Ok ladies, so I have known about this for a few days now & I felt like I was ready to explode not being able to share it with you!! Finally, today I got the all clear to post about it. I can`t possibly blog these with a clear conscience without explaining them fully, as I did when the NEW Slink system came out. For “Slink Beginners” click HERE to see that post. (Help for Slink Mesh Hand & Feet Beginners)

Aren`t you already getting overwhelmed with the individual huds you`re buying for the SLINK Hands & Feet? I know I am, I`m picking them up everywhere, 100L for this one, 120L for that one, etc etc. Needless to say, this is ending up being pretty pricey if you add them up. NO MORE I SAY! Why can`t we have them all in one hud?!!

I have a ton of ground to cover, but I promise you that this will be worth the read & you will be so excited that this has been created once you understand it all, lol. So for those of us using the SLINK MESH AVATAR ENHANCEMENT SYSTEM, I`m sure you know at first things were a tad confusing, especially with the 2 different style hands & feet, & the whole “AV” thing, am I right? lol Ok, so now we all understand how to use them, and THEN we get all of these fabulous creators making appliers for them. We were  in absolute nail heaven at this point! Long gone are the days of prim nails & all those huds we paid a small fortune for. That`s what we thought anyway…..UNTIL TODAY. Ladies, what if I told you that there is NOW a BRAND NEW hud for your SLINK MESH HANDS that provide 800 textures for those nails? How is that possible right? I mean SLINK has so many different positions of Mesh Hands? How will it know which hands we`re wearing?  And wait, 800?  800 Textures – sheeshh, that would be at least 8000 L`s right? Sounds like Jamman is somehow involved, lol


You ladies are so perceptive 😉 Yes, JAMMAN NAILS has created a hud that will provide you with 800 textures for your SLINK MESH HANDS. Now, this part is VERYYYYYY IMPORTANT, this hud DOES NOT work like the applier huds we`ve recently been purchasing. You are actually going to be wearing NEW Nails. Let me explain further….. so you wear the Slink mesh hands (any position), you then use the skin applier to match them to your body. Then you use the “Slink OmniHud Nail Visibility” Hud, that one that allows you to chose length & shape (short, medium, long & pointed) – you choose the “OFF” option, this keeps your mesh hands on, but makes the nails disappear.


Next we move onto the Jamman System – “SLINK ULTRA MESH RIGGED FINGERNAILS V5 BY JAMMAN”  The first thing you do is chose the nails from your inventory, choices are short, normal, or long. (add these).



From this point, everything else is done on the hud.



Next – choose your hand position on the far right side of the hud. There is a button for EVERY position of hands that SLINK sells.00000.jpg

Now you have all of the options the Jamman Nail Hud is known for, 8 texture menu`s, 100 colors on each. Individual hand selectors, (you can even wear different mesh hand positions, which is PERFECT for me, because I rarely wear the same hand on my left as I do my right). Individual hand selection for colors too, & you can even color individual nails. For those of you not familiar with the Jamman Hud, you can choose the pre-set colors from the menu, or you can create your own, which makes the color choices unlimited, chose a base color, chose a tip color, chose shine levels & chose transparency levels. Lastly, you can alter the hud size, close the hud, while keeping it on your screen, and also a stand in place pose to use anywhere in SL to adjust your nails.




Some of the menu`s available Snapshot_019

This one is NEW – “Nail Art” was released on the last update – nice to get some new ones right ladies? 😉 Little birdie told me, “800 more are on the way!!”



Here you can see the “Individual finger selector” at work. 🙂


Can I wear two different hands & the hud still work? Of course you can!

01.jpgThe only thing left is for me to show you how they all fit. I know it`s a long post, but isn`t it nice to see of this in ONE place, have all your questions answered and all of your doubts put to rest 🙂 The following pics will show you EVERY Slink Hand position available wearing JAMMAN`S NEW SLINK ULTRA MESH NAILS.


















I believe I`ve explained this the best I can, as always if you have any questions or you need help, please feel free to contact me in-world (Punkiss Resident). Congrats Jamman! 😉

Links you`ll want –

Jamman Mainstore

Jamman Marketplace – Direct Link to the NEW Slink system


Other Credits-

Skin – WOW SKINS – “Nahlia”  in Milk – June Group Gift

Appliers for SLINK Mesh Hands & Feet – WOW SKINS “Milk”

Eyes – IKON Ascension eyes “Blue”

Hair – Truth – Noemi “Colours”

Necklace – Earthstones – “Neisha”

Ring – Earthstones –

Earrings – Earthstones – “Princess Diamond Studs”

Clothing – Leri Miles – “Blanca Romper Wisteria” NEW! (Note – there is a “Melon” colored romper as the NEW group gift) all other colors can be found at Acid Lily.


Mesh Hands & Feet – SLINK

Flip Flops – SLINK “Aussie Thongs”

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