Good morning ladies ūüôā Today we have lots of summer time fun with the help of ZOZ & CANDY CRUNCHERS from OMGACHA EVENT!. ¬†I decided to not do the usual swimsuit on a beach look, been there done that, more times than I`d like to admit, lol. So I grabbed these cutie items from LE FIL CASSE, “Peace & Love Collection” including these super adorable shorts, vest, headband & top(not shown). There is tons to choose from at this gacha so you can mix & match whatever you get, they are all so cute! I paired the look with a top that I could wear as a layer so it wouldn`t be too bulging from my vest, which brings us to FOREVER YOUNG & of course in 2 packs, all separate colors. I then gabbed a cute pair of jelly sandals & matching handbag from BUBBLE, also at the OMGACHA EVENT. All of the scenery is part of ZOZ & CANDY CRUNCHERS gachas, sandcastles, palm trees, even a sand island – beachside sofa, table, chair, pictures & more, I`ll share the vendor pic with you below so you can see all of the goodies ūüôā I know that I`ve blogged a ton from this event, but in all honesty, I`ve cut back a bit on my event load, & am so happy to have kept this one & of course been accepted to blog for, because I still have lots more great things to show you. This is one event that I will have no problem finding things to put together for you, there`s so much!!

I also want to go over the NEW skin I`m wearing, from ESSENCES, this is    exclusively for KUSTOM9!

More goodies from OMGacha – Check out my Unicorn horn, yes, I`m a unicorn!! Oh wait, I`m a firefly, just look at my pretty wings! Ahh you just have to love SL, you can be whatever you wanna be ūüôā CHOP SHOP / Unicorn Horn

I can`t forget to mention this item. I probably have a few hundred necklaces in my inventory, but I must admit, this one here goes into my top 5 favs! There is about 5 or 6 other varieties, but I instantly fell in love with this one !! LA MORTE – Cat & Moon Salem Necklaces.

Hope you enjoy the post & don`t forget to click on the Taxi below to get LM`s ūüôā




See my lil unicorn shoulder pet? Cutie isn`t he?!!


I just love this Gazebo from ZOZ! I`d like to live here year round!


A closer look at some of the items & details1




hair – TRUTH – group gift “Essana” / NEW!

outfit, shorts, vest, hairband (tops also available but not shown) – LE FIL CASSE – OMGACHA EVENTNEW!


necklace РLA MORTE РCat & Moon / Salem Collection РOMGACHA EVENTNEW!

ears & earrings – Steking ears – MANDALA

skin – ESSENCES – ¬†“Lou-Ann” – Kustom 9! ¬†NEW!

mesh body – MAITREYA LARA V3

mesh hands & feet – SLINK

eyes – SUICIDAL UNBORN – Aileen Eyes

septum piercing РMira РPUNCH Рwith diamond color hud РOMGACHA EVENTNEW!

firefly wings РSN@TCH Рpink РOMGACHA EVENTNEW!

unicorn horn & unicorn friend  РCHOP SHOP Рwith color hud РOMGACHA EVENTNEW!

sandals & jelly bags РBUBBLE РIce Cream Bag & Candy Platforms РOMGACHA EVENTNEW!

nail appliers РFIGURE РBreeze Common Set 2 РOMGACHA EVENTNEW!


Gazebo (Rare),Sandcastle, towel, sand island (Rare), bucket, mat, palm trees, curved pavement  РZOZ РOMGACHA EVENT NEW!

sofa, chair, table, rug, clock, 2 wall pictures in frames РCANDY CRUNCHERS РOMGACHA EVENT NEW!


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-{ZOZ}- @ Beach Gacha pix s Candy Crunchers - Seaside Gacha Le Morte - Salem Ad [ bubble ] Jelly Bags Gacha Key [ bubble ] Platform Sandals Gacha Key Sn@tch Dragonfly Wingz Vendor Ad SM