Good Morning ladies ūüôā Not sure how many of you seen the collaboration of Hoda¬†Kotb, Sara Bareilles and Cyndi Lauper this week on the song “Truly Brave”. It`s a combination of Cyndi Lauper`s “True Colors” & Sara Bareilles`s “Brave”. Together with the brain child of Hoda Kotb, the artist created a beautiful tribute to children with pediatric Cancer. I was so overwhelmed after watching the video, that I felt like I just had to do something, even if it was to use my blog to help share the message of hope and to share the video with those that haven`t seen it. And so today¬†– I have a rather colorful fun post to share with you :). I have included the link here so you can see the beautiful and very touching work from these 3 super talented ladies. I promise you, you`ll never look at these songs the same way..ever again.

Click the picture below to watch “Truly Brave”


So I came up with the title “I see your true colors” and decided to create a vibrant colorful post so I could share the video as well as share with you the latest items I`m blogging. The pics have nothing to do with the theme other than the bright colors, so we`ll switch themes now and move on to Second Life. ¬†I hope you enjoy today`s look ūüôā

¬†I wanted to feature the New SLINK PHYSIQUE Mesh Body with the SLINK VISAGE Head “Becky”, as well as show you another great applier from DEETALEZ. “Laura” comes in a few options, but the best part is that there is a makeup pack add-on available for this face. You have the option of eyeliners & eyeshadows, which is awesome :). I have found that wearing mesh heads can be pretty limited at this time, so having add-on makeup breaks up things a bit and for me, and not as boring :). ¬†Laura also has 2 eyebrow options as all of the A.T.W. skins do; I`m wearing the brow 2 option, I just love that full brow. I tend to use the WowMeh Body a ton in my post, and honestly because it`s a great body as well as there are so many appliers readily available for it, so it makes things much easier when a post already takes a few hours, that`s one less thing to worry about. However, I`ve been thinking that really isn`t fair, because that body isn`t available any longer, and if I don`t start using these other mesh shapes, it`ll never get any easier right? ūüôā So here we are, today I`m featuring the SLINK and I think the best part of this post is that I`m showing you that the SLINK body CAN be altered to your individual liking, as you`ll see here, it doesn`t at all look skinny like most of the talk has been about this shape :). Keep in mind that I`m also wearing the mesh head, but you don`t have to, you can wear this shape (mesh body – Physique) with your own head if you prefer. I know most people are partial to their face, so it`s nice to know that you can still have that.

A few NEW Releases are shown here. From MODA DESIGNS, “Carmen Outfit” comes with sweater, skirt & heels, as well as individual color changing huds for all 3 pieces. As you`ll see below, there are so many variations that you can come up with & what a seriously cute outfit, right? !! Carmen Outfit also comes with appliers for Lolas.

RED MINT releases yet another NEW hair this week. This one is called #25 and of course comes in a plethora of color choices. I`m wearing the ruby red and added a bit of burgundy from one of the color huds ūüôā

DARK PASSIONS has another great set of appliers for your Slink Hands & Feet, you`ll see them closeup below. “Love you to death” appliers can be found at My Slink Obsession.

And finally from TANTALUM, lots of new items released this week. I`ll give a complete listing below.

Enjoy the post & lots of HAPPY SHOPPING!! (there will also be a complete list of current & future events that I`m blogging at the end. Be sure to check it out, a few are ending today or within the next 2 days, don`t miss them before they are gone forever!)


The bike above is from a past event (Luck Of The Irish) by [XO] VISIONS – rainbow gacha

I just LOVEEE this hair by Red Mint – ¬†so I had to show you from all angles, isn`t this cute!?! The roses are an add-on headband from GEEK. “DIY”


Pr!ck – Queen Cookie Backpack – KING & QUEENS EVENT – only 2 more days!! / DirtyMind – Telephone Bag RARE! (past event), leg band – DirtyLand.


DeeTaleZ Skins – Mole and makeup options for the Visage Head / Random.Matter -Bubsy Rhinestone Brows, this is the 1st time I used the color hud to change the gem stones on these brows, but I thought it would be fun to switch things up a bit :)/ Pria glasses by Su! stfu mouth tape by DirtyLand. [Rev] float with me eyebrow piercing. Lash color can be changed through the Slink Visage hud. Earrings are from Eluzion, Luanna Sky.


Just a few of the color changes with Moda huds!


Moda Designs – Carmen Heels / Muka – Nasla Cuff


Dark Passions – “Love you to death” Nails for SlinkMY SLINK OBSESSION


A closer look at a few accessories used….La Primitif Bashful Bear cellphone, Jewelry by Tantalum – Chloe2 Hand Bracelet (Omg Room), Thorned Bloom Ring (Jewelry Fair -last day!), Chain me up cuff bracelets, and Mariati necklace also at OMG room. “Lenore” ring is by Random.Matter. Headphone Bangle – Zup.


Poses – APPLE SPICE & KIRIN assorted

As always a great big thank you for stopping by to visit & support “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO

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EVENTS!! EVENTS!! EVENTS!! EVENTS!! EVENTS!! EVENTS!! EVENTS!! EVENTS!! Рlistings below are all events that I`m blogging.

KINGS & QUEENS¬†–¬†September 1th – 30th, 2014 -ONLY 2 MORE DAYS!

THE CANDY SHOP –¬†Start: 18th – 28th – this round ENDS TODAY! new round¬†1th OCT – 14th October 12pm

THE THRIFT SHOP 10th of September, and will run through to the 1st of October.

A CLOCKWORK SPIRAL Sept. 15 РOct 1 only a few more days!!

GFW –¬†Grenade Free WEEKEND is a weekly event that occurs every Friday & Saturday only at the Jersey Shore. A group of designers set an item out in their store for 100L or less, and it will remain there from Friday 12:00am SLT till 11:59pm SLT on Saturday.


EVENTS COMING! – more info coming soon!


BODY MODIFICATION EXPO – OCT 10TH!! –¬†this is NOT a FASHION FAIR. All items released at the fair will be related¬†to body enhancements or accessories (i.e, shoes, belts, bags, tats, skins, hair, eyes, jewelry, piercings, glasses, scarves, body paint, make-up, hair bows, etc, etc.)The Body Modification Expo will be a SIM Wide accessories fair offering shoppers a wide range of items designed exclusively for the event by our participating designers. Each designer will be required to create and display at least ONE new, exclusive item.







MODA LOGO 7-24-13 BLACKSnapshot_042

Snapshot_02411907317_237643819763565_693553829593120582_nThrift Shop 6.01910500_492598367552360_8516439285855085781_na4b198fd62f9127417bdf84ddb59af70boho2Untitled Slink Avatar Enhancement Logo Dark Passions - DP Logo - 512 x 512 (With Product Text) 2GFW-Grenade Free Weekend( r e d )-Logo(512x512)615118_891302170886604_1238780533886635655_oTantalum Logo 2014