Good morning everyone 🙂 Today I`m bringing you an outfit from the Hipster Fair created by FIREBIRD DESIGNS. Over the past few days I`ve listened to people complain & basically a ton of negative comments about how this fair overall “missed the whole Hipster theme”. I have to disagree with this. I do find at events that some do miss the mark, however, “Hipster” is one of those trends that is almost impossible to define. Hipsters pride themselves in independence from the “Mainstream”, so my thought on this is, just because something seems different or not the current “trend”, it actually could very well be Hipster. Hipster is many things, and not only limited to clothing, it`s music, photography, literature, & even food choices. To define Hipster in a few words would definitely understate the trend, but some  would say that on the “Fashion” end of “Hipster” would include – skinny jeans, vintage tops & dresses, cowboy boots with floral dresses, hoodies, big sunglasses, plaid button downs, leggins, beaded jewelry, oversized bags or totes, pins, tattoos, piercings, neon nail polish, & bright belts. Hipsters often shop at thrift stores, they take a “green” approach to foods, & practical travel often preferring bicycles over vehicles. Although some of the fashion may include Boho items, and resemble the “hippy” look, it doesn`t mean that one doesn`t “get” the trend. I would suggest to having a much broader idea when it comes to Hipster, remember that most things outside the mainstream could be considered Hipster. Having said all that, I could go on & on about the topic of Hipster, but to limit it`s definition to only fashion is a bit shallow, in fact, it`s also a subculture, and a lifestyle.

********FIREBIRD DESIGNS created this outfit “BE HIPSTER” for THE HIPSTER FAIR which includes, mesh tank top, mesh shirt, mesh rolled up jeans & side pocket boots. I think she nailed it with this outfit 🙂 There is a few ways you can wear this, layering both shirts, or wearing each one separately, either way, all possibilities are really cute.

********I will also include furniture from THE COLLAGE. A new round is about to start & I was over there yesterday & had a look around. Such cute cute stuff!! I plan more post for THE COLLAGE, and I would suggest telling all your male friends to head over there. Valentines Day is right around the corner, & there is some unique & great gift ideas to surprise that special someone in their lives. Now, I didn`t mean that to sound sexist, lol. Of course women can go shopping too & surprise their significant other as well 🙂 The set I`m going to share with you today is from “SPARGEL” & I chose to blog this one today because of the “Vintage” feel & felt it went well with the topic. I instantly fell in love with this set that includes an Antique Pearl Brass Bed (with scene rezzer – I`ll explain), oak dresser & side table, vanity (with scene rezzer), rug, picture frame, lamp, & wall art. It`s just gorgeous!! The scene rezzer works like this, with the bed, you click on the bed frame & a menu comes up – *made bed*, made bed with tea tray*, messy blankets without pillow * with pillows, so many ways to have your bed & sooooo easy with this menu. The vanity works the same way, click it & your menu will give you the option of a *full vanity* which includes, chair, flowers, par fume tray & accessories, or single options of just the flowers, or just the stool. These scene rezzer menus allow you to change the scene & make it unique to just you 🙂

******** The final creator I want to share with you is DEETALEZ SKINS. She is offering 4 special makeup skins Exclusively to MY ATTIC  from the Around The World Collection this time with the NEW Skin JARLA 🙂  Each one is only 90L so don`t miss out on this chance to get a beautiful DeeTaleZ Skin for basically pennies! There is one of each tone, Celtic, Nordic, MixedType, & Mediterranean. Each come with 4 brow shapes, alpha teeth layer & hide lash alpha, mouth shadow & Jarla Shape – yes all for only 90L!

Enjoy the post ladies & HAPPY SHOPPING!

THE COLLAGE – “Annie Antique Set” by Spargel


FIREBIRD DESIGNS – “Be Hipster” Outfit


FBD – Be Hipster – Shirt combinations


FBD – Be Hipster – Side Pocket Boots




Annie Antique Set – with scene rezzer – bed fully made with tea tray


Annie Antique Set – Bed with scene rezzer – messy no pillows, messy w/pillows, & fully made.


Annie Antique Set – Vanity with scene rezzer – Vanity plain, with perfume tray, with flowers, with lace throw, stool only, stool & flowers, so many menu options.


Annie Antique Set – Isn`t this just gorgeous!!


Close ups of The Annie Antique Set Details – so beautiful!


And finally, Jayla, you really don`t want to miss this skin for such a great price!! Get on over there 😉


As always a great big hug & thank you for stopping by to visit & support “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO

A very special thank you to my sponsors for allowing me to share your creations.
Skin – Deetalez – Jayla – Exclusive Makeup versions for MY ATTIC
Hair- Mina “Patricia”
Lashes – Ploom
Eyes- Ikon – “Promise Eyes, Clarity”
SPARGEL – Annie Antique Set @ THE COLLAGE
Clothing –
Be Hipster Set – Firebird DesignsTHE HIPSTER FAIR
Accessories –
Nail Appliers – ZOZ – Natural Glitter Tip Nails – yes, I know I wear these alot! lol They are my favorite nails right now 🙂
Necklace – MG – The Moon & Stars
Earrings – Maxi Gossamer – “Tiffany”
Handbag – Moon – “Boho Bag” in twine
Prim Teeth – [M]
Impants/ Mesh Body Parts –
Mesh Hands – SLINK – “Gesture”
Poses- Props & Backgrounds or Locations if applicable
(I own 1000`s of poses & as you see I usually take many photos, so I generally will grab one creator per post & use their poses, assorted packs.)
Background Props by Spargel – @ THE COLLAGE
Poses By Kirin
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