Good Morning ladies 🙂 I want to start this post by thanking Voshie from LA PETITE MORTE for giving me the inspiration to create this look. I was getting ready to work on my 3rd post last night & she sent me her latest releases. I opened them all & tried everything on & immediately fell in love with a few items she sent. My mind went into overdrive, what will I come up with for these items? They are so beautiful, so unique, & we all know how much I enjoy doing “different” lol. And so the search began through my inventory. I hope you enjoy what I`ve come up with. Turned out to be rather fantasy like, but I must admit I`m very pleased with the outcome.

I chose the “Elvi” skin from GLAM AFFAIR at Kustom9, I wanted something pale,  and cold. For me, I always seem to get carried away when I use these skins, lol. Of course I`ve taken a butt load of pictures, playing with settings & lighting, but I narrowed it down to 9 or 10 to share with you. Not too bad right? Lawd knows I`ve put you through much longer post 😛

Let`s go over what I`ve used. From LA PETITE MORTE, for GOTHMAS, “Gothic Victorian Accessories”. Gothic brow piercing comes in 3 colors, antique gold, silver & black. I`m wearing the black. Next I`m wearing the Gothic Victorian Choker, Gothic Victorian Epaulette, & the Gothic Victorian Monocle. Each of these pieces are stunning! Thank you so much for sending to me & hope you enjoy the preview 🙂

From The Jewelry & Accessory Expo I`ve used a few items that I`ve had my eye on, but hadn`t decided yet how I would use them. For some reason, everything fell into place for me last night. Yes, I`ve changed colors, even attachment points, but I`ll give you a listing of all of them in detail so you can find them 🙂

From GIZZA – Christmas Horns is your gift at the Expo – This comes in white & gold, however, I`ve changed it a bit to suit this post.

From PURE POISON – Umbrella Hat & Hood (complete with alpha for your ears) & the Amara Bridal Headress Comb. (Moved this attachment point to my back for this post)

From DIGITAL EYES – Mesh Animated Fan in white. These come in many colors.

From MAXI GOSSAMER – Tiffany Back Necklace – This item I`ve blogged before, but I loved the look of the draping black pearl with this dress 🙂



I`ve used the NEW Spectral Eyes from IKON – actually 2 different ones – one ” black” & the other “wight”. Be careful if you do this, read all of the directions on how to work these huds.


I`ve combined the Umbrella Hat & Hood from Pure Poison together with the XMAS horns from Gizza.


I`m also wearing eyeliner from CHUS! – Cute as a cat eyeliner 03 for FROST – coming Friday 🙂


From R I S K E at FROST – Eclipse Wings in black. These come in 3 different color packs, Monochrome (3 colors) , Ice pack (3 colors) , & a special pack (2 colors) exclusive to the Frost Event .


My dress is from p h w o a r – c o u t u r e. or *P.c.* – Denisa Gown.


See the hanging black pearl? Love it <3

My gloves are from MIAMAI – These are the BEST mesh gloves I have found in SL, a bit pricey, although very worth it if you want quality 🙂


I hope you have enjoyed this post, I love when I can just get lost in an outfit & come up with something completely unexpected, this is a bonus when I blog 🙂

As always a great big hug & thank you for visiting & supporting “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO

CREDITS- (Details listed throughout the post)

Skin – GLAM AFFAIRKustom9

Eyes – IKON

Lashes – MON CHERI

Liner – CHUS!    FROST – coming Friday 🙂

Choker, Eyebrow piercing & epaulette – LA PETITE MORTE GOTHMAS 12/15 

Gown – P.c.

gloves – MIAMAI

Digital Fan – DIGITAL EYES     The Jewelry & Accessory Expo 

Umbrella Hat with Hood – PURE POSION      The Jewelry & Accessory Expo 

Wings – RISKE    FROST – coming Friday 🙂

XMAS Horns – GIZZA      The Jewelry & Accessory Expo 

Tiffany Back drop necklace – MAXI GOSSAMER –  The Jewelry & Accessory Expo 

Poses – TABLEAU VIVANT – assorted from my inventory, LOVE these poses 🙂

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