Hey ladies!! As you know, there is quite a few amazing events right now. FROST just opened it`s doors and you are going to love the items that you can find there :). Also, I wanted to get in one more post for FROZZEN, because as of tomorrow, that event will close, so you have about 24 hours to go grab the goodies, and I`ll be showing you some of them throughout this post. WINTER TREND has a few days left as well, so I`ll be showing you a few things from there too :). You`ll also see items from SUICIDE DOLLZ ANNIVERSARY ROUND, and THE ARCADE GACHA EVENT.  Most of today`s featured designers are at multiple events that I`m blogging, so I`ll list multiple LM`s next to their names in credits 🙂

The beginning of this post features poses – poses from FROZEN, yes that`s the store name as well. This “Carbon Box with poses” that I`m sitting in, comes with 4 fun poses perfect for your Holiday pics! The next few pics will show some of those.

You`ll notice that there is SHOES everywhere! Well, that`s exactly how I came up with the name to this post, “My Kind Of Christmas”, I couldn`t think of a bunch of presents that I`d like more, lol. And who knew they`d make such great tree ornaments 😉

The shoes are a collection from ESSENZ FOOTWEAR, DIAMANTE, and in a pic below there is also a pair from PURE POISON, I`ll note them when the pic comes so you don`t miss it 🙂

My outfit consist of items from MOOH, NS CUTIE, FLITE, DIAMANTE, !NFINITY, LUMEA & MISS C. The jeans are from MOOH, found at FROZZEN, and just happen to be one of my very favorite jean designers from SL and other virtual worlds as well. This is probably this lil ladies claim to fame as anyone that knows her, just loves her jeans 😉 These are part of the outfit called, “Cute Winter Outfit”, the outfit comes in either white or blue & is coupled by matching sweaters & boots (not shown). The sweater that I am wearing is also at FROZZEN & comes with a texture changing hud with 6 choices and is from NS CUTIE, I chose the adorable lil deer. Isn`t it cute? !! I paired this outfit with “Cozies” Boots from DIAMANTE. These come with a HUGE hud to customize colors & patterns, and come in 2 lengths, a shorter version or the knee length that you see me wearing. These are featured at the just opened FROST EVENT. Also from DIAMANTE, and shown under the tree, “Geneva Winter Boots” found at WINTER TREND, and “Chilled Knitted Ugg Boots” found at FROZZEN.

From WINTER TREND, you can find these adorable snowflake earrings & matching necklace called “Blizzard” from CAE. These come with a metal change option as well 🙂 The “Jingle My Antlers” are from !NFINITY and also at WINTER TREND. At the same event, MISS C brings us “Emma” in assorted colors and menu to change scarf color.

 The skin I`m wearing is from LUMAE, and is called “Star”, the version I`m wearing is “Frosted” and basically means the blue eye makeup. You can get this version at FROZZEN or you can get STAR in Iceberry (a soft pink version) at WINTER TREND. Star also comes in 8 tones to choose from, as well as freckle options.

After the Carbon Poses, I`m going to show you some poses from IMAGE ESSENTIALS. You can find awesome poses & props from IMAGE ESSENTIALS at both FROST & WINTER TREND, including snowtubing fun, igloo hideouts, snowball fights, nativity scenes, snowmen & more. Whether its couples pics, or having fun on your own, this is the spot to find your posing items. I`ll be using “Winter Chill” single poses found at WINTER TREND.

My nail appliers are from ZOZ, called “Reindeer Colors” are in a choice of white, silver or gold tipped. All can be found at FROST. If you prefer the mesh nails to the appliers, they can be found at the main ZOZ location. ZOZ is also having a 50% storewide sale that will end on the 15th, so 24 hours left on that one as well, HURRY!!

FLITE created these amazing goggles. The fatpack included 20 different colors!. The hud includes lens colors, strap options, & accent colors. I`ll show you the hud at the end, cuz you just can`t see how awesome these are without seeing it 🙂 You can find these at WINTER TREND.

Finally, from SERENITY STYLE, some adorable hanging Xmas gacha items found at FROZZEN EVENT. I`ve hung a few of them from the mantle, hanging elf, star, angel, & snowman.  SERENITY STYLE has released the most adorable items recently, and is featured at both WINTER TREND & FROZZEN.

I think that just about covers it all, of course any items that I didn`t mention will be posted in credits. I hope you enjoy the post & are ready to shop, because there are just too many events to not go shopping, lol.

Make sure you keep checking back ladies, I`m about to begin blogging CARNEVIL & GOTHMAS, NEXT POST! such excite!

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Here I list ALL 6 pairs of ESSENZ shoes available – the very last section shows the NEW HUD 2 option available with 3 different colors 🙂 Below each shoe list the event where you can find them & the individual name of each one 🙂


ZoZ Color Reindeer Polishes – white, silver & gold versions


zoz dec sale sign

As always a great big thank you & big hug for stopping by to visit & support “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO


LUMAE – Star, Frosted WINTER TREND – (WeDo SL) – DEC 5TH – 19TH – about 1 week left!!FROZZEN – (ForeverHuntPlanners) – DEC 1ST -15TH – LAST DAY!

MISS C – Emma WINTER TREND – (WeDo SL) – DEC 5TH – 19TH – about 1 week left!!

 NS::CUTIE – Winter Sweater FROZZEN – (ForeverHuntPlanners) – DEC 1ST -15TH – LAST DAY!

MOOH – Cute Winter Outfit Jeans WINTER TREND – (WeDo SL) – DEC 5TH – 19TH – about 1 week left!!

DIAMANTE – Cozies, Geneva Winter Boots, Chilled Ugg Boots / All 3 events! WINTER TREND – (WeDo SL) – DEC 5TH – 19TH – about 1 week left!!FROZZEN – (ForeverHuntPlanners) – DEC 1ST -15TH – only a few days left!! FROST – (Depraved Events) – OPENS 12-13!

ESSENZ – 6 pairs see above hud pics for details.  FROST – (Depraved Events) – OPENS 12-13! – FROZZEN – (ForeverHuntPlanners) – DEC 1ST -15TH – LAST DAY!

PURE POISON – Carla Ankle Boots (nude, blue & black) WINTER TREND – (WeDo SL) – DEC 5TH – 19TH – about 1 week left!!

CAE – Blizzard set – earrings & necklace WINTER TREND – (WeDo SL) – DEC 5TH – 19TH – about 1 week left!!

ZOZ – Reindeer Colors FROST – (Depraved Events) – OPENS 12-13!

FLITE – Solo Goggles WINTER TREND – (WeDo SL) – DEC 5TH – 19TH – about 1 week left!!

!NFINITY – Juingle My Antlers WINTER TREND – (WeDo SL) – DEC 5TH – 19TH – about 1 week left!!

IMAGE ESSENTIALS – Poses – Winter Chill  FROST – (Depraved Events) – OPENS 12-13! /WINTER TREND – (WeDo SL) – DEC 5TH – 19TH – about 1 week left!!

SERENITY STYLE – winter rug, hanging elf, penguin, & angel. , shining star FROZZEN – (ForeverHuntPlanners) – DEC 1ST -15TH – only 1 day left!!

MON CHERI – lashes, falsies

IKON – Promise eyes, green

TAMELESS – hairbase

CIRCA – Poinsetta Rings

SLINK – Mesh Hands – Gesture

PIXICAT – Christmas Wreath – Arcade Gift

FROZEN – box with poses FROZZEN – (ForeverHuntPlanners) – DEC 1ST -15TH – only 1 day left!!



BIRDY – Rudolph pug, pup, do you wanna build a snowpug – ARCADE

FASHIONABLY DEAD – playful pups, penguin, cats in boxes, 

BEE DESIGNS – Elf with presents – COSMO

BOOGERS – Santa Bear Arcade Gift


 FROST – (Depraved Events) – OPENS 12-13!


TOTALLY TOP SHELF – OPEN DEC 1ST-24TH – half way through!

FROZZEN – (ForeverHuntPlanners) – DEC 1ST -15TH – only 1 day left!!

WINTER TREND – (WeDo SL) – DEC 5TH – 19TH – about 1 week left!!

GOTHMAS – (Cursed Events) DEC 15TH -3RD – LM coming soon!



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