Hi ladies ūüôā As you know, I can take a million pics & drag a post on & on showing you every single detail of every single item I`m wearing, lol. Today, we`re not going to do that. I`ve taken 6 or 7 pics to show you here of the NEW SUGAR GARDEN “TSU MESH HEAD” as well as items from [LCKY] HAIR, 1HUNDRED, REIGN, BUTTERY TOAST, LA PETITE MORTE, [BUBBLE] & SU!.

Some of today`s items will be from 2 events that I`m blogging, DISTRICT 5 & THE CANDY SHOP.

If you haven`t checked out the TSG TSU Mesh Head, I suggest you atleast go grab a demo, when I first went to look, I grabbed all the demos, lol. I wanted to know exactly what each one had, and wanted to make sure I got exactly the one I wanted. I`ve gotten very good with that over the years, I used to get so excited, I`d run in, buy something & run back out, never mind taking my time to really look at things carefully. Yeh, that wasn`t too smart & a ton of wasted lindens back then. But I`ve learned, and from every experience as long as you learn from it, then there was a reason for it.

I`m wearing skintone “B” of the TSU Mesh Head. I could go on & on about the options that this head comes with, I continue to be impressed everytime I open the hud. I`m not going to describe it all, but in short, you get the head in whichever tone you desire, and with that you get a hud, that hud is like magic ;)…..it has a section for hair color, that changed eyebrow & hairbase colors, & there is lots of them! Next there is a makeup section, that has already made full makeup options, including eyeshadows & lipsticks. Finally, you get an expression section that includes lots of fun & cutesy expressions for your new head.

I have added a few things to my head, so let`s go over them. I`m wearing mesh eyes from SUICIDAL UNBORN, lashes from lovelyalien ,teeth from ILLMATIC, and animated body glitter from LA PETITE MORTE. The Kawaii makeup/stickers, pastel shadow & pink lips are all on the hud from TSG.

Next, we have another fabulous release from [LCKY] HAIR, “Drippy”, that comes with a rigged & non-rigged version, which I LOVE having that choice, as well as a ton of colors to choose from.

My outfit is from 1HUNDRED, for the DISTRICT 5 event. This comes in 6 great pastel colors. Her outfits are always so cute! Yes, they come with appliers, I`m using appliers for Slink Hands, Feet, & Phatazz in this look.

Accessories are a combination of TSG, SCENE, HOC, BUTTERY TOAST, & [BUBBLE]

And then for all the REIGN fans out there, my heels are from REIGN for the DISTRICT 5 event. They come in 10 amazing colors.

I hope you enjoy ladies & don`t forget to hit these events while you`re out shopping! ♥









As always thank you for stopping by & supporting “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO


Mesh Head – TSG. TSU

Mesh Hands & Feet – SLINK

Hair – [LCKY] HAIR / Drippy

Outfit – 1HUNDRED / Luscious / DISTRICT 5

Lashes – LOVELYALIEN – Starry Lashes

Eyes – SU! Alexa Eyes / NEW!

teeth – ILLMATIC

animated glitter – LA PETITE MORTE

Crown – BUTTERY TOAST / ickle crown

Belly piercing – INFINITY / Candy card

Hairbow – TSG – gigi

Necklace & Rings – [BUBBLE] – star pink ring, yellow bear ring, pastel rainbow bear necklace.

Bracelet left – BUTTERY TOAST – mad cat lady bangle

Bracelet right – CANDY CRUNCHERS – Kitty Ribbon

earrings – HOC INDUSTRIES / limes

stockings – BUTTERY TOAST – Gradients

heels – REIGN / high society heels / DISTRICT 5

wings – BUTTERY TOAST / Monarch – yellow / THE CANDY SHOP

Princess Wand – BUTTERY TOAST

phone (lime) – TSG / ketai flip phone san berry lime

hippie beads (for head – wearing on thigh) – SCENE / THE CANDY SHOP

tattoo – FAPPY!

poses – SEVERED GARDEN – packs 1-5



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