Good morning ladies 🙂 Wow, do I have a ton to tell you about. First I`ll start with, yes I finally got my new computer 🙂 I`m so excited about it, however there has been more than enough kinks getting things all set back up. Before we go any further, let me just say IF YOU GET WINDOWS 8 AND ARE A BLOGGER OR TAKE PICS IN SL ..and are having trouble? Contact me, I`ll do what I can to help. It seems that there is a program installed into W8 that won`t allow you to remove it, and interferes with all picture taking & uploads in SL. Basically, it`s not compatible yet …SL/W8. How awful is that right? Tell me about it, nothing worse than spending a ton of money on a new comp & realizing you can`t even take a pic on the “LOWEST” of settings in SL without it crashing you 🙁 UGHH talk about frustration. However, to the good news, my good friend & ever so smart friend~ Liquidlight Genesis from Demented Dreamworx helped me greatly with some info about this issue. How I wish I could do so much more for her than a simple thank you, I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, lol. I am  now able to work around the issue & take my pics. The next issue has been connection, between my husband & I , we now have 4 computers in use in this house which has made a disaster with our connection, its ok, we`ll sort it sooner or later, lol.  This first post is the first pictures to be taken with the new computer.

So let`s get to the blogging….. Today I will feature 3 designers. I have much more items from all 3 of them, meaning fatpacks etc, but I wanted to atleast get a post together & see how things are working. SOOOOOO, the first is a NEW LIMITED Skin release from DEESSES skins. This is NICOLE and as always, she`s gorgeous 🙂 The next creator is REBEL HOPE with the cutest little jumpers sold only at this round of FaMeshed. And the final item is from AHN-JI, the NEW Shaori Heels with a fantastic new hud system to her shoes that allows you to have studs or not, & also to change heel & front portion colors of the shoes, it`s a great HUD!





So far, I am pleased with Windows 8, as I`m sure you`ve heard, it works much like a tablet, so it`s VERY different than Windows 7, like anything new, it just takes some adjustment time 🙂 I hope you like the pics & wanna grab this look, it`s a cute one 😉

Have a fantastic day ladies & as always a great big thank you for visiting & supporting “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” Muahz xo


Skin – DEESSES – (LIMITED SKIN)  “Nicole” NEW!

Mesh Jumper  – REBEL HOPE – “Casie” at FaMeshed NEW!

Heels – AHN-JI – “Shaori” in Pink NEW!

Hair – WASABI PILLS – “Momo” Candies pack.

Cat Necklace –  (fd) FASHIONABLY DEAD – at Collabor88 NEW!

Eyeliner – BELLEZA – “Eyeliners Pack”

Nails – IZZIE`S – “Long French Manicure set”

Eyes – IKON – Kaleido Pack – “Sea”

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