Good morning ladies ♥ Today I have one of my favorite looks to share with you 🙂 The past few days have been quite insane in my RL & also SL. Work has been so busy & it hasn`t left me much time to be on SL, and then when I have gotten a few minutes here & there, my viewer hasn`t been cooperating & I`ve had to reinstall & reload inventory not once, but 3 times, lol. So anyone that knows what that`s like especially with a large inventory, knows there is a lot of wasted time just waiting! And so because of that, I was off on another page editing….a lot! 😉 The upside is you get lots of practice, the down side is you can`t decide which pictures you like best, lol. So after deleting a bunch, these are the ones I was left with & I figured what the hell, share them 🙂 I hope you enjoy the look, details coming next.

MODA DESIGNS has been releasing one amazing creation after another recently, in fact she`s hard to keep up with, so I chose 2 items that I just couldn`t leave in my inventory without blogging. The 1st is “Livia Corseted Latex Dress” – this super sexy dress comes in an amazing 10 colors. You are going to be turning heads everywhere you go wearing this hot lil number. Impant & mesh part friendly, Livia comes with appliers for WowMeh, Sking, Ghetto, Lolas & Luck Inc, there is even an applier for the very edge of Slink Hands if you wear them 😉 Yeh, she`s a perfectionist 😛  Also from MODA, “Sindel Spiked Heels” on PROMO right now! I don`t know about you, but I`m really tired of spending my L`s on heels that are only 1 color, or one color cost 600-700L`s. These come with the color hud that MODA always uses, which is simply fabulous!, 24 colors to choose from, and you can change the main part, the toe portion, and the heel all separately. There is a metal option also, so you can change your spikes from black, to silver, to gold. I`ll show you lots of possibilities on these below as I played with them for a while 😉

Next…..now most that know me, know that I`m NOT a huge fan of The Shops, and it`s not for their product but more for the whole system & process of purchasing from them, I don`t find them very user/customer friendly. Anyway, there is no denying that their product is very nice, and so in the beginning before I got totally frustrated with them, I purchased this mesh head & I only use it when one of my sponsors releases a skin applier for it, honestly it just sits in my inventory. However, I seen that MODISH was releasing gorgeous skins for these heads & I had to go check them out. I know the owner must think I~m insane because I came every few days collecting demos, lol. (demos are only good for a few hours, then they stop working via The Shops hud), did I say NOT very user friendly? Oh yeh, I did, ok let`s move on. So I went back & fourth to MODISH, grabbing demos like a mad woman, determined to get it to work…..but, I was only getting the middle of the face to apply…..huh? What am I doing wrong? So I get all the NC`s from THE SHOPS, read them all, & nowhere does it mention this issue, hmmm big surprise. Only through my sheer determination to make it work, I figured out that your graphics MUST be atleast on HIGH to get the entire face to show (would have been nice to have that mentioned somewhere). After asking for help on Facebook, I found that I wasn`t the only one with this issue, so I figured I`d mention it in my post in case any of you were about to pull out your hair too, hope it helps ;).

Back to my applier, I`m wearing LISSIE from MODISH on THE SHOPS mesh head “MOODY”. I liked the look so much that I went back & purchased additional makeups as well for this face 🙂 Thank you MODISH for making such a lovely face, I`m now motivated to blog more of these appliers from my sponsors whom I adore their skins too, especially now that I have figured out how to get it to work, lol

In case your looking for who is making appliers, I`m sure there is many, but here is a list of my sponsors that supply appliers for these heads, DEETALEZ, WOW, DEESSES, MODA, others that I have are PINK ACID, AL VULO, PUMEC, & now MODISH 🙂

Don`t forget that SLINK also has a mesh head, THE VISAGE, and a mesh body, THE PHYSIQUE, and coming soon will be the BELLEZA BODY. Of course then you have all of the mesh parts, breast, bums (Luck Inc, not available, Banned, and many many more), hands, feet, ears, mouths, baby bumps. Other mesh bodies are WOWMEH, (no longer available), & THE LENA BODY.

Now for the remainder of today`s look. My hair is from MINA, it`s one I`ve had for a while, but I loved it because it has that “Marilyn Monroe” look to it doesn`t it? Mina has always been one of my favorite hair shops, I love her textures. I`m wearing another Mina hair at the end, Gaia, which you`ve seen me wear before, one of my all time favorite hairs.

From MAGIKA, Harmony is shown below as well with the double side braided buns in chocolate.

The nail appliers shown above are from DARK PASSIONS, for the HORROR HAUTE EVENT, (Aug 25 – 31) ends today! To see these close up & the othr options in this hud, see here for DP Flickr.  Just a sidenote, the creator collaborated with the creator of DRBC on these, so you can find matching outfits to go with these nails at the same event, how cool ;).

Most of my jewelry is NEW from POMPOSITY. The necklace is for the KINGS & QUEENS EVENT hosted by CANDY EVENTS. The “Regal” Bangles will be a NEW release coming to the POMPOSITY MAIN STORE. KINGS & QUEENS is a NEW event that will begin tomorrow 🙂 Once opened I`ll give you the LM to the event 🙂 I`ll list the names of the individual jewelry pieces below in credits.











 MODA DESIGNS – so many colors to choose from!






Told ya I was off editing, didn`t I? lol

I hope you have enjoyed the post ladies. As always a great big thank you for stopping by & supporting “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION”! MUAHZ XO


mesh head – THE SHOPS – Moody

appliers for the mesh head & makeups – Lissie – MODISH

lashes – REDGRAVE – Diva

hair – MINA Amber / Gaia

hair – Harmony – MAGIKA

eyes – mesh lucy eyes – SUICIDAL UNBORN NEW!

necklace – Linked Hollow Diamond Necklace – POMPOSITY

necklace – THE LITTLE BAT – even in death

bangles – POMPOSITY – Regal

rings – FANATIK real bitch rings

rings – CPD (chaos, panic & disorder) Cesar Signet Rings

nail appliers – DARK PASSIONS – Monster Movie Madness

mesh hands & feet – SLINK

mesh body – WOWMEH (unavailable)

dress – MODA DESIGNS – Livia Corseted Dress

heels – MODA DESIGNS – Sindel Spiked Heels



Dark Passions - DP Logo - 512 x 512 (With Product Text) 2Slink Avatar Enhancement LogopompMODA LOGO 7-24-13 BLACK

 1910500_492598367552360_8516439285855085781_n Kings & Queens poster