Good Morning ladies 🙂 Today I have a few different items to share with you and because one portion is going to be from THE COLLAGE & include furniture & animations, there will be more pics than usual, so please be patient, I know sometimes I get carried away, lol.

Today we`re going to feature like I said, THE COLLAGE (Spargel & Shine & Cozy Homes) , ESSENCES SKINS, EXXESS MESH HAIR, BISHES INC. THE CANDY SHOP & FLITE @ PROJECT LIMITED.  Of course everything else will be listed at the end in credits.

This is the TEEN room featured at THE COLLAGE by COZY HOMES. The ceiling fan & rocking chair that you will see in other pics is from SPARGEL & SHINE. Both of these creators & more are participating in this months round of THE COLLAGE.



EXXESS MESH HAIR – Kahina is adorable with her side ponytails & braids. Shown just a few of the many colors available in a variety of huds.1

Essences Vendor Pic for Kustom9

Essences {Alex} gacha skin ad

Bishes Inc – New Micro Shorts can be found at the main store. Comes with or without panties, and of course appliers for phat/cute azz.

I think these may be the smallest shorts I`ve ever worn, lol.2

FLITE – masters/ bubblegum – PROJECT LIMITED (metal change hud, silver, black, & gold)3

7 madravens – ANGEL ring, RUCA TEASE Panda Nails appliers., Candy Crunchers Smartphone Gameboy, bead fluffies ears with pink & white beads- BLINK2WINK, Floral Fauna Headband by YUMYUMS, and the F`n Cute cookie necklace is from SPELLBOUND (these were from Omgacha event).

From the NEW event – THE CANDY SHOP – brought to us by the same people as The Manga Fair (Candy Events )  we can find “Painted Fingers” in pink from STATIC.

This event has changed from a monthly event to a bi-weekly now, so make sure you check back every 2 weeks now 🙂

The remainder of the pics are going to be the items that you can find ONLY at THE COLLAGE this round. There is so many adorable animations with every piece, that I just had to show you a few of them…..some of the animations even come with pop up scenes, for instance, a lounging pose may include a few magazines and a drink, or if you`re at the vanity, for the nail pose, you`ll get polish or a brush to brush your hair. While chilling on the bed, you can be eating cookies or popcorn, there is so many different items that come with this furniture, that I encourage you to go & check these out, this set is super adorable for any teen girl 🙂

Animation – jumping on the bed 😉




There`s even dancing, every teen girl dances in her bedroom!!



I wanted to show you the ceiling fans available as well. they come in both small & large. The shadows rotate as well, very nice!





I think I`ll stop there, lol of course I have more, lol but I`ll let you run over there & check this stuff out 🙂

As always a great big thank you for viusiting & supporting “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO

credits …

skin – ESSENCES – Alex – kUSTOM 9

hair – EXXESS HAIR – Kahina

eyes – IKON – Immortal – storm


shorts – BISHES INC – micro shorts for phatazz

top – DOLLLE – ruffled bikini top

stockings – kitty cat – BLINK2WINK

shoes – FLITE (limited) – PROJECT LIMITED

Accessories :

painted fingers – STATIC  – THE CANDY SHOP

F`n cute cookie necklace – SPELLBOUND

Ears with beads – bead fluffies – BLINK2WINK

Flowered headband – YUMYUMS

tattoo – DIRTYLAND – lil doll

glasses – TSG – megane classic pink

Jewelry, bracelets & belly chain – Chromatica Set – CHOP ZUEY


Furniture: THE COLLAGE

My Teen room – by COZY HOMES – everything you see in the pics is part of the group, except for the rocking chair & ceiling fans. Pieces can be purchased as a group or individually.

Ceiling fans & rocker – SPARGEL & SHINE – also at THE COLLAGE.

Note: there is additional designers not shown in this post also participating in this round, some really cute summer items, beach shacks, chairs, etc, I`ll be bringing you those soon, but just wanted to let you know so you could go visit 🙂


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