Good Morning Ladies 🙂 I`d like to start with a personal note from me by saying that those that have me on Facebook know what a difficult time this is for me in RL, and I appreciate beyond words the thoughts & prayers that have been sent to me & my family. It means the word that you have been so patient with me in this time. I tend to be hard on myself & have been feeling guilty that I haven`t been able to get more done than I have. Although everyone says “RL comes first” I do know this, but it`s hard for me to not feel bad about it all. Having said that, I`m so pleased to get back to blogging & hopefully the next few days I`ll be able to bring you lots more post.

♥♥♥♥♥ With all my heart, thank you.♥♥♥♥♥

On a much happier note 🙂  there is so many great events going on right now. THE BOHO CULTURE FAIRdating in guam & THE COSMETIC FAIR – have all begun this week. So many incredible designers are involved & you will absolutely LOVE all of these events.

I`m going to start this post with THE BOHO CULTURE EVENT, this event runs from OCT 16th-31st, and today I have the cutest Exclusive to this event “Boho Chic” Dress from GAWK!. I fell in love with this dress as soon as I seen it. It comes in 2 different knits, one is a little more sheer than the other, both are just as cute :). The Boho Chic Dress comes in Pink, White, Brown, Blue & Green.

From THE COSMETIC FAIR, (Oct 15th- 30th). I`ll show you a stunning NEW skin release from ESSENCES – “Song” . More details will be listed below.

The poses I`ve used below are from MODEL POSES and can be found at dating in guam. (Oct 17th-31st). Also, the first pic shows an adorable rocking chair, this comes with multiple poses, and in 5 beautiful pastel colors, also from online dating market shareat the same venue.

I wanted to show you what I meant by “different knits”. This pic shows the Boho Chic Dress in pink, in knit 1 & 2. Notice, the first is a lighter, thinner knit.

absolute dating and relative dating

The beautiful color choices of the Boho Chic Dress. Aren`t these gorgeous!?

I loved this blue one also, so I had to take a few pics wearing this one too, lol


The Pink is a given for me, you know that 😉


Next, we have “SONG” an exclusive skin for the Cosmetic Fair Fall 2013 from ESSENCES. Song in “light rose skintone” comes in an “untouched” version, (1st pic) & also large pic at the beginning of this post) and then 6 others complete with assorted makeups. Each of the skins comes with blonde, brown, brunette & ginger brows & now a new color brow has been added, cranberry, and you get that one also with this skin 🙂 You also get 2 different cleavage options on clothing & tattoo layers.



Head on over to the Cosmetic Fair & see them for yourself, try a demo, ESSENCES makes beautiful skins, you will love them !


In addition, for the Cosmetic Fair, there is SONG lipglosses. 10 different colors, all are shown below on the untouched skin.


That will be all from me this morning, hope you all have a fabulous day with lots of amazing shopping bags in hand 😉

As always a great big thank you for visiting & supporting “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO


Skin – “Song” – all tones & makeup options shown – Exclusive for the Cosmetic Fair Fall 2013 – ESSENCES     ♥♥•NEW!•♥♥

Hair – “Chimera” – various colors shown – EXXESS MESH HAIR

Boho Chic Dress – all colors – Exclusive for the – Boho Culture  Fair – GAWK!     ♥♥•NEW!•♥♥

Eyes – Destiny Eyes “Glass” – IKON

Gold Summer Sandals – MOIMOI

Heart Necklace – IZZIE`S

Earrings & matching necklace  “Antique Blossom” – ADDICTION JEWELRY

Rocking Chair – (available in many colors – pink shown) & assorted pose packs – Bitacora Travel Fair MODEL POSES     ♥♥•NEW!•♥♥

Studded Bangle – “Powder” – AUX

Clutch – “Parisian Romance Clutch” – MAGIK NOOK

Ring – “Teddy” FAPPY

PufPuf Necklace, Mouthie  & Head Deco –  @Kustom9 – TOKAME       ♥♥•NEW!•♥♥



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