Good Morning Ladies!! Well, not too sure how good it is, mornings are just NOT cooperating with me the last few days :(. Today, my issue is rezzing, or rebaking, whichever you want to call it, whatever it is, it`s driving me insane. However, I did ask for opinions in a group I`m in & got some pretty good information on the issue & apparently I am not the only one. So it listed a few fixes, once I finally did all of those & relogged, I logged back into Yay Tuesdays ROLLING RESTARTS! and next I`m being chased all over SL, everywhere I went was about to restart, until I finally gave up & logged out on my own, lol. So I figured while the sim I live on restarts I`d come here & knock out some of the typing portion of today`s post 🙂 So let`s get to it & tell you what all I`m about to show you. Unfortunately the post won`t go out again this morning, but as I did yesterday, I`ll try to get it completed on my break, sheeshh I`ll be soooo glad when my boss gets back in town, lol.

The ONLY thing that has made my morning any better is that DURA HAS GONE PINK!!!! YAYYYYYYYYY 🙂 Now this seriously makes me happy 🙂 Check out the NEW hair I`m wearing 😉

NEXT  item on the agenda is from an adorable little store called NS Cutie Store. I had blogged a few things from this store a while back, things I actually purchased, so you know I had to like this place right? So now I`m here as a let`s say “fill-in temp” blogger, lol Because SL won`t give me any more groups!!! sighs. Anyhooo, these pants I`m wearing are sooooo cute omg, & they come with a texture changer, so you get a bunch of pairs when you buy these. Same goes for this adorable little top, texture hud as well, so you get multiple shirts too, also on this one, the lil wings in the back also can get the color changed 🙂 Very cute 🙂

From Finesmith Jewelers, she`s participating in this session of THE COSMO SALES ROOM with some great textures sandles. Yes, I`ve shown sandals like this to you already in the past, but these are NEW textures and at a great price, cuz they are at a sales spot! So you don`t want to miss these ladies 🙂 They come with a hud to tint your feet to match your skin.

And finally you know I have to talk about my skin, don`t I always? 😉 Today I`m wearing another fantastic skin from WoW Skins. I have yet to try a skin from WoW that I didn`t  like on my avi, I think she`s magic 😉 lol This one is called Crista & you can find her at this round of DESIGNER CIRCLE 🙂











These are the NEW item from FINESMITH for the COSMO SALES ROOM, cute colors right ? 😉


Below is a few of the items I used, the Owl piercing is NEW from POMPOSITY, comes with color changing menu & diamond eyes :).


PicMonkey Collage



Ok ladies, I`m a day late getting this out, stayed at work really late last night, so I never got this out *cries* . Anyway I`m happy that I`m just about finished. My boss gets back in town later today too, so no more open & closing hours for me, yay!! . Happy Shopping ladies & have a fabulous day, muahz xo!

As always a great big thank you for supporting & visiting & “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!”

CREDITS – (Thank you to all of these great designers)♥♥♥

Skin – Wow Skin – “Cristy” @ Designer Circle 61   NEW!

Hair – Dura – (Unisex 46) – TY Chi ♥ NEW!!!  

Eyes – Ikon (Ascension – Evening)

Clothing – Pants – “Street Affair” / Top – “Mesh Wings Top” – NS :: Cutie Store  NEW!!

Shoes – FINESMITH “Stream Sandals” @ COSMO SALES ROOM  NEW!!

Goggles – Epic

Belly Piercing – “Owl” – POMPOSITY   NEW!

Nail Applier for mesh hands  – A&A

Aztec Jewelry set – Necklace, Earrings & rings – Bens Beauty

Eyebrow Piercing – LouLou & co.

Dimples & cheek piercing – Z.S.

Belly piercing – ipoke

Beads Ankle Bracelet – Aidoru

Hemp Amklet – ASO

Pink Valentines Bracelet – 22769

Spiked Bracelet – Modern Couture – SHE & HIM EVENT!   NEW!

Mesh Hands – Slink

Tattoo – Suicide Gurl (petite)

Mouth Prim – $$$ DeeTalez     NEW!

Hemp Shoulder Bag – Hoc Industries


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