Hi everyone! So this is a bit of a different post today, so just keep reading & I promise you`ll be happy that you did 🙂 So I was asked to come take a look at this sim that is planning a huge music festival/shopping event/ and just an all around good time place to hang out with friends & family. I have to say that within moments of landing and things beginning to rez, I was just blown away with this sim. The team that put this together totally captured the feeling of open fields for lots of dancing, private spaces to hang out with friends and an amazing staging area for the music DJ`s and host for this event. The picture above captures the main stage area – and as you can see there is plenty of room for everyone to come have  a great time.

The term “Liberta” means Freedom – and the theme of this event is to explore freedom through music. Come join in the fun, music, shopping & more.

The event “LIBERTA MUSIC FESTIVAL” , has been put together by  The Bullring Family and sponsored by Something Estates & Lick Sim Design. Three days of music and a huge party is what awaits you beginning on Aug 21st  (6pm SLT)- Aug 23rd!

This won`t just be a music festival, there will be gifts at the landing area, there is a photo contest & even a shopping area to the right of the main stage. Liberta will also be selling Liberta items as you`ll see me wearing below, don`t miss on grabbing your memorabilia merchandise to show that you were there!  I`ll show you lots of pics so you can see just how amazing this place is. Most of you that know me, know that I very rarely come of the pose stand, but I have to say, I think I`ll be at this event for sure!

I hope to see all of you there!

I`ll provide you with all of the links that you can find out more info about this event at the end.


Will your favorite DJ`s be there?



Here is one of the amazing spaces right off of the stage, can`t you see yourself & friends just kicked back listening to some great music?


Shopping area! Don`t worry, they are still working on the sim, but you get the idea 😉


How about chill around the fire with someone special?




The detail put into creating this sim is simply gorgeous, I`m so happy for them. Go check it out, the sim is open, you can even go take pics & enter the contest now, you`ll see it totally captures the feel of a large outdoor music festival! Oh, this is gonna be a blast!


Bullring Family Website: 

Liberta Facebook Page

Photo Contest info

Click here to teleport to Liberta! – Go, go check it out now!!

Thanks to The Bullring Family for asking me to blog this event for them. I`m wishing you lots of fun, tons of people, great music & one hell of a party! Muahz, Punki <3


hair – Red Mint – no 43 – blacks

eyes – Aileen Eyes – Onix – SU!

skin – Zoul Creations – We <3 RP event “Iza skintone 4 dk brows”

outfit – For sale at Liberta Music Festival – other items available, long sleeve jerseys, crop tops & more!

lanyard – Liberta Bloggers.

shoes – Dirty Stories – Demon Inside boots

nails – [CX] Hayop – Kustom9

hand braces – The Thrift Shop – Void – Crypt Handcuffs

all pics taken at LIBERTA!

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