Good Morning ladies 🙂 I overheard a conversation lately from a few designers talking about how they`re is so many bloggers nowadays, (which I agree with btw), but that most of them are lazy, and don`t take time to credit everything etc etc. I`ve actually seen both sides of this convo, some bloggers think that if you purchase something, you don`t need to credit, others say credit every item. I do also agree that “some” bloggers are lazy, so I`ve seen it all. But I have to admit that when I heard that “lazy blogger” it made me giggle, because those that have been reading my blog since the beginning, know that this is a daily struggle of mine, but the opposite of lazy, lol I`m a perfectionist and I`ve been in retail management for so long in my RL, I always have the thought in my head, “Is that the BEST you can show that?” “If it were you creation Punki, how would you want it to be viewed?” Call it a curse sometimes, because I on some days take 6-7 hours just for ONE post. As you`ll see in todays post, lol….I`ve gone above & beyond once again, because of that “Is that the best you can do” voice in my head, lol. I know that sometimes you might want to just see a quick pic & a list of credits, if you prefer that type of blogging, that`s fine, it`s your preference, but I`ll warn you now, that isn`t this type of blog here. 😉  Whether I`ve bought it myself or it was given to me to blog, you really can`t tell the difference, except for I usually talk about the item in the beginning & then list the sponsors logo at the end. I like to talk to you, explain things & show you exactly what you`ll be getting, even sharing vendor pics, not to mention the time it takes me just creating the look I want to share. However, I love what I do, and you couldn`t sit here day after day & do this if you didn`t love it ♥ So I thank you to those that take the time to actually read my long drawn out post ;). I know some appreciate it xo. So let`s get started having some fun 🙂

Today I have 2 in one post, I`m going to show you the look you see above, and I`ll explain where to find all of the items. And then, the skin I`m using, is a NEW Release from DEETALEZ, I`ll show you that by itself without everything I added, all of it`s brow options, and a few other Newly Released skins also from DEETALEZ.

From CRAZY KITTY, I`m wearing a super sexy pair of black leather mesh thigh high laced boots, “Fabulous High Heels” – I`m so in love with these ♥. If you haven`t been to CRAZY KITTY, you really need to go check out their shoes, omg, if you like sexy boots & heels, this is the place to go 🙂

And now let`s get to the events!! From DISTRICT 5 – The “Society Dress” from CYNFUL is packed with color change options for the belts color & metals. The dress also comes in a variety of colors as well. CUTE POISON brings us this awesome new “Herretic”Collar with dangling crosses, the texture is awesome, I love the washed look on the black. DIRTYSTORIES created these “Mechanical Bunny Ears” as well as the “Emo Armbands” Aren`t these ears incredible?!! The long split handcuffs necklace comes from POMPOSITY, this necklace comes in a few versions, plain, plain with safety pins, 3 cuffs, & 3 cuffs with key. “Akemi Gems” come with a color hud & also come in silver & gold versions & are from LUSTRAGE for this event. And lastly from SCRUB, “Disgusting Mesh Clutch” comes in black leather with lots of laces, perfect match to the Fabulous High Heels 😉

Also from DISTRICT 5 – From [LCKY] HAIR, I`m wearing this amazing NEW style called “Andi” and has a ton of color hud to choose from, I`ll show all of them to you 😉

The next event is THE BLACK FASHION FAIR – My earrings are from {Me.} Jewelry – “Mariah Earrings”. The poses are from NANTRA, “Back to black” pack comes with props, cigarette, and multiple poses. I`ll show you the vendor pic at the end, so you can see the poses. Also from DARK PASSIONS, I`m wearing nail appliers, Modern Grid, a selection of black, white & gradients, I`ll show you that hud below as well.

I`ve also added poses from this weeks GFW (Grenade Free Weekends on The Jersey Shore) – from LITTLE BEAN, (5 poses). Grenade Free WEEKEND is a weekly event that occurs every Friday & Saturday only at the Jersey Shore. A group of designers set an item out in their store for 100L or less, and it will remain there from Friday 12:00am SLT till 11:59pm SLT on Saturday.

I think that covers everything currently going on, the rest of the items are either not at an event or are from past events & will be listed in credits. Enjoy the post & HAPPY SHOPPING!









Because I just know you want to see it all close-up 😉 See how much I love you!!




And now to the 2nd part of this post. The skin I`m wearing above is NEW, called “LEYNA” She comes in 2 versions. The version in all above pics & now the next two rows of pics is LEYNA BROWS 1/ LIPS 1 in the NEW “Eastern Tone”  (thin brow & glossed lip)


The main 4 brow colors, black, brown, red, & blond.

You`ll also notice the hair color changing “ANDI” has so many great colors!

note: The ONLY thing added to ALL of the skins is eyeliner & eyelashes.


LEYNA in no brow option & added color brows also from DEETALEZ. Light Pink, Light Lavender, light blue, light green & yellow. All of these also come in a darker version of each color.

Andi hair is pastels….


This is the 2nd version of the LEYNA SKIN – brows 2/ lips 2. Notice the difference, thicker brows & matte lip.



Just look at all of these great colors from [LCKY] HAIR!!


 And as a bonus, 3 more DEETALEZ SKINS – 1.) Jule as Hera Mixedtype tone / 2.) Gemma as Persephone in Mixedtype tone / 3.) Faith as Amphitrite in Mixedtype tone.

Also showing a few other color options of the eyes I showed you yesterday from SUICIDAL UNBORN, “Alexa” eyes – NEW!



And that will be all. I hope you all enjoyed the post & make sure you check back often, like everyday, lol, because I`m off work this week, so I`ll be posting daily 😉

As always a great big hug & thank you for stopping by & supporting “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION” MUAHZ XO!


skin – DEETALEZ – NEW!

makeup – liner- BELLEZA

hair – [LCKY] HAIR – Andi – DISTRICT 5 – NEW!

eyes – SUICIDAL UNBORN – Alexa Eyes – NEW!

shadow & face paint – HOD @ We <3 RP  – Elegy Face Paint v2

lashes – KMADD – naturale

piercing – CUTE POISON – Ova Piercings

tattoo – upper – RECKLESS – Grandad`s

tattoo – lower – PERVETTE – Quoted Leg Tat

upper arm bands  & mechanical ears – DIRTYSTORIES – DISTRICT 5 – NEW!

bracelet – left – zipper / CA/ unisex zipper bracelet – (past Omgacha Event)

bracelet – left – Iron Cross Studded Bangle – POMPOSITY – (past Thrift Shop)

bracelet – right – Diamond Bangle – POMPOSITY – (past Omgacha Event)

necklace – Split Handcuffs – POMPOSITY – – DISTRICT 5 – NEW!


dress – CYNFUL – DISTRICT 5 – NEW!

heels – CRAZY KITTY – NEW!


clutch – SCRUB – disgusting clutch – DISTRICT 5 – NEW!

Bad Bitch Rings – CUTE POISON


Cigarette, Props & Poses – NANTRA – Back to black pack.  – THE BLACK FASHION FAIR – NEW!

Other Poses used from GFW LITTLE BEAN. – NEW!

Face gems – LUSTRAGE / Akemi Gems – DISTRICT 5 – NEW!


Body – WOWMEH – no longer available

Hands – SLINK gesture

feet – SLINK – high

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GFW-Grenade Free Weekend