Hi Ladies 🙂

How would you like to wear your SLINK Hands & change them, yes the entire hand position without ever going into your inventory?

Taking pics? Have you had to change your SLINK Hands right as you thought you were ready to snap pics because they don`t quite work with the pose, or maybe they are sticking through a piece of clothing? Wouldn`t you like to able to change them quickly?
Well ladies, the newest innovation in SLINK HANDS & NAIL APPLIERS IS HERE! I admit, when I first heard this idea, I thought was a bit confusing, & setting it up took some patience, but I did it, & now I`m ready to share with you step by step how you can set yours up too, without the frustration or any stress, cuz I`ve already done all that for you!
If you already own the last Jamman HUD, don`t worry, this will automatically update for you, and probably already has.
So here goes, this is how it works 🙂 I`m going to go through how they work once the “SET-UP” is complete & then we`ll go over the set-up 🙂 Yes, it`s kind of backwards, but if you hear the boring set up details before the magic, you`ll lose interest, however, if you see what this V6 does 1st, then you`ll be willing to stay with me & let me help you set them up 🙂 Ok, so first thing you do is:
1. Wear your SLINK Hands – any position is fine. (These must be SLINK AvEnhance Hands)
2.) Open the SLINK utilities hud – Turn “OFF” nails.
3.) Open the JAMMAN v6 folder in your inventory – Choose the length of nails you want & “add”. (Note – yes they won`t fit your nails correctly YET, but they will soon, be patient :))
4.) From that same folder – ADD the JAMMAN v6 Hud to your screen. (You may now close this folder & all of your inventory. Everything else you do with your hands & nails will be controlled through the V6 hud.)
5.) Along the right side of the v6 hud – choose the Hand position you are wearing. (Like magic, your nails will go into place.) NOTE – if they do not, you have done something wrong in the set-up. The steps in set up are crucial to this entire system working.
6.) Here is where the real magic happens ladies – Want to change hands? The position? As long as you own that position & have added it to your set-up you can access it via v6 hud. Go from Gesture to Splayed or whatever your choice is? Just click the button along the right side that list the positions. Your hands will disappear & re appear in the new position you chose & yes, nails will go right into place!.
There is also a custom texture drop box added to the V6 – so you can add any texture you want. Whatever nail color or texture you desire, now you can apply it yourself 🙂
There is a million other things this hud does, and we`ve gone over them before with each update, but just briefly for those that have never used a JAMMAN hud, there is over 800 preset polishes (new art section) to choose from. Single finger picker, transparency levels, tips & no tips, I could go on & on.
So let`s take a look at the huds..
Jamman HUD V6 on the left & SLINK Utilities on the right.
Watch the hands carefully – if you can`t see them move, then Click the picture – give it a second & then watch as the hands change – Note, all I`m doing is clicking the position name in the JAMMAN HUD – no inventory needed.
Pretty impressive right? I know some of you may be thinking, yes, it`s nice, but I don`t really need all that. Tell you what, bookmark this post because now that you know something like this exist, everytime you need to change your hands, you will remember, “I sure wish I had that quarter size hud on my screen” (yes, it closes).
Here is where things get a bit detailed. If you are ready to set-up your hands, follow these directions EXACTLY as they are explained.
1.) Turn ON your RLV – to find this – go into the tabs at the top left of your viewer, in advanced (pic shows below)
2.) Make a #RLV folder – some viewers will already have one set up in system folders, if you don`t, just make one. Make sure you name the folder     #RLV   (exactly like that)
Pics : Jamman Hud – RLV tab – system folders
IMPORTANT – From this point – Caps MUST BE OFF, do not use caps at anytime, not even in the first letter of words, NO CAPS!
3.)Next, inside of the #RLV folder – create NEW FOLDER – name it     *hand     EXACTLY LIKE THAT
4.)Next, inside of the  *hand     folder, make 2 NEW FOLDERS – name them       l       &       r      – EXACTLY LIKE THAT, small l, small r, nothing else.
5.)In the first folder, probably the “l” folder, make how ever many folders to match how ever many types of hands you have. Example, I have the fatpack, so I needed 15 folders. Each folder should be named with the exact position name only – see pic for sample. (Once these 15 folders are made, copy them into the other folder – the “r” folder. This is much easier than making them all over again.
Breathe 🙂 Now you should have the #RLV folder, inside of that, 2 folders named l & r, and in each of those – position folders. (depends on how many you own).
The next part, I`ll share with you something I did to make things a bit easier.
I used the regular inventory to pull up my SLINK HANDS, and the RECENT tab with my new RLV folder etc. You will need to copy & paste, so this made it easy, you only have to change tabs.
6. In your SLINK folder, pick your 1st position – find the size hands that you use. If you are setting up the “l” folder first, be sure you ONLY choose the LEFT hand. Click “COPY”
7.) Next change tabs & go into the RLV folder you`ve created – go to the hand position you just copied – open that folder & “paste AS LINK” . DO NOT JUST CLICK PASTE. (See pic)
left 2
You do the same exact thing for each position that you own, & then again for the opposite hand. Once this is done, you are done! Now  I`d say to give yourself a pat on the back, but first let`s see if it works, remember, one little mistake throws off the entire system, lol
From this point – refer to beginning of post for detailed instructions OR for less details needed – Quick check – Wear your hands – turn OFF nails in Utilities hud, open Jamman Folder, add nail length desired, add hud – click positions. If your hands changed, NOWWWW you can pat yourself on the back 🙂
Believe me, I know it was frustrating, BUT I worked out all the kinks for you, all you have to do now is follow the directions EXACTLY. Wait till you have some quiet time when you can concentrate and get it done!
This is all you will ever need to wear & enjoy SLINK HANDS & JAMMAN NAILS
all u need
I`ll give you another tip – this is NOT necessary, just helpful. I went through & turned off all of the nails on all positions ahead of time, & that way I could remove the utilities hud off of  my screen. As I said, that`s not really necessary though, it`s actually quite small.
The next tip is once I decided which skin I was wearing for the day, I ran through & added the appliers on each position as well. LOL sounds like a lot of work, but I`m telling you, once you have this set up, its so fast!
This way, if I`m out somewhere & want to change hand position, just open Jamman Hud, everything else is done.
OK ladies, well that will be all from me on this post. Hope you have a fabulous day & HAPPY SHOPPING! ENJOY YOUR NEW NAILS 🙂
Note: any credits are listed on the previous post….
As always a great big hug & thank you for stopping by to visit & support “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO”
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