Snapshot_020mesh freckles

There`s just something about leather & lace together, don`t ya think? You get that soft sensual feminine feel with that sexy alluring edge all at once. What woman doesn`t want to feel that way right? Ladies, I have just the outfit for you. The UBER event is pretty much always epic, but specifically this month, I think we all can agree is a round that we just couldn`t miss. Today we`re going to feature SPIRIT, PURE POISON & DEETALEZ from UBER. We`ll also take a look at VANITY HAIR, POMPOSITY, & THINGS TATTOOS.

The first thing most people notice is the face, so let`s start there. From DEETALEZ, we have a new applier for Catwa, named Yasmina . This one has a bit different lip, which I just loved! I couldn`t wait to grab this applier. She comes in all skintones. each will give you all brow & a no brow option, as well as 4 lip colors, and 3 liners to choose from. Catwa has just updated their product, so pls check the redelivery terminal for that update.

The outfit I`m wearing is so versatile & is why I am showing so many different angles & layers. The first item is the dress. There is also the top & shorts. You can buy any of these separate, but as you can see they also go very well together. The selling point for me was that when purchasing mesh clothing, it gets pretty tricky to layer clothes, but when you find an outfit that items were specifically made for one another, they layer just perfectly, so I had to have them all ūüôā – Items are from SPIRIT @ UBER.

PURE POISON also just released this stunning heels at UBER, just look at the beautiful mesh along the sides & front toe section, love them!

Next we have VANITY HAIR & who doesn`t love this lil bob cut? !! So adorable, I love that you are able to add your own highlights to it as well. You can find “Flow” at the PROJECT 7 EVENT.

Finally, from THINGS, already an amazing tattoo shown, but the back is a stunner, and it went perfect with the leather straps & exposed back on this dress. Just perfect ladies, don`t you agree?

Oh, one more item from DEETALEZ, we all have freckle layers, freckled skins etc, but do you have a mesh freckle layer? Omgoodness, hurry because this is only at the COSMETIC FAIR, it`s lovely, doesn`t interfere with any of your applier layers, just lays over the skin perfectly, and has a few different options, such as just a few beauty marks, just the nose freckles, and then a more full freckled look. I love this item!

Hope you enjoy & HAPPY SHOPPING!

~~~~~~~~~~Here we have the full dress – the 1st pic shows the top & shorts underneath~~~~~~~~~


~~~~~~ A closer look~~~~~~~~~~


~~~~~~~~~~The stunning strapped back, 1st is dress only, 2nd is dress, top & shorts, 3rd is top & shorts (no dress) & the last is only the top to show more of the tattoo from THINGS.~~~~~~~~~~~~~


~~~~~~~~~~~~The top & shorts without the dress in 2-4th pics~~~~~~~~~~~


So pretty!


Lip colors INCLUDED In the DEETALEZ applier hud

PicMonkey Collage

FULL freckle layer (not mesh)



Snapshot_020mesh freckles

PicMonkey Collage4

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mesh head – CATWA – Annie v4.8 – (click HERE for Update Log)
applier head body – DEETALEZ – Yasmina @ UBER
mesh body – MAITREYA
mesh freckle layer – DEETALEZ – @ COSMETIC FAIR
brows/liner – DEETALEZ
lashes – EUPHORIC – superstar lashes for Catwa Heads
eyes – SUICIDAL UNBORN – Yuna Eyes
choker /bracelets – HOLLYWEIRD – Esther Set
glasses – DAZED – Rowdy Glasses
nails – FORMANAILS – Ballerina nails
dress – SPIRIT – Lita Dress
top & shorts – SPIRIT – Lita Top & Lita shorts
tattoo – THINGS! – Incarceron
arm bracelets & ankle cuffs – (optional on/off chains) – POMPOSITY – SUICIDE DOLLZ EXCLUSIVE
heels – PURE POISON – Selena Pumps
Black thin bangles cuffs, wrist & ankles – POMPOSITY @ SUICIDE DOLLZ