Good morning ladies 🙂 Let me just say that as a blogger I couldn`t be in a better position than I am right now! Omg, I am sooooooo excited! I am so humbled & thrilled to have been chosen to blog for 2 amazing events right now. First we have the Dark Style Fair from Flair For Events Management & then we have the World Goth Fair from Cursed Management. Let me just say that these 2 events running at the same time is pretty incredible. They are very similar with style, color, and although one may be more fantasy themed, and the other more modern, I can totally see mixing these items throughout so many post. With that said, I have been so busy at RL work these last few days & it has literally been driving me mad to not be able to be here more. Took me 2 days just to unpack & organize these events, and having seen the items had me drooling at just the thoughts & ideas rushing through my mind for future post. The first item I seen that I wanted to blog was the dress that I`m wearing today & after a few days of watching Flickr & other social media sites when I had a few spare moments, it seemed that I wasn`t the only blogger dying to blog it, lol. So you know me, I seriously dislike blogging items that have been seen & blogged by many, so yep, I have put my little twist on things & thankfully some of the items were mod, so I was able to make the post unique. I hope you enjoy today`s post, and please whatever you do, do yourself a HUGE favor & go visit both of these events, you will not be sorry, trust me 🙂 World Goth Fair opened yesterday & the DARK STYLE FAIR opens tomorrow!!

For more info on either of these events here is the websites so you can read more about them. I would encourage you to read about The WORLD GOTH FAIR & The “Sophie Lancaster Foundation”. While both events are going to be epic, there is a charity event at the Goth Fair, so I thought you would like to know what that is all about. The link to the Dark Style Fair will keep you informed of ALL “Flair For Events” info & events 😉

The World Goth Fair 

Sophie Lancaster Foundation

Dark Style Fair – Flair For Events

Now for the post – Pls note that the dress & headress has been altered by me by changing the rose colors to purple. They come in black but as I`ve found out, I was able to mod this outfit which is quite encouraging for all of us as we can make this gorgeous dress into something very unique just for ourselves 🙂 It`s like a super bonus!!


The list of designers at both of these fairs is so impressive, just wait till you see all of the goodies.  From THE DARK STYLE FAIR I`m wearing piercings from HEBANON VIAL and wings from SUICIDE GURLS.

From THE WORLD GOTH FAIR – The Sophie Mesh Headress & Gothic Gown is from ANGELSDEMONS. The Gothic Gazebo is from THE DARK FAE and comes in a variety of colors. I`ve used an assortment of poses throughout this post, however, this particular pose with the Raven Birds prop is from UNCERTAIN SMILE.

The lovely “Nevermore” Candle Display & Leather Chtuluh Armchairs are from BAUWERK, also found at the WORLD GOTH FAIR.



I want to show you closeups of these gorgeous items so bare with me through these pics & I promise I`ll list in detail all of the credits below.





And that will be all from me for this post 🙂

As always a great big hug & thank you for stopping by to visit & support “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO

Skin – JALWA – “Celine Exclusive Purple” (makeup – eyeshadow, liner, & lipstick included) All appliers available. –  The WORLD GOTH FAIR
Hair- DAMSELFLY – “Sindy & Hairbase 606” –  The WORLD GOTH FAIR
Lashes –  Diamonddust – REDGRAVE 
Eyes- Hypnogothic Animated Mesh Eyes –  [LNS] DESIGNS –  The WORLD GOTH FAIR
Clothing –
Sophia Headdress & Gothic Gown – ANGELSDEMON –  The WORLD GOTH FAIR
Boots – {MV} Hit The Streets Violet
Accessories –
Rings – Tactum Mortis – [LNS] DESIGNS –  The WORLD GOTH FAIR
Tattoo – RECKLESS – “To Kill”   –  SHE & HIM EVENT
Necklace – PALE EMPRESS – “Severina Medallion” –  The WORLD GOTH FAIR
Piercings – Jewel Cheeks Singles & Inque (Exclusive) Piercings – HEBANON VIAL – THE DARK STYLE FAIR
Nail Appliers – Resurrect Nails – THE LITTLE BAT –  The WORLD GOTH FAIR
Chtuluh Armchairs – BAUWERK –  The WORLD GOTH FAIR
The Nevermore Candle Display – BAUWERK –  The WORLD GOTH FAIR
Modern Gothic Gazebo – THE DARK FAE –  The WORLD GOTH FAIR
Body Attachments –
Ears – Fantasy Elf Ears – MANDALA
Slink Hands – Gesture
Poses –
POSESION – Fatale, Morte, & Penumbra Poses used, all available at THE DARK STYLE FAIR
UNCERTAIN SMILE – “Sorcerer 1 Ravens” –  The WORLD GOTH FAIR