Hi everyone! What a fun post this was! I am finally taking some time to learn new things. I have found that over the years, I’ve been so swamped that I had no time to learn anything. If I logged in, it was always, get straight to work! Well, since my surgery, I’ve had to let some work go, some have let me go, and now things are so much more relaxing. I’m still swamped, lol…..but not nearly as much as before.

So let’s take a look at some great products today. We’re gonna start with a Catwa applier from ESSENCES, she’s a beauty, but aren’t they always? Next, a super cute gacha at the ARCADE, from THE PLASTIK. So many tasty treats in this gacha, and adorable, every single one of them. You are gonna love this one. A few more mentions before we go…..cute & kawaii nail appliers from DARK PASSIONS, & pretty in pink braids from NYNE HAIR. Everything else you see will be listed below.

Oh, I almost forgot, OMG, my bonus prize from BUENO, I have to say, these may very well be my most valued items now, hahaha. IV coffee & wine!! LOVEEEEE them!! <3

P.S. Remember I mentioned learning? Well that’s why you may see some different style pics, and maybe a few extras until I get the hang of things ūüôā

Hope you will enjoy the post & lots of fun SHOPPING!

Thanks for stopping by!

CREDITS: avatar

CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0

Maitreya Mesh Body – w/ bento feet


[okkbye] Eutropic Eyebrows (CATWA)

DP – Koffin Nails – Maitreya HUD – Lost Rose – Pastel SOI LE – @ GACHA GARDEN

[NYNE] ‘Livia’ Hair

-SU!- Ekrabetha Eyes /Fatpack/ 

Birdy – Gamer Huskies – Gamer Pink

::ROC:: Martens Boot! Heels_Unrigged_

Vinyl – SOPHIA UNDERSHIRT –¬†Vinyl – Sophia Top – Maitreya FLF Mishi’s Bad Dream –¬†Vinyl – Sophia Undershirt – WEAR WITH TOP¬†

jeans w/belt –¬†Julia :: Maitreya :: Pink Cream Pie

[ bubble ] Simple Beaded Anklets

[ bubble ] Panda Plushie Earrings

JIAN Portable Purritos 1. Pocket Kitten RARE


galashi pop/LunaBun, Moorish, Sunset, Surf, Dragon, Frut, Garden, Golden, Lilia, 
mewnut/ Happy, Nappy, squee
rea flower cake /star cake
royal quack cake
sakura wagashi candy 
saucer of rea jellies SECRET RARE
strawberry roll cake
turtlebun / fresh, powdered
Arizona Desert platter
birdylove cookie plate – SECRET RARE
catpuchino mug & rez
chub bun bunny – beignet, nutbread
chub bun mew –¬†beignet, nutbread

BUENO – Emergency Iv’s coffee & wine [The VERY Best gacha items EVER!!!!]¬†coffee charger, unicorn charger rainbow
laptop, crazy cat lady neon blue, laptop hustle, pizza boxes, silence chair

L*m rose balcony skybox

:::LP::: Dorm_Bed – RARE

Fancy Decor: Desk & Cabinets v. 2 / FANCY DECOR РDover Desk Chair РRARE


[QE] Home Collection Wall Art -Random Quotes-

DUST BUNNY – BRUNCH – bagel sandwich, brioche loaf, coconut muffins, hanging apron, heart waffle plate, hibiscus poached pear, raspberry cookies, smoothie bowl.
Woodland Dreams – Rosey Suitcase

SWAYS – Workplace – laptop, black chair RARE

TA – studio computer

THE SECRET STORE – framed art, gold clock, sketchbooks

VEXIIN – ELITE GAMER – desk, monitor, mouse, keyboard, mousepad (Pink, white, black, rainbow)

MOSS & MINK – Unicorn Party Cake – RARE

Laptop xinxan designs, widescreen v1

LEP – priminal pro laptop

POPART store – Blogger of the year award

SILENCE – Urban city living chair steel / wood pillow

TRES BLAH РWorkspace, art supplies, colored pencils, inspiration board, print & books, silver mason jar of roses, sewing form RARE. 
Pampered – Clipboard art.

RANDOM MATTER – Art Studio, Dabbing Mannequin, Markers, Sketchbooks, Spray Paint
botony test tubes
Dorm Life, floormat, Snake Tank, Pink RARE

AISLING – Bric – a – brac desk globe

DD – Record Dartboard

RAZZBERRY INC. – Darling Desk, Bear Rug purple, pouf chair, shelf

CANDY CRUNCHERS – comp chair black – RARE


Punki’s FLICKR