So the first thing I want to say before anything else, is to Santa, “Dear Santa, It`s perfectly ok for you to pass me by this year and go on to someone who needs much more than I do.” Two reasons for saying this, one, becaue it`s always so much more fun to give than receive, and then two, all I ever needed in my lifetime were these Christmas Baby ornaments – I literally could die from the cuteness right now! The picture above is the rare “Twins” and with everything bad in this world right now, what a beautiful image for the Holiday…perfect, innocent little babies, no judgments, no anger….just peaceful and loving being together, not even knowing that the rest of the world will consider them different…..to them, they are one in the same…how much more beautiful can it get than this? ‚ô• I want to say thank you to OHMAI for making these treasures, they have brought me joy to this pixel world, the one that we log into daily to forget all the ugly out there, kind of our “runaway spot” where we go for peace & quiet, love & forgiveness. Of course there will always be those that bring all that ugliness along with them, but that`s why we have to be careful who we surround ourselves with. I`ve learned that we can`t always listen to the words people are saying, because most likely the most drama filled, trouble makers will often talk of not wanting drama blah blah, yet their actions show something completely different. So pay attention loves, they really aren`t that hard to spot ūüėČ Surround yourself with love, with family, and those that appreciate the little things in life that in the end of it all, matter the most.¬†

Below you will find my very first Holiday set up for this year. I always end up doing many of them through December. I decided to go a little different and bring the amazing Sleigh from REMARKABLE OBLIVION indoors. All I could think of was that it`s so gorgeous, I don`t want to get it all dirty, lol ;). And so it became part of my decorations, and  think it turned out lovely.

So many gorgeous ornaments and decorations for the Holiday, I just love this time of year. I`ll show a few closeups of items in the next pic. Sometimes I feel like you just can`t see all the creations close enough to really show the excellent workmanship of these talented designers. I hope you enjoy the post & HAPPY SHOPPING! 




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Christmas Bears & Dogs Gacha – BEE DESIGNS

small round coffee table – IONIC – CHAPTER FOUR


Christmas Fireplace with stocking – CON CHARISMA

Christmas Wreath Red – PERSEFONA – WINTER TREND 2015

Holy Joly Fatpack Рholy wreath РASTRALIA, snowflake rug РASTRALIA fort tent red РASTRALIA, Fashion xmas tree blue & red РASTRALIA РWINTER TREND 2015

Christmas Tree – YASUM

kitties, puppies, bears, in a box ornaments РMISHMISH РTANNENBAUM 

x`mas magic ornaments (babies) РOHMAI РTANNENBAUM 


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