Morning ladies :)……So today`s post is rather long (well….lots of pictures)….and that`s because this post is pretty personal for me. You see, 5 years ago, in 2011, I had an outfit almost identical to this one, and it was probably my all time favorite outfit that I`ve ever had in SL. When I visited WE<3RP and seen this creation from [sYs], I almost died! Could it be? Almost the same outfit, omgoodness, it has the same name “Devotion” and it`s now in MESH! I MUST have it! I instantly fell in love and couldn`t wait for the opportunity to blog it. Having said that, when you are blogging multiple events, it gets a lil tricky when you can fit in items of your own, because when you`re as busy as I am in RL, the time for blogging is a bit limited, you don`t want to do a post without covering some of your commitments as well. I was in luck, THE DARK STYLE FAIR has begun, and so there was lots of items that I could put together with this look to make it just perfect! – I have a lil treat for you, I dug up the “old outfit photo” from many years ago by searching my original Flickr, and will share with you at the end”….with one stipulation ….You won`t laugh at my noob shape!! haha, nah, go ahead, I laughed myself 😉

Hope you enjoy the post – I`ll list all of the details in credits, it`s a ton of lil items so I won`t bore ya and let ya get on to looking at the pretty pics 🙂

Happy Shopping!










shhh, no laughing 😉 But seriously, wasn`t this outfit amazing? Flexi prims & all, I still have it <3 lol

Omg the boobs, lol



Thanks for stopping by!

mesh body – MAITREYA – Lara

appliers – ESSENCES – Bijoux

lipstick – PINK FUEL – Ink

::ED:: Eternal Darkness “Accident Prone” bruised body tattoo MAITREYA

CORVUS – cut face tattoo

chest tattoo – CHEMICAL PRINCESS – Lotus Tattoo – DARK STYLE FAIR

Devotion outfit – [sYs] arms & dress (dress is the legs part) – (outfit includes top & bottom parts) – WE<3RP EVENT

[sYs] DEVOTION mask & collar (unrigged with HUD) -note: horns have been added to these pics*

N1CO [YAFL] Devotion nippel prims (from original Devotion Outfit)

*MUKA* Wicca Thong – (newly updated with Maitreya shape)

!TLB – Franken Dermals/Chest (moved to lower belly)

.HW. Indu – Brooch Dermals- 6 (moved to belly ring)

.HW. Briar .Back Dermal.

Cute Poison – Neck Corset Piercing (black.a) (moved to the back)

:Diamante: Mystique – Diamond Ring – THE THRIFT SHOP

{Ozma} horns gold .::Cubic Cherry::. – DARK STYLE FAIR

.ARISE. Mano Septum / Black – DARK STYLE FAIR

AZOURY – Neotropic Ballet Shoes for SLink Pointe Gold [Crow] (IMPORTANT) – You must have the NEW Pointe feet from Slink to wear these – DARK STYLE FAIR

*QweenB* Finger Tape – Maitreya – DARK STYLE FAIR

-SECRETS- Razor Shoulder Pads – DARK STYLE FAIR

nail appliers – DARK PASSIONS – DP – Koffin Nails – Maitreya HUD – Goth Macabre – DARK STYLE FAIR  

poses – mixed – Ottomon used by Glamsrus & Dark Magic – Bounce This Poses