Hi guys! My goodness, do I have a ton to share with you today. Yes, indeed, we are going to go over clothing, makeups, mesh heads, skins, jewelry, shoes, & outdoor decor…some of it so adorable, you may just want to keep it all inside 😛

There is so many events going on that it’s hard to keep up with what is new & what is where, & when you see a post, it may be a million items in a picture and you go to search and no luck, the item that you were interested in wasn’t even credited! Gah! Don’t you just hate that? Well, let’s just slow down a minute, and take our time, let’s look at things in detail, as they should be. Let’s give each designer the attention that they deserve….

Let’s get straight to business, we’re going to start with one of CATWA’S new Bento Heads, “Kittia”. This head is designed with more of a kawaii, cutesy type look, but as you’ll see below, with a little work and plenty of makeup play, you can get Kittia to look just as sexy as some of her more mature sisters 😉

I’ve added a gorgeous skin from LUMAE, this one is called Neoma, and I will share 3 of the tones today, as well as freckled & non-freckled versions.

Next, we’ll move on to makeups. Most of you know that I can sit & play with makeup for hours & is probably why I ended up being a blogger, was due to all I did all day long was style & restyle over & over my avi, lol. We’re going to be wearing makeup from 3 of my very favorite makeup guru’s in SL, Pink Fuel, Suicidal Unborn, & Just Magnetized. All 3 of these ladies make it all, from lips, to eyes, hairbases, and more, if it’s makeup, you will want to get to know these ladies 🙂

I’m wearing hair from VANITY HAIR, I still love big hair, yes a child of the 80’s, ok 70’s but who’s counting 😉

From SU!, lots of newness, from Eyes, to new Bento piercings, eyebrows, & eyeshadows, everything will be listed below in credits.

My outfit, consist of 2 of the top creators in SL, MON CHERI & REBEL HOPE, both I’m so grateful to have blogged for both of them for many, many years. The outfit, “Ivy Ensemble” is amazing, and comes with so many gorgeous colors, and also prints. I chose to share the prints because I was just amazed at how gorgeous they were. When you purchase the fatpack, there is also 3 additional prints that only come with the fatpack.

The shoes I’m wearing are from REBEL HOPE. I just love her work as well, always unique & designed perfectly. These are called Amanda Heels.

Finally, to some super cute outdoor & even indoor decor, from MOoH! – Cute Garden Gacha is currently at the OhMyGacha event and has so many cute items in this gacha. This is one of those gachas you don’t mind playing, because all of the commons are just as nice as the rare! So go try your luck, at 50L per pull, you’re gonna love your new decorations!

Thanks for stopping by everyone. Hope you have lots of fun & HAPPY SHOPPING!

These lips below are non other than Pink Fuel – if you haven’t tried out her makeup, please do yourself a favor and do so. If layering isn’t your thing, than just look up Mochi Milena (Owner of Pink Fuel) on YouTube & check out her tutorials on how to apply lots of layers to your mesh heads. She makes it look soooo easy! Honestly, after watching her videos, you will too!

A little of everything you’ll see throughout todays post…heels @ SHOETOPIA by Rebel Hope!

Check out the garden gacha items, so cute!

Lumae skintones 4, 5, & 6

with freckles

and makeup from SU! & JUST MAGNETIZED.

all makeup in the next photo is Just Magnetized

Vanity Hair & Outfits by Mon Cheri

So many gorgeous prints!!

I think that covers everything!


CATWA HEAD Kittia v3.2

!Lumae Catwa – Neoma – T5 //  (past Ostara) – See Mainstore

! Lumae :: Body HUD 2018 // T5

Mesh body – MAITREYA – Lara

-SU!- Isolabella Eyes /Fatpack/

-SU!- Piercing Set 06 Snakebites (Keme) – Because Kittia is such a new head, some piercings may not be specifically fitted for each head. I just randomly try them until I find one that works, it almost always works, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see your head mentioned, grab a demo & try anyway 🙂

-SU!- Piercing Set 06 Septum

-SU!- Monochrome Eyeshadow +CATWA APPLIER+

-SU!- Blair Eyebrows +CATWA APPLIER+

Vanity Hair:Soul Sista-Greedy / *Vanity HUD : Happy – @ THE BLACK FAIR

[PF] PINK FUEL Posie – CATWA Applier #13 + Lipsticks RARE – Last LOOTBOX

Just Magnetized – Halo Eyeshadow set 03 for CATWA – FLICKR

Just Magnetized – Azalea Lipstick for CATWA – (these WERE skinfair exclusives, see Mainstore after event ends)

Just Magnetized – Insta Beauty – set 06 1

Elle Boutique Nova Bracelet – Maitreya.L
Elle Boutique – Nova Bracelet – Maitreya.R

*Mon Cheri* Ivy Ensemble – Fatpack – Maitreya Lara – 25 colors + 3 fatpack exclusives Muti-wear options – wear as top alone or without sleeves For mesh bodies only @ SPRING FLAIR EVENT  FLICKR

!Rebel Hope –  amanda mesh heels _Maitreya – @ SHOETOPIA 

ElleBella Earrings
Elle – Bella Necklace (long version)
Elle – Bella Bracelet

[ bubble ] Unicorn Horn Necklace – See Mainstore
[ bubble ] Unicorn Horn Earrings

7 A. Mr Bunny Dinner Roll Set

tattoo – The Ivory Rose – I&R –  erstwhile 

Serenity Style- Julia Spring Backdrop – Spring colors – @ BLOOM EVENT 

nail appliers – DARK PASSIONS – Unicorn Heaven – (past imiginarium) – see mainstore

LAGOM – Colorbomb Backdrops – [Container White] #10

MOoH! CUTE GARDEN GACHA – @ OhMyGacha Event  April 7 – 28 – FLICKR

MOoH! Watercan with tulips and wellies 3LI

MOoH! Wheelbarrow 3LI SPECIAL

MOoH! Wood fence with ducks 6LI
MOoH! Wood fence with Bird houses 5LI RARE

MOoH! Waterpump 3LI

MOoH! Hedgehog with pot 3LI

MOoH! Wellies with duck 4LI

MOoH! Crate with pinwheel 3LI

MOoH! Flower bed with gnome 2LI

Intrigue Co. – Country Chic Roses

Kuro – Wall neons Pineapple

MishMish – Easter Chihuahua in Basket / Cocoa – collabor88

[Black Bantam] Southern Belle Chihuahua



Punki’s FLICKR