pants from Crash Republic. Mmmhmmm, it`s a hodge podge post, but you`re gonna love it ! 🙂

So let`s start with these skins. I started the post with a RARE skin, because she is just so stunning & I adore the NEW hair from Elikatira.

I also love the red shade from Truth – and I`ve used the red rare skin a ton in this post, so you`ll see this hair, “Aria” from Truth Hair.

These are the 7 skins in the Gatcha -“Amaterasu”  all in the red brow tone. So you can get all of these also in blonde, brunette, and/or ginger.


Plus the 4 rares – “Amaterasu” – one each, blonde, brunette, ginger & red in natural makeups. Now I`ll admit that last pic doesn`t look the greatest, red brows with blonde hair & since I`m a huge fan of the red, I did some other pics for you to see that one specifically 😉


Viola! Isn`t she stunning? !!

“Amaterasu” in red 🙂



There is even lipticks! 5 dark as shown below.


And 5 lighter glosses…


The tank & shorts shown here are from Zaara – the beach pants are from Crash Republic. Jewelry set also from Zaara.


Still wearing “Amaterasu”, I`m wearing NEW release mesh side tied tank tops from Bishes Inc. (more colors shown below). And NEW release mesh shorts from OPOPOP DESIGNS, (more colors shown below as well). Hair by Taketomi. I almost forgot to mention this, the skin on the legs is NOT miscolored, there is a light white applied as part of the kitty stockings 🙂


OPOPOP DESIGNS “Pagrim” in gray, black, yellow, red, pink, aqua, & white.

POMPOSITY JEWELRY – “Pearl Flower” Belly Piercing – COMING SOON! Full color change menu for pearls & metals.


BISHES INC. Boobies Show Exclusive Item. “Mesh Knotted Tank Collection”


Is that enough for one post? lol I think so, so I`m gonna finish up & I`ll see you again tomorrow morning k? 😉

As always a great big thank you for visiting & supporting “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO You really do make doing what I love all possible, without you viewing everyday, this all would be pointless. xxxxxxxx

credits –

Skin – “Amaterasu” – ESSENCES @ Chapter 4 Gatchasexclusive item!      NEW!

Hair – Blondes/ Elikatira ,  Light Brown in Opopop Pics – Taketomi , Reds/ Truth    NEW!

Eyes – Assorted IKON

Nails – Appliers from A&A

Atiriya Stone Jewelry Set – ZAARA

Belly Piercing – POMPOSITY – Coming soon!    NEW!

Robot Chain – Glow Studios

Kitty Tights – Izzie`s

Knotted Tank Tops – BISHES INC.          Boobies Show Exclusive!     NEW!

Sneakers – “Black” – FOREVER – @ Cosmo Sales room    NEW!


Spring shorts with belt – ZAARA

Mishi Tank Tops – Peach & Ivory – ZAARA

Beach Pants – Crash Republic

Teddy Backpack – Fashionably Dead (past Collabor88 round)

Chibi Cat – “Sara” SHADENFREUDE @ The Arcade     NEW!


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