Good morning ladies 🙂 Today we`re going to go over a few NEW items as well as a complete & full review of the NEW CATWA mesh head. Because that review is going to be a little lengthy, let`s start with my outfit. NEW from KCK – the ” PreFall Suit ” comes with sweater & skirt with a multi – option color/texture hud, that allows you to choose from many colors. I`ll share a pic of that hud below. Next for the mesh head, we`re wearing the NEW appliers just released from WOW SKINS, “Anais” comes in 5 different skintones and each one of those has it`s own separate hud to choose brow color (or no brows), eye makeups and lipsticks. I`ll also show you a second release from KCKThe Celine Dress – a warm sweater dress with exposed back, also with color hud. All other items will be listed in credits 🙂 Hope you enjoy the post and now we`ll go over the mesh head 🙂

NEW from CATWA – “Jessica Mesh Head” can be demo`d here…and purchased here. To see a video of the head in motion – CLICK HERE, then open to preview 🙂b04a8d68162a8455314dec4ab239c03e


Jessica has many belles & whistles. I`ll explain them fully throughout the post. Most reviews I`ve seen the majority of people love this head. As for mesh heads, I have to admit this is probably one of the best I`ve seen. However, for those who want complete individuality, although this one has more than the normal static mesh heads, you still are limited in what you can do to change this head. The first thing I want to mention is that you MUST wear the shape included with the head, believe me, I tried and it won`t work otherwise. Now, you can modify the shape (to change body size/shape etc). I recommend making a copy of the original shape before doing so, in case you ever want to go back to the original and start over. As far as editing or changing the face, there isn`t many sliders that will actually change, kind of how the mesh bodies work, only certain ones make a difference. It`s the same way, I was however able to change the head length which made me pretty happy, not only does it allow your to be different, but my personal choice is to not have such a long face.

The list of SKIN STORES currently making appliers is quite encouraging, as well as the list of coming soon creators. I`ll show you the list here, but you can always go to the CATWA WEBSITE for a complete listing, as their`s will continue to be updated as the new appliers get released. click here for the CATWA WEBSITE.

Skins/Makeup Appliers Can Be Found in the following Stores:
WOW Skins

[Coming Soon]
Pink Fuel
Lara Hurley

Below I`ll share every part of the huds & how they work, make sure you go through this entire post for all the info on the JESSICA MESH HEAD by CATWA 🙂

KENDRASY CREATIONS is releasing lots of cuddly fall clothing, this one is called the “PreFall Suit”. The color hud is directly below the pic to see all of the options available. (scarf not included).





You know I had to check out the PINK options, lol isn`t is cute? 😉


Jessica is beautiful – most of the time, I have issue with the mouth, or maybe even the nose, but I honestly love this face. Job very well done 🙂




So let`s have a look at some of the expressions. What I noticed first is that the entire face moves, not just the eyes or the mouth, notice the eyebrow shapes on each of the expressions. Another point to remember is if you use your own eyelashes, as I have here, with each expression, you`ll have to edit the lashes, they won`t move automatically like the ones built in will. Really just a matter of preference.


Here is a few of the makeup options available in the WOW huds.


I absolutely loved this red lipstick in the CATWA hud, so I`m showing you how nice it looks with some of the expressions.


2 NEW releases from KCK – Here is the dress I showed above as well as their 2nd release this week 🙂 Both links are above for direct purchase.



Nail appliers from ZOZ NAILS – Fall Nails – Falling leaves @ COSMO – also available in french tipped falling leaves.


 Now let`s look closer at the hud. Each block below is a separate page on the hud.

*  The 1st is the skins page – here you see 8 tones already given in the CATWA hud, below you`ll see 6 rows of spaces that you can save your own for a quick click to apply your favorite appliers –as you see the 1st I`ve saved is the current skin applier I`m wearing, from WOW SKINS.

The next page is eyebrows & eye makeup, 3 options are given in the makeups tabs by CATWA.

The 3rd page does quite a bit, from lash textures, to neck sizing, to extra alphas that you may need (you can turn on or off lashes, alpha out ears, or parts of the head if needed). At the very bottom you can edit skins, hair bases or lashes manually with the color hud.

The 4th page has more presets for blush & lipsticks as well as plenty of empty slots to save your own.

And finally the expression page is last, where you can enable/disable talking, gestures, blink speed, position of eyes (wide open, half closed, squint, or fully closed), 3 different mouth positions, and at the bottom 9 preset expressions, with a loop/continue button to have them play over & over or freeze on a particular expression. 


In addition to manually editing hairbases, there is another complete hud with all of these CATWA presets shown below.


WOW SKINS has released 2 skins for the mesh head – both are shown below.



I hope today`s review helped explain things and makes your decision to at least try out the demo of the mesh head. As you see there is already a nice list of appliers out there for you to add to your mesh head, and let`s not forget some of our favorites are already in that coming soon list! yay!



mesh head – CATWA – Jessica

mesh body – MAITREYA – Lara

mesh hands & feet – SLINK – 1 victory, 1 elegant, high feet

skin appliers – WOW SKINS – Anais Darktan

body/hands & feet appliers – WOW SKINS – darktan for maitreya & slink

outfits – KCK – 

boots – BAX COEN – regency boots – updated for mesh bodies (hit the redelivery terminal for your free update.)

hair – BESOM – Milk – 20k member group gift fatpack – all color huds included.

necklace – IZZIE`S – pinecone

bracelets/rings – ALTEREGO – lights

scarf – MIEL – leaf version

nail appliers – ZOZ NAILS – Falling leaves @ COSMO – also available in french tipped falling leaves.

bangle – EUDORA- karnamak

lashes – WOW SKINS #03






Animated Fitted Mesh Head

-Talk animations
-9 Animated expressions
-Follows local chat Triggers (Read Notecard)
-SL UV Support
-Developers Kit included
-HUDs for Hairbase and Head
-Skins, Makeup included
-Empty slots on HUD to save applier
-Alpha mode switch for lashes (Blending/Masking)
-Head Alpha Right and Left sides
-MUST wear the Shape included
-Skin tone matches America of Glam Affair
-Mesh eyes are Required (NOT INCLUDED)

Skin Stores for Appliers:

Tips to fit mesh eyes:
1- If the eyes were recently purchased skip this one, if you own the eyes long time ago and already changed their position to fit another head, then please don’t just wear, right click from inventory and choose attach then choose L/R eye. this way they will go to position Zero value.
2- Pose your avie straight, and pose your eyes straight (I use anypose HUD to look straight).
3- Right click the right eye and edit, Shit+click the left eye, you will get both eyes selected.
4- Fix their height, then fix their depth but don’t put them right on the very edge. just a tad before the edge so when they move they don’t go out of the face.
5- To move them right and left u need to move each eye individual so please watch the position value up on your screen, make sure u get the same value for both eyes.
6- Also you might need to resize the eye, I’m sure all mesh eyes has resize script in them. I use Ikon mesh eyes they work well i don’t have to resize them.

Thank you so much for the quick and very sweet reviews I’m so happy everybody loves it so far. And also I’m very thankful to the creators who got so excited to do appliers for this cute head. <3