Good Morning ladies! Yesterday morning the COSMETIC FAIR opened it`s doors, and let`s just say I was camped outside overnight waiting for the sound of the keys unlocking the door to allow the shoppers in 😉 I`m just kidding, but I seriously did just log in SL before having to rush to my RL job, because I HAD to get my MOON mesh head! Let`s start there…..some time back, I started seeing the previews & was in love immediately. It seems that the internet will forever allow people to post their negative comments & opinions on anything & everything. Instead of simply “scrolling by” if something doesn`t interest you. The creator of this new mesh head most know from creating hair, and in her ads, you always see her adorable avi that looks completely different than most. Her head is usually featured larger than her petite little body, and I personally have always loved that she`s unique with her look and doesn`t follow the masses. Of course that particular look isn`t for everyone, but isn`t that the beauty of SL? We are all free to create whichever look we want, everyday, multiple times a day, & there is no one that can dictate how we should look. Imagine if we all had to look the same, how boring would that be? Extremely! And so, it may not be a look I use for everyday, in fact, there isn`t a look at all I use everyday, I try to change my avi daily as I do with the outfits I bring you. Staying the same bores me, and there is just too much creativity in SL that I love to explore and try new shapes, skins & mesh body parts pretty consistently. And that`s just for me, whatever makes you happy, is exactly what you should do, no matter what anyone else may think or say. So that`s my little rant about all of the negative comments I seen about how “she needs to change her proportions etc”. No, she doesn`t, she doesn`t have to do a damn thing that any of us think…this is her SL, and it`s my SL, and it`s your SL, just be happy in it and allow people to do whatever they please with their choices.

Let`s move on to the actual purchase. The MOON mesh head is rather inexpensive compared to other mesh heads, at 2000L, you get the mesh head, (only needing to decide which skin tone you prefer out of 4 choices). I was concerned instantly when I seen you had to choose a single tone that I wouldn`t be able to match my body perfectly with the head, but MOON took care of that, and so when you purchase the head, you get the Maitreya Body Applier, as well as an Omega Body applier. How sweet is that? Included you get a hud to control eye blinking, you can set it to non blinking, constant blinking, or closed eyes. You also get another hud where you can choose eyebrow colors, lip colors, eye makeups, and multiple hairbases. There is also an on & off ear option, a modifiable shape included, all alphas needed, and standard skin included in case you aren`t wearing a mesh body but still want this head. She`s pretty much covered everything for everyone, as long as there is the Omega applier and you get the correct relay huds, you can use with your Slink hands & feet and more! Of course this first head isn`t as detailed with animations as others, and the price definitely reflects that, so there really shouldn`t be any complaints at all. I`m sure in time, there will be more heads released with more options, and who knows maybe even an update if we`re lucky 🙂 We never know, but for now, I`m so enjoying this adorable mesh head so uniquely created. I decided that in honor of her first mesh head, I would do a complete Moon tribute post 🙂 Sometimes, my escape from blogging obligations allows me to run out & shop, which I do often, but hardly ever find the time to actually blog what I purchased, lol. Don`t get me wrong, not that I wouldn`t purchase the items I blog, because I won`t blog it if I don`t like it, I just have so many commitments, and not enough days in the week. 

I grabbed this super cute outfit from Kitja at the last round of Uber, as well as the butterfly sandals from N-Core. I wanted a really cute short hair to show off the face, so I found this one at the current Elikitira sale, and thought it was just adorable. I hope you enjoy the pics & go try a demo, and have an open mind, have fun in your SL, don`t get stuck in stagnate – try new things, it`s fun!

I`ll be showing these much more because they just came out, but SUICIDAL UNBORN just released new “Yuna” eyes. I`m wearing them in today`s post, and I`ll share the vendor pic at the end so you can see all of the colors available. You know SU! eyes are my favorite so I just had to share them with you right away 😉












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mesh head – MOON – mesh head tone d – COSMETIC FAIR
mesh body – MAITREYA – Lara
appliers – Maitreya for body & Omega appliers for SLINK hands & feet – MOON (included in head purchase)
eyes – SUICIDAL UNBORN – Yuna eyes – NEW! – See FLICKR here
lashes – MON CHERI – falsies
hair – ELIKATIRA – Stella – 75L sale on NOW!
choker – REIGN – tattoo choker – moon
choker – IMBUE – sun choker
necklace – THE LITTLE BAT – animated Lunar Necklace
monroe piercing – POMPOSITY – gemstone piercing
hands tattoo – REEA TATTOOS (MP direct link here)
feet tattoo – SINFUL CURVES (MP direct link here)
leg tattoo – OH MY GOTH – (MP direct link here)
top, belt & skirt – KITJA – Ethe Top, Ethe Belt, Ethe Skirt – UBER
clutch – AMITOMO.clutch bag – Moon
heels – N-CORE – butterfly silver – UBER
ring – PHOEBE`S – inka moon ring
ring – SCENE – danglies ring – moon
nail appliers – DARK PASSIONS – lunar tidings
moon backdrop prop – {ANC} garden. ladyinmoon 1Li
cuddle kitties – Sweet Thing. Cuddle Kitties – Plopped (Wizard)
rug – EPOCH – wizards nook
{Co*Motion} – {Magic Moon} – Full Box
other poses used – assorted PURPLE POSES – edited with animare hud.