Hey ladies ūüôā So today’s post is going to be a little different. We won’t be seeing any clothing in this post, I know, I know, lol. – I promise it’s only today ūüôā I had some really amazing items to share with you and it took quite a bit of time putting it all together to achieve the look I wanted. Not to mention the amount of credits I’ll need for this one is going to be insane, so I just decided, yeh no outfit for this one, because it would be just toooo much and probably another full day. I must admit, I wish I had more time to do things like this, for me, it’s so relaxing to find items and just keep adding & adding, lol.¬†

To start from the ULTRA EVENT, we have 4 creators who submitted home decor items. The 1st is STOCKHOLM&LIMA with a huge skybox. It’s pretty much completely open, decorated with lots of wood, a gorgeous bay window as well as side windows. Wood partitions if needed and even an attic pull down door for decoration is needed.

Because of the wood in this skybox, 22769/BAUWERK just released an adorable set Nautical style and I thought these would go great together! I’ve also added older 22769/Bauwerk items as well, I’ll be sure to list every item at the end.

The other ULTRA EVENT creators are CHEZ MOI with a stunning hanging canopy bed. BIG BULLY with the THEO vanity set, and N4RS with a Tuscany bath set. These all fit quite well together in the skybox. 

I also used NEW items from SERENITY STYLE, and also a few older items, details will be listed in credits.

I added so many other items and created a little nautical themed get-a-way for myself, and have to say, I just love the results ūüôā I’m going to include about 10 pics here so you can see all the items and from all angles of the SKYBOX, it really is adorable and having the partition walls were nice to be able to create separate little rooms or sections when decorating. Keep in mind that the windows are clear, I added scenery outside, so you can have whatever you want outside that you’ll be able to sit and relax and enjoy what you’ve created. Make sure you check out the ULTRA EVENT for more info.

I hope you do too & HAVE FUN SHOPPING!


Stockholm&Lima – Reconstructed Attic Skybox
                                   Stockholm&Lima РReconstructed Attic Stud Wall РULTRA EVENT
   Stockholm&Lima РReconstructed Attic Trap Door

Big Bully Theo Vanity Set Cabinet – ULTRA EVENT
Big Bully Theo Vanity Set Mirror
               Big Bully Theo Vanity Set Pendant Lamp
Big Bully Theo Vanity Set Basin

CHEZ MOI – canopy bed – ULTRA EVENT

               N4RS Tuscany full bath set РULTRA EVENT
N4RS Tuscany full bath set Galvanized Bowl
N4RS Tuscany full bath set Galvanized with with towel
N4RS Tuscany full bath set outdoor shower mat
N4RS Tuscany full bath set side table
N4RS Tuscany full bath set soap dish         

22769/bauwerk РHome By The Sea Gacha Рall items used РWHIMSICAL (Feb 18 РMarch 4)

22769/bauwerk РColor Of Spring РBeanbag pillows, thyme pot, square floor pillows, sloppy rug РARCADE Р(thru March 31)

22769/bauwerk РOrigami plane mobile РTHE CHALLENGE Р(thru March 29)

(past release) 22769/bauwerk – NAUTIC DECO SET – sextant, Vintage globe, porthole decoration, engine room telegraph

SERENITY STYLE – All for love suitcase & roses (white)

SERENITY STYLE – deco(c)rate /MARCH Bohemian Set includes tent, cushions & table – tent not shown in post

(past release) SERENITY STYLE – The painters place – oil painting, brushes 1 & 2, paint pots, paint pots tower, used canvas, canvas, painter place easel

(past release) SERENITY STYLE – Memories – Hatbox, Violin, table & teacup
(past release) SERENITY STYLE – Home Sweet Home Hanger

All items listed above & in the pictures are listed below.