Morning ladies 🙂 So I was really going to pass by the opportunity to do the whole “Belleza” review because I just felt that so many have seen it, but then I thought about my readers 🙂 and maybe they are waiting to hear what I have to say about it, & so here we are 🙂

Bottom line as we`ve emerged from the second life avatar into the mesh bodies being released everywhere, how do we know which one is for us? It seems with the latest release of Belleza`s Isis, & Freya, that Freya is all the rave..but is she for you? Basically, here`s what you need to ask yourself when it comes to Freya….are you one of those avatars that feels like no matter how big you try to push the sliders, they just aren`t big enough for you? Do you want a more full figured avatar? One with larger thighs & bum? if you`ve answered yes to any of these questions, then Freya is definitely worth a demo for you. Notice I said the demo is for you.

As I worked on this post & changed from one body to the next, I used the shapes that were given with the body so you could see EXACTLY how they were intended. But does that REALLY show you anything? My answer is no. Each one of us uses our own personal shape. And here`s where it gets confusing & why the bottom line of my post is to tell you that now we have competition now between these Mesh Bodies, meaning that there is more than just one “quality” mesh body for us to choose from. So we`re back to the beginning, how do we choose?

It`s as simple as this…I say that each person needs to try the demos, because without seeing it on your own personal shape, we can blog it 1000 times, show you a million pictures, but until you see it on your shape, you just can`t tell. Each of us has our own personal taste, & that`s whats so wonderful about having the ability to choose. I`m not here to tell you which I prefer, because honestly, it all depends on the look I`m going for that day & what I`m wearing. I like them all, and for different reasons.

Below I`m going to show you a series of pictures. Keep in mind that the very first pic you seen above is with the Isis body & shape, the clothing is fit to this shape, and I change the shapes & bodies, I don`t change the size of the clothing, here`s how you`ll see the differences. The 1st row will show the new Belleza/ Isis, Freya, & Venus 3 on the shapes given. I will also show you those same bodies on my personal shape & how they differ. Here is where you will understand that no amount of pics shown are going to give you any idea because it varies.

I`ll then show you the Maitreya Lara V3, and all 4 shapes she has as well as with my personal shape. Again, very different.

Finally, for the Chubby Chasers out there 😉 How big can Freya actual get? I`ll show you that too 😉

I hope what you get out of this post is that you really can`t go with what any of us are saying, just be happy that we all now have the opportunity to choose which is best for us. 🙂

Enjoy <3

Freya is obviously the curviest of the 3, as I`ve pointed out the areas that poke through the swimsuit. The last one pokes a bit through the top but you`ll notice her legs are thinner than both of them. So basically, we have the Venus which we`ve had for a while now. Isis has just come out & seems to be a little thicker in the legs, and Freya is thicker all over 🙂


Next – same bodies, using my shape – see how different than above? Notice how much of the suit you can still see according to the preset size suit that fit the Isis.23

Freya – sliders maxed out. This is going to be the selling point for Belleza I believe, the ability to alter ones personal shape without many limits. (This pic won`t make it to Flickr as I`m tired of getting restricted by them, lol)5

RealEvil Industries Necklace – Caged HeartSnapshot_021

I know I haven`t helped in making your decision, lol….sorry ladies, this one I just feel needs to be a personal choice. There is way to many different things that each of us like to say which is best for you. We won`t even touch on appliers in this post, lol.. Keep in mind, that`s a whole other ballgame, who has what appliers for which skin, etc etc. 😉 Yep, it`s never ending, lol

Happy 4th & Happy Pride to all of all 🙂

Credits –

Bodies – BELLEZA, Isis, Freya, Venus / MAITREYA, Lara 1, 2, 3, & 4. shapes included – also used personal shapes.

skin – WOW – Jayma Golden

mesh head – LELUTKA STELLA

applier for head – WOW SKINS Jayma Golden

hair – RED MINT – no.34

necklace – REALEVIL INDUSTRIES – Caged Heart Collar – ROMP event

swimsuit – MOOH! – Rainbow String bikini

tattoo – DATUM – Emmanuel – Suicide Dollz event

heels – MODA DESIGNS – Vanya Leather Pumps

handbag – MODA DESIGNS – Rubiks Bag

horns – RARE! STYLE SO CHIC / SSC ./ cupackes horns gatcha

rainbow face piercing – ZOMBIE SUICIDE

poses used – DIESEL WORKS – Scarlett & Beth

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