Hey ladies! So I feel like I’m creating a new avi every time I turn around. And what I find really interesting about it is that so many people are complaining that they don’t want to look like everyone else. That really baffles me, because with creators like DEETALEZ who goes above & beyond giving us little extras to apply to these mesh heads, there is so much we can do. Here is a perfect example. I’m wearing DEETALEZ skin applier on the Tumble Catwa Head. Now if you tried those 2 items I just mentioned, it won’t look anything like what I’m showing here & I’ll explain why.

When you wear a mesh head, you are limited to a certain amount of layers that you can wear. Usually it`s the lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, hair layers etc. I’m using all of those layers below, but I’m ALSO using mesh eyebrows & mesh freckles, actually 2 layers of freckles, so I’ve added 3 more layers to my look. I haven’t seen anyone else make these mesh “makeup layers” other than DEETALEZ, if you know of any, please comment at the end & let me know. The mesh brows come in 4 or 5 different shapes & you can change the color easily by right click > edit > color. The mesh freckles also come in a few different versions, with just a few freckles, or full face. Next, through the CATWA hud, I’ve positioned the mouth to be parted so that I could change the teeth or/ add braces. You can use any of the prim teeth you had from before or use the teeth options via the CATWA hud.

 I hope these ideas have helped to open your imagination to some ways that you can personalize your look, even when wearing a mesh head 🙂

Finally, we visited the VERSUS EVENT again, and the theme was the 90’s. We love the 90’s! FLITE released these new sneakers for this event. I just loved them, if they aren’t the 90’s, I don’t know what is. Don’t you remember the “pump” on sneakers, and how about the socks, yes! you just had to pull the socks up over your pants legs, loool how funny is that now? !! haha Let’s not forget the big hair, you can grab this one also at VERSUS from BESOM. I completed the look with the big jewelry, you know the one with your name, lol – and a portable cd player, and a walkman headset belt from AXIX Radiogirl gacha. 🙂

Hope you enjoy the post & HAPPY SHOPPING!




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mesh head – CATWA – Tumble

mesh body – MAITREYA -Lara

appliers for all – DEETALEZ – Evelyn Eastern/ Maitreya Body Appliers

eyes – SUICIDAL UNBORN – Yuna eyes

makeup – AMARA BEAUTY – Foxy Palette

eyeliner – DEETALEZ – eyeliners pack for CATWA

mesh brows – DEETALEZ – mesh brows 1

mesh freckles – DEETALEZ – mesh freckle layer

hairbase – JUST MAGENTIZED – set 12

hair – BESOM – lip gloss hair @ THE VERSUS EVENT

teeth/braces – ATAXIA -prim teeth

hoodie – VILLENA – cropped hoodie

jeans – VILLENA – skinny jeans


headset belt – AXIX – radiogirl gacha

cd player – PLETHORA – cd player/black & white

skateboard – BALKANIK – 2.0

Punki necklace & bracelet – POMPOSITY

personalized ring – RYCA