Hey ladies! So this is a bit out of the norm today. Believe it or not, the hardest, (well most time consuming), part of blogging for me is actually putting it all together and listing credits, organizing the post etc. The easy part for me is actually creating the look or scene, and taking the pictures. Sometimes through the week with my RL, and my job, I just don’t have the time to invest a few hours to finalize a post, and so I will get things together and end up where I am today…Which is, I have like 3 post that I could do separately but that would take tons of time, but more importantly, it would give you more work to look at each one individually. So, I’ve decided that this is gonna be a pretty extensive post, but you’re going to get lots of info, lots of pics, and lots of ideas all in one shot! Sounds like a win-win for all of us right? I think so, so let’s begin. 🙂

Currently, I’m blogging for multiple events. If you’ve been here before, you know that I will list them all at the end, even if they aren’t featured in that particular post, I still list the info just to keep the name of the event out there & remind you that they are still open. Also, I provide the closing dates, just in case you forgot that you need to get there. Those events in short are, ANYBODY, INDEE TEEPEE, MESH BODY ADDICTS BI-MONTHLY, MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR, & ULTRA. We’ll see items from almost of these today, as well as some main store releases, and other sponsor items featured around the grid. Those creators will be RED MINT, REBEL HOPE, SERENITY STYLE, SUPERNATURAL, ZOZ, & SUICIDAL UNBORN.

I hope you enjoy the post today, I know it will seem a little scattered, but I’m pretty thorough explaining when things get confusing, don’t fret, I gotcha 😉


First, we have REBEL HOPE, who is just simply incredible with her mesh fits and style. Each month she puts out something amazing at FAMESHED, and this month is no exception. Delicate Mesh Dresses and Sadie Mesh Heels are available in multiple colors, sizes, mesh fittings, and even additional bonus colors if you buy the RebelPacks (fatpacks). Whether you wear Maitreya, Slink, or Belleza bodies, she has you covered to wear some of the cutest summer fashions. Additional colors are shown above in the main photo.

Next, we have RED MINT, who has been releasing individual rings for bento mesh hands. I think this is like the 3rd or 4th addition of these rings. They can be worn on individual fingers or you can wear them all, however, the goal is to eventually create full sets that will have all of them in one pack. Today’s release are called Daisy rings. My favorite part of the huds are that she never limits us to one shade of silver, or one shade of gold. I’m sure we’ve all been there when we realize that our jewelry doesn’t exactly match because one creator will use a gold that tinted more yellow and another more green. RED MINT gives you a hud with multiple shades of all metals. Gotta love that! Just a small reminder if you haven’t seen these “Pared Down” rings on my blog before, something super cool, is that RED MINT creates these rings for real life as well. I can only imagine how stunning they must be if her textures in RL are even close to her SL textures. Such a talented creator, I’m always honored to share her work with you.

On to events! All throughout SL, seems there is a new event opening everyday. I’m so happy to blog for some of the very best events with such amazing creators. The Mesh Body Addicts FAIR is going on right now, and this is an annual event, so only once a year you get this, so do yourself a favor & try not to miss it. This seems to be the hot spot to release new mesh heads, new mesh bodies, and any items to go with both. I’m trying to feature each of the new heads at the fair and today I’m wearing the ALTAMURA “Mia” Bento Mesh Head. This is a new one for me and I admit took me a while to get the hud sorted, but once I read all the info and played around with it, it works very well. The head comes with a full hud to change every single part of the face, eyes, brows, lips, blush area, & even freckles. There is also an expression section, eyelash section, and the ability to wear or not wear the ears. There really is so many options to this head and so much information I can’t possibly list all of it in this post however, I will link you to all of their media sites so you can read up on it further.

ANBODY has changed their entire schedule of how the do things now. Instead of it being a monthly event and opening on the 7th, it’s now a bi-monthly event (2 rounds per month) with the 1st round starting on the 4th! Below you will see a new ring set from MERLIFIC, “Luna rings” are for Bento hands ladies, Maitreya, Slink, & Vista, and come with a color changing hud for gems & metals. The tattoo I’m wearing is from T’ink, both of these items can be found at ANYBODY, now open!

Before it gets too late for you, I want to cover a few more items from both the ULTRA EVENT & INDEE TEEPEE. Both of these are almost over, so you’re about out of time ladies, so get your mesh butts in gear and get on over there. From ULTRA, I’m showing a super cool skybox. I’ve seen so many bloggers feature this totally decorated, and it’s simply stunning, I only wish I had the time left to put that together, but I don’t – I didn’t want to not share it with you, so I just took a few pictures and your imagination can run wild on how you would decorate it. I will feature it of course in the future full of goodies, but sadly not before the event ends.

Another build shown is from SERENITY STYLE. “Wanna Be House” is so cute with it’s detailed doors, and sitting area. I dropped a few items from ULTRA, & INDEE TEEPEE inside to create a simple but comfy space to just chill out or maybe even play some cards with a few friends.

I think that about covers everything. Of course full details will be listed below. My apologies for this being such a big post, but my goal is always to bring you as much info for each event, and sponsor that I possibly can before the ending dates.


As always, a great big thank you for stopping by! Many of you have supported me for years now and words can’t express how grateful to be able to keep you engaged and interested in my opinions in the SL shopping world 😉


mesh head – ALTAMURA – Mia – (More info below credits from ALTAMURA) – @ MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR

mesh body – MAITREYA – Lara

hair – MAGIKA – Strawberries

eyes – SUICIDAL UNBORN – Levana Eyes (Fatpack) – APPLIQUE


necklace – SUPERNATURAL – Hope [Color Hud] – @ TRES CHIC

dress – REBEL HOPE – Delicate mesh Dress – @ FAMESHED

heels – REBEL HOPE – Sadie mesh Heels – @ FAMESHED

tattoo – T’INK – Tradition – @ ANYBODY

rings – left – RED MINT – Pared Down Daisy Rings BENTO @ MAINSTORE RELEASE

rings – right – MERLIFIC – Luna rings BENTO @ ANYBODY

nails – ZOZ – Available in Omega, Slink, Vista Bento, Maitreya and ZOZ Mesh  – {ZOZ} Splash Tips Polish (Maitreya) 

scooter – NANTRA – Beep Beep – @ ULTRA EVENT

skybox (industrial) – KRESCENDO – Studio 88 – @ ULTRA EVENT

house – SERENITY STYLE – Wanna Be House A one plant house with bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and a wide living room that included a special sit area with single sitting animations in the cushions. – @ THE BUILDERS BOX AUG

bed – 22769-BAUWERK – Plain white metal bed – @ INDEE TEEPEE

bench – BIG BULLY – serpentine bench – @ INDEE TEEPEE

Hanging Loveseat & Cactus – CHEZ MOI – @ INDEE TEEPEE

pose – LW – Luane’s World – Your Motivation Female Pose – @ INDEE TEEPEE


ALTAMURA – Social Media links for more info on mesh heads
Web Site: https://altamurasl.wordpress.com/
Flickr Group: https://www.flickr.com/groups/altamura/
Facebook FanPage: https://www.facebook.com/Altamura-the-Future-of-Fashion-703445336475179/?
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/altamura/


THE MESH BODY ADDICTS BI-MONTHLY – opened on July 10th . Here is your  TAXI.

ULTRA EVENT – opens JULY 15  – Aug 8th. TAXI HERE
Facebook Ultra Page

ANYBODY’S bi-weekly event – TAXI HERE
ANYBODY Facebook