So this post has totally turned out to be nothing like I had first intended it to be, lol Which I suppose is the best part of being a blogger, because you just never know where your imagination will take you. Just a heads up on this post, I`m only showing one outfit, I know ODD FOR ME! lol But I came up with this look & completely fell in love with it. There will be lost of close-ups, variations in face tats and mostly how I`ve worked with lighting & shadows. Some of them may seem like the same pic, but I assure you they aren`t, there is some detail a tad different, maybe just a simple eye change or tattoo, but different. Like I said, obsessive, lol. I`m far from calling myself a photographer, I`m in awweee of what people in SL do with their pics, but I have to admit, I really enjoyed this look 😉 lol Which brings me to where I came up with todays post name. I was reading Facebook & a friend of mine who is also a creator on SL has been having fun too creating looks for this season & commented that she totally understands how some fashion bloggers can get so obsessed. It made me giggle, cuz I had this post in the works, which I`ve worked on for 2 days now, shhh don`t tell anyone 😉 Hence the Blog Title “Obsessive lil Blogger”.

Those that have followed me for a few years now know just how much I love Halloween & all the outfits I come up with. Well this year I have met a new designer who makes amazing costumes & I have been toying with how to make that transformation on my blog from “Fashion – to – Holiday”, so that I can begin getting some of her items blogged. This look today is kind of my middle ground in that transformation, I bet you can guess what you`ll be seeing a lot more of, lol.

Todays look started with a gorgeous vintage style dress “PARIS” from NS: CUTIE for the BITACORA TRAVEL FAIR. The amazing skin is the group gift from GLAM AFFAIR for the Halloween Gift, yes I`m obsessed with this skin! “VERA- Horror Edition” From Perfect Wardrobe (which by the way has had a makeover & lots of new designers have joined) I picked up this zipper face tat from LETIS TATOO – LOVED IT! Let`s not forget one of my all time fav creators, LOULOU & CO. with the blood & skull necklace, “Perdita”, (lil fun fact – I once searched my items from LOULOU in my inventory & it was over 80, yikes! I guess I do like her work yeh? ) !! The melting earrings are from PURE POISON & are the Halloween version of the ones in the mainstore but can be found at Mes Brics a Bracs.  My Vampy friend is from A&A of course, I swear they make thee cutest toys ever 😉 My hands & fingerless gloves are a combo item from .SHI, these are the “Rare” from the Gatcha in her store. Yes, I played & played until I got them, lol <—Obsessive much? lol My hair is the gorgeous “Faye” from Truth in white, and last but not least, 2 of the sweetest people on the grid, Blair & Seb from REMARKABLE OBLIVION with another amazing creation – “Photographers Eye”, comes in open or closed version, I`m showing the closed. All other credits will be listed at the end. Take your time & enjoy the pics, I spent wayyyyy tooo much time on them haha.

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As always a great big thank you for visiting & supporting “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO

CREDITS- (Most are listed in the beginning of the post)

Potion Rings – “Poison Bottle Rings” – Shabby Cat

Eyes – Red/IKON, Black/Vision @ The Body Mod Expo.  NEW!

Cross & pearl bracelet – “Prayer of forgiveness bracelet” HOD

Heels – “Chandelle Platforms” – Tara`s

Nails & silver rings are included with the hands & gloves from .SHI  NEW!

Lashes – “Falsies” MON CHERI – my fav lashes!! NEW!


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