Good morning ladies! Today we have NEW releases from MODA DESIGNS, VANITY HAIR, SUICIDAL UNBORN, & BUBBLE. Almost every item I’m wearing today can be found at an event, so be sure to check the credits section so that you’ll be able to find their exact location. I’m also showing an amazing pale skin from LUMAE, I just love her fantasy skins. Details will be listed below.

So the title of this post is “If You Want It, Buy It!” – and the reason behind this is all of the controversy going on about bloggers being denied from blogging for certain creators or events. And here is my opinion…I have been blogging for almost 6 years now. I have blogged so many events that I’ve lost count, but it doesn’t mean that every year I’m going to be accepted…..even if I follow all of the rules. Maybe planners want to give new bloggers a chance, maybe it’s a new manager that doesn’t know your work, who knows what the reason is, but the fact is, there is nothing you can do about it, and bitching about events and the people behind it is going to do nothing but give yourself a bad reputation & believe me, it does get around. Here is a perfect example in this post. I blogged the Dark Style Fair in the past as an official blogger…this year, I just didn’t make the cut, however, I LOVE this event, and decided I’m going to blog it anyway, and so off I went to do some shopping, lol. And as you will see below in the list of credits, you would think I was an official blogger, lol. But I’m not, I paid for what I wanted and am able to blog what I want as well. Believe me fellow bloggers, there is so much work out there, don’t cry over spilled milk. If you are a serious & dedicated blogger, more work will come to you than you can keep up with. I promise <3 So keep your head up and just keep working hard, your time will come!

Hope you enjoy today’s post & HAPPY SHOPPING!

Official blogger for ANYBODY, MESH BODY ADDICTS & THE ULTRA EVENT – all 3 are currently open now!

Thanks for stopping by!


mesh head – CATWA Catya

mesh body, hands, feet – MAITREYA

appliers for all – LUMAE – !Lumae :: All Head Appliers :: Eirtae – Elanil / !Lumae :: Body Appliers :: Eirtae – Elanil 

makeup (eyes) – SU! – smokey eyeshadow pack @ THE APPLIQUE EVENT

makeup (lips) – ~Shiny Stuffs~ Lip Sevice CATWA Applier Set @ ANYBODY EVENT

eyes – SU! Astrid eyes @ ANYBODY EVENT

septum – SU! – gems septum piercing @ THE DARK STYLE FAIR

hair including veil – VANITY HAIR – “I DO, DO I?” @ ON9 EVENT

crown – ERSCH – pain accessory black

choker – SU!- kronium collar –  @ THE DARK STYLE FAIR

necklace (wound) – [CX] – Heretic’s Toy / [CX] Heretic’s Toy Stab Wound ( Maitreya/OMEGA ) – @ MOMENTO MORI EVENT

safety pin collar/necklace – ERSCH – pain accessory black 

earrings (cuff) – BUBBLE – [ bubble ] Gold Ears Cuff  – The Ears fashion Gacha – @ THE GACHA GARDEN

nails – SECRETS – extra long nails stiletto –  @ THE DARK STYLE FAIR

dress – RAZOR – riot dress @ THE DARK STYLE FAIR

boots – MODA DESIGNS – [MODA] KATIA THIGH HIGH BOOTS -MAITREYA (Vinyl & Leather versions both included in hud) – MAINSTORE RELEASE!

tattoos – (face) – SU! – smokey eyeshadow pack @ THE APPLIQUE EVENT

tattoos – (arms) – IDENTITY – Pure Illusion – @ THE ULTRA EVENT

tattoo – (thighs) – ISUKA – False Saint @ ANYBODY EVENT

rings – MESSY – cute midi rings (past Anybody event)

gun holster – SINCE 1975 – [Since1975]-Garter’s Gacha – SilverGun RARE – THE GACHA GARDEN

phone/camera – RARE! – :BAMSE: pPhone – Black-Silver PRO RARE – COSMOPOLITAN EVENT

poses – AN LAR POSES – The Rachel Series 1,2,& 3. – @ THE ULTRA EVENT