Good morning ladies! I have a few decor items that I want to share with you today. I have so many things coming soon in future post, that sometimes I tend to fit so much into a single blog that I take way too long, so I decided to try something new & do some smaller post & hopefully I can get back on track and get them out to you a bit faster.

Today we’re going to see items from THE PLASTIK, MOOH!, 22769, & SERENITY STYLE. All of the event info will be listed below in the credits section. Of course anyone else featured in todays post will also be listed there as well. If you ever have a question of where to find an item, or if a location has been changed or moved and I wasn’t made aware of it, please feel free to contact me, I promise I’m not one of those bloggers to snap your head off for asking questions, I feel like it my job to help get you to those items you love, or why else am I even doing this, right? 😉

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the post & have fun SHOPPING!!

I’m sorry about this, after posting I noticed that some of the planters didn’t rez correctly. After some research, I realized that my settings had all set back to default 🙁 Having taken apart the entire scene, I decided to do a closeup of these so you can see exactly how lovely they are. Sorry about that guys 🙁


Thanks for stopping by!


THE PLASTIK – :[P]:- Elemental Plinth [Short]:// Good Witch – @ THE COVEN EVENT
:[P]:- Elemental Plinth [Tall-S]:// Good Witch
:[P]:-Daynale Cauldron:// Good Witch 1
:[P]:-Daynale Lit Incense & Bowl:// Good Witch
:[P]:-Daynale Sandbowl:// Good Witch
:[P]:-Daynale Cones Bowl:// Good Witch
:[P]:-Daynale Unlit Tealights:// Good Witch
:[P]:-Daynale Lit Incense Plates:// Good Witch

~DF~ String Lights Wht (CM) DECO FRANZY

22769 – Safe From Harm – RARE – @ THE EPIPHANY EVENT
22769 – Tufted Loveseat – COMMON
22769 – Square Rug – COMMON
22769 – Pouf Table – COMMON
22769 – Chaiselounge – Exclusive for the Epiphany – January 18
22769 – Backgammon – COMMON
22769 – Beethoven Bust – COMMON
22769 – Potted Areca Palm – COMMON
22769 – Plant on Pillar – COMMON
22769 – Monstera Plant – COMMON
22769 – Potted Palmtree – COMMON
22769 – Potted Banana Tree – COMMON
22769 – Lemon Tree – COMMON
22769 – Bird Cage Lamp – COMMON
22769 – Rattan Side Table – COMMON
22769 – Rustic Lantern – COMMON

22769 – Heart Endtable – COMMON – part of the LOVE SHACK GACHA @ THE GACHA GARDEN

-David Heather-Pearl Phone/DustyRose

Apple Fall Roses Jug

AF Poppies / Glazed Vase

GD: Spring Romance – Sweet Bliss Tier B – Leaf
GD: Spring Romance – Sweet Bliss Tier A – Leaf
GD: Spring Romance – Sweet Bliss Tier C – Leaf

The Loft & ARIA – Beckett Potted Sansevieria

The Loft & ARIA – Beckett Potted Agave

MOoH! Chandelier ball bulbs 3LI – BEAUTY & THE BEAST THEME @ ENCHANTMENT

MOoH! Doll head Grey cactus – @ THE GACHA LIFE EVENT
MOoH! Doll head Blue flower bush

MOoH! Doll head White agave
MOoH! Doll head Blue gerbera
MOoH! Doll head Black branch
MOoH! Doll head Pink gerbera

The Loft – Soft & Subtle [Arcade] – Curtain

The Loft – Soft & Subtle [Arcade] – Tiered Candle

Serenity Style- Bella Dreams – Magic Book HUNT PRIZE – 3 items below all part of Bella Dreams Series @ ENCHANTMENT
Serenity Style- Bella .-Broken Mirror
Serenity Style- Bella Dreams Friends

Serenity Style- Xena Love Box 1 – past TRUNK SHOW – see mainstore
Serenity Style- Xena Eternal Love Panel

Schadenfreude Chibi Cat: Fatman 3


Punki’s FLICKR