Hi ladies! A bit of fun today using items from INSANYA! The 100 Block event just ended, but these sexy dresses will be offered in the mainstore so you can still get them. Also from INSANYA, the collar, earrings & arm sleeve tattoos.

I`m wearing Gwen Mesh Head, with Amara Beauty appliers, Lipsticks from MUA, and eye makeup from DEESSES.

Other tattoos I`m wearing are from PMS, ENDLESS PAIN & PIN*UP. Details will be listed at the end.

Hope you didn`t miss picking up these heels from FRI. for FLF, they also come with soocks as well as a color hud.

A few of my favorite piercings from HOLLYWEID is worn on my lower back and wrist. New rings from IZZIE`S can be found at UBER. New nails just came out from DARK PASSIONS. My glasses & eyes are from SU!

Yes, I`ve been using lots of backdrops from L’ETRE, this one is the RARE.

And finally, FateLashes came out with new lashes & let me just tell you, this is a purchase you will want. Not only can you mirror one side to the other (love that!), but there is pages & pages of different lashes to choose from. Doubt I`ll be taking these off for a while. Hud will be shown at the end. – If you scroll all the way down, I`ve included the entire directions listed by FateLashes.






As you can see below – this is only one page of the textures available – Note the pages at the bottom 1-8 / each page is full of eyelash textures. You can make them one solid color, thinner, shorter, thicker, longer, striped, multi-colors, even add glow if you want. The possibilities are endless ūüôā

Creator huds also included in this pic – zoz nails, SU! glasses, & Mua Catwa appliers.


Thanks for stopping by!


CATWA HEAD Gwen v4.8 [Light NOT Upgradable]

amara beauty – Lucie 04 Honey CATWA Applier

amara beauty – Lucie lipsticks CATWA Applier

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

Maitreya Mesh Body – Hands V3.5

Maitreya Mesh Body – Feet V3.5

amara beauty – Maitreya Applier

Deesses Boutique: CATWA – VIP eyeshadow set (5 models)

:::insanya::: Star Loop Earrings Left

-SU!- The Shagi Glasses (Add Me)

:::insanya::: Gaki Tattoo – Maitreya

[PU] Daffodils Tattoo Maitreya

Endless Pain – Motte- Maitreya Applier

PMS Applier Hud – Les Fleur Tattoo

DP – Koffin Nails – Maitreya HUD – Night Shade

FATElashes HUD v1.0

{MUA} Lipstick – Catwa Hud – Baroque

-SU!- [HUD] The Shagi Glasses ALL COLORS 

~Tantalum~ Raquel Dermal Back Chain Piercing 1

L’Etre – Green Catwalk // RARE.

:::insanya::: Collar – 8

.HW. Katastophic -Wrist Piercing- (L)

.HW. Briar .Back Dermal.

~Tantalum~ Raquel Dermal Back Chain Piercing 1

INSANYA :::i::: SakuraDress – M.LARA

Beusy: Lolita Mesh Hair (Naturals) [UNRIGGED]

fri. – Kendall.Platforms (Pewter) – Maitreya

Izzie’s – HS20 Spring Midi Rings L silver (Maitreya) Fatpack

-SU!- Yuna Eyes ALL COLORS all colors





Notes on Fate Lashes Р Demo HERE / Full Version HERE

Hello and welcome to the FATElashes system!

For a video demonstration visit:

Directions Notecard written by Damien Fate

The FATElashes provide limitless¬†customization¬†and a perfect fit for your eyelash requirements. Follow the simple¬†instructions below to get started.————————————————————————————

Step 1. Wear the FATElashes HUD

Step 2. Wear the FATElashes

——————————FITTING THE LASHES————————–

If you can see your new eyelashes and HUD then you are ready to begin!

Before starting, you may want to lock your avatar’s pose by using the padlock button at the top of the main section of the HUD.

I highly recommend fitting the eyelashes by using SecondLife’s
default building tools. Open the build menu and select “Edit Linked”. Use the default tools to fit your left FATElashes to your eye, you can modify the upper and lower eyelashes separately.

Once you have the fit the way you like, use the ‘Fitting” tab on
the FATElashes HUD and press the “Mirror” button, this will reflect the changes you made from the left eyelashes to the right.

If you are now comfortable using the default build tools then you can use the scripted fitting options available in the Fitting tab. The changes you make with these scripted options will be automatically mirrored for both eyes.

One note about the scripted options for scaling the lashes, due to an SL bug your client may not update the size appropriately, to force an update and see the proper size you need to right click on the eyelashes on your avatar and choose ‘edit’ from the menu.


You only need to wear the HUD to customize the eyelashes, after you are done I recommend detaching it to save on lag.

Before starting, you may want to lock your avatar’s pose by using the padlock button at the top of the main section of the HUD.

You can customise the upper and lower lashes separately by using the buttons on the main section of the HUD (‘both’ by default)

The main section of the HUD provides sliders that control the length, alpha and glow of your lashes. There are also min & max buttons below each slider to quickly apply those settings.

Underneath the sliders is a typical colour wheel which will apply the selected colour to your lashes.

To change the style of lashes, open up the Texture tab. There are over 100 style options available to apply to your lashes.


You can save up to 7 custom FATElashes settings in the Presets tab.

To do so, simply hit the ‘Save’ button under one of the spaces.

This will save all the information about your FATElashes, including the fitting – useful if you use several different head types!

To reapply one of your saved presets, simply left click the lashes in that preset slot.


You can minimise the HUD by pressing the – button.

You can detach the HUD by pressing the X button.

Each tab can also be minimised by pressing the tab or < button.

Some hair styles may make your lashes appear invisible if they cover your eyes.


Thank you for purchasing the FATElashes, I hope you enjoy them!

-Damien Fate.

Thanks again, Punki <3 Muahz!?