Good Morning ladies! So I wanted to go over some info on the Laq Mesh Heads with you. As you know I blog for a ton of skin creators and so I’m usually featuring those brands, however, since I first joined SL, I’ve always had a love for LAQ, in fact I wore Laq skin for years. Even though I don’t often have the time to show you my purchases, I do tend to still buy a bunch of Laq items, including some of their gorgeous heads. This one today is Scarlet, and I believe she was on sale in Dec when I got her. I instantly fell in love with the mouth on this one and couldn’t wait to get the time to be able to wear her. I’m using the shape that came with the head, I did however change the body drastically, and just some very small changes to the face. I thought the shape included already had an adorable face to her. Because I blog for skin places, I am pretty lucky to have a bunch of items to use on LAQ heads. Especially PINK FUEL, who doesn’t love her items right? I’m wearing her lipstick in today’s post. What I love about her items is that she has them already in different strengths, so you can wear the color in light, or full, or even an ombre.

Also, before I get too far ahead of myself, I believe there is a FREE group gift at LAQ called Valentine. It comes with & without brows (Yay!) and in all of the LAQ tones, so it’s for everyone! That gift ends today on the 18th, so I would run right now, but make sure you come right back & finish up here when you’re done 😉 Now of course you need a LAQ head to apply it to, and if you don’t have one, you can run on over & try out a demo. There is so many gorgeous Laq heads to choose from. I have a few others that I will be blogging soon, so make sure you check back. You can always just plug in “Laq” in search on my blog or even on Flickr, I use tags everywhere so you easily find things 🙂 It works well for me too when I have forgotten a title or name of something, I will try some tag & viola, there it is 🙂

Onto the rest of today’s post. I’m wearing a super sexy “Almost” dress/lingerie from KAITHLEEN’S. Yes, the name is actually almost dress, how cute?! I’ve paired it with “SEDUCTIVE” stockings from PSYCHO BARBIE featured at this months round of APPLIQUE. Also at APPLIQUE, you can pick up these adorable nails from LIVIA called “Smitten”. SUICIDAL UNBORN released yet another pack of eyes, (yes, you know they are my favorite) and would have to bring them to you soon as she released them. These are called “Aisling” and are at APPLIQUE as well. From the same event I also added a very light layer of freckles from ASCENDANT, (I showed a heavier layer in yesterday’s post if you’d like to see them, just go to home page to find that post). Sounds like a great round of APPLIQUE doesn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Get over there!! 😉

I promised you yesterday that I would come back and show you the complete set from CAE, called “Amorette”. So today you will see the rest of that collection featured at ULTRA this month. Also at ULTRA, I used poses from NANTRA.

Finally, I added these super sexy floral heels from MODA DESIGNS. Blossom Heels come in 36 colors, for Slink, Maitreya & Belleza and are at this round of WHIMSICAL.

I hope you enjoy today’s post & have fun shopping!

LAQ Bento – Motion Capture – SCARLET HEAD.

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mesh head – LAQ Bento – Motion Capture – SCARLET HEAD. (Notes below credits section about how LAQ heads work)

mesh body – MAITREYA – Lara

appliers for all – LAQ ~ Scarlet skin appliers (Brows + browless)

hair – SINTIKLIA – [MAT] (Jan Epiphany) –  Hair Nyane 

eyes – Aisling eyes – SUICIDAL UNBORN – @ APPLIQUE EVENT

makeup – lips – PINK FUEL – Sheer Kiss (Designed for Lulu, but as you see works perfectly on Scarlet)

makeup – freckles – ASCENDANT – @ APPLIQUE EVENT

makeup – eyes – Laq Hud Scarlet

MICHAN – Yukika Lashes HUD [LAQ]

earrings, necklace – CAE – Cae :: Amorette :: Heart Earring / Cae :: Amorette :: Necklace <Materials> – @ ULTRA EVENTS

rings – Amala – The Madison Rings – Maitreya – @ KUSTOM9

outfit – (Jan Cosmo Sales Room ) –  KAITHLEEN’S – Almost Dress white 


LIVIA::Smitten Nails [Applier] – @ APPLIQUE EVENT

stockings – Seductive Stockings – PSYCHO BARBIE  – @ APPLIQUE EVENT

heels – Blossom Heels – MODA DESIGNS @ WHIMSICAL EVENT

bracelet – SECRETS– Arrow Chains Bracelet 


.::Supernatural::. Romance Bracelets White Silver 

poses – NANTRA – Boys don’t make passes – @ ULTRA EVENTS

background props –
LEIJIN // Structure — Paneled Noche
Rowne.Model – Vanity Table RARE
Rowne.Model – Vanity Chair RARE
/PL$H/ Shopping Bag – Sephora
/PL$H/ Shopping Bag – M.A.C.
@ backdrop city – TY!

Note on Laq Heads – How the hud works – 


In features you find information about appliers and what head parts you want to display.
– At the top of the HUD, you can choose which layers you want activated.
– The third button is a new “Eye fx” layer, featuring shading and eye reflections on a separate layer. This way, shading and reflections stay intact even when avatar moves the eyes. Your eyes will reflect light in the evening.
– The neck blender fits the built in skin colors, and can be tinted by clicking the drop icon in the skin section of the HUD. Make sure you have chosen a skin tone before you put on the neck blender, or it will not switch on.
– This latest head features a tattoo layer for freckles, blush, wrinkles etc. You can adjust the effect of the tattoo with the slider.
– The lashes comes with a slider where you can tweak the length of the lashes from nonexistent to super long.
– The layers can be tinted separately by clicking the drop icon to the far right. A new panel will expand, where you can pick a color. This is also where you change how much skin effects you prefer.


– Important: If you are wearing an ankle lock, the animations may get stuck/twitching. Please check if your avatar has any body locking attachments and remove those.
– This head includes 17 motion captured animations, which makes your avatar move much more realistically than ever before.
– The Default Moods at the top can be selected as your default animations. The expressions you choose to play below will go back to your default mood if you have one activated. Blink, lips and smile under default are static expressions with blink only.
– You can play animations individually or choose several to play at random.
– The poses buttons pause animations and make your avatar use still poses for photos etc.
– The talk button underneath the expressions will make your avatar talk when you are typing in nearby chat.
– The auto expression syncs with the SL animations, for example, animated furniture etc.
– To make your avatar animate while you are voice, you simply activate all three gestures named LAQ Mocap Voice.


In the Looks section, you can save your favorite skin and makeup combinations and easily preview them before wearing. Click the faces and a menu will pop up with options. Browse all your saved looks by clicking the arrows to the left and right.

We hope you will enjoy your LAQ Bento head <3

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