Hi guys!! I just ran over to the sim & grabbed some pics to help get you excited. I have to say I was blown away at how beautiful everything looks. The Winter Edition of Oh My Gacha is winter indeed, everything is in white & pastels, the sim looks magical with the icicles & sparklies everywhere! Holli did an awesome job! Have a look at the pics below & get ready!!!

Snapshot_002 Snapshot_005 Snapshot_004 Snapshot_003 Snapshot_006 Snapshot_007

Isn`t it gorgeous!! And it`s not only a beautifully decorated sim, but the items that the creators have made are awesome!! I`ve shared a few with you over the past few days & I have lots more to share over the next week, but if I were you, I`d get right over there as soon as it opens!

Here is your taxi. – OH MY GACHA TAXI