Hi ladies! Today we have a brand new release from PINK FUEL. This time for LAQ Bento Mesh heads. I have always loved Pink Fuel, I think we all have, right? This applier was specifically created for LULU, but as you see, I’m wearing her on Gaia, and I think she looks beautiful. I will show you all of the skintones, a few makeups and give you all of the details you need to know when purchasing from PINK FUEL.

So one of the biggest complaints I hear about mesh heads, would be the layers, and how this makeup is on that layer and how you can’t wear multiple layers, because this layer or that layer disappears etc. let me just say, your prayers have been answered. Mochi (owner of Pink Fuel) is like a pro at understanding how these layers work. She has even made videos to teach us all some of her tricks. Now my memory isn’t all that great, so I admit, I have to go back to them often, especially because I switch heads so much, but if I can understand them with this brain fog, so can you! This release, MELODY, comes in 14 different skin tones, that’s right, 14! There HAS to be a tone for you, from Vamp to Mocha, each tone is absolutely stunning!

When you choose your tone and open your applier, the first thing you’ll see is two choices of eyelids, regular creased & monolid. Then for each of those, you can choose your eyebrow color, there is 7 plus a no brow option. On that same hud, you click the next tab for eyeshadows. Again, the two eyelid choices are there with 8 colors of eyeshadow to choose from, as well as a “clear eyeshadow” button (Thankfully!). The next tab is lipstick, here you have 3 different coverages, Glossy, Matte & Dolly. Each of those then have 8 colors to choose from and a clear lipsticks button. Finally, the last tab is for freckles, there is 2 different styles, 1 & 2, and each of those have 10 different options. I will show you each one of those tabs below. Can you believe that you get all of that when you buy just one tone? One more surprise, you’ll also see a tintable lipstick hud. Full, blended, & dolly, you can add these to your Laq hud, so you always have them. You can create any color lipsticks that you want. Mochi shows you what layer to wear each one on, and even includes a gloss that you can add at the end. I’ll share a picture of that hud as well. 

Because there is so much information that Mochi provides with her appliers, I will include all of them here so you can always refer back to this page if you forgot anything. Like I said, I go back plenty because I always forget, lol

The only thing remaining is your body appliers right? I’m wearing Pink Fuel’s Omega appliers, these come regular or with freckles. There is also Slink, Belleza, & Maitreya appliers available.

I’m also wearing a few items from the ULTRA EVENT. You have about 2 weeks left for this event, so make sure you head on over there before it ends. The single photo with the Unicorn like eyeshadows is from POEMA, and that’s only at ULTRA. The top I’m wearing is from E. Vary and Mangula, also at ULTRA and comes in tons of colors, as well as fitted for Slink HG, Belleza Freya, & Maitreya Lara. I know people like to know when a creator makes items for multiple mesh bodies, so I try to be sure to list it when I see it. Finally, one of the coolest backdrops I’ve seen in a while, from Cranked, this backdrop lightroom, comes with so many colors, I swear it’s like 100 backdrops in one. Each color section comes with like 6 more shades of that color….ie: Blue will have light blue, sky blue, dark blue etc. And it’s like that for each solid color, which is pretty amazing because how many times do we look for a color, and it’s just not quite the right shade right? You won’t find that with this backdrop, make sure to pick this one up, trust me.

I hope you enjoy the post, and HAPPY SHOPPING!

Raw photo – no makeup


Poema eyeshadows @ ULTRA

Look of the day…


That will be all for today’s post – the remaining will be all of the skin details, huds & directions.


This is the main skin applier/hud from Pink Fuel.

2nd tab eyeshadows

3rd tab lipsticks


and finally – how to add your tintable layers to your Laq huds permanently  – below will give you step by step instructions.


Tintable Lipstick Instructions for Pink Fuel MELODY skin for LAQ

Step 1:
> On your “LAQ Bento – [HUD]”, click on □ 1
> The icon should appear BLUE

Step 2:
> On your “[PF] LAQ Tintable Lipstick Applier – Melody” choose from THREE tintable lipstick choices: FULL, BLENDED, or DOLLY
> Lipstick will appear gray, this is what you will tint to your lipstick color of choice

Step 3:
> On, “LAQ Bento – [HUD]”, click BLACK drop icon to open up TINT menu.
> Use cursor to tint lipstick

> Press BLACK drop icon again when FINISHED to close TINT menu.

Step 4:
> On, On your “LAQ Bento – [HUD]”, click on □ 2″

Step 5:
> On your “[PF] LAQ Tintable Lipstick Applier – Melody, Press “TOP GLOSS” icon to apply top gloss.


Slink Hourglass mesh body

LAQ Bento – Gaia 3.05 (Omega Installed)

[PF] <Caramel> – Melody – LAQ ApplierNEW RELEASE!!

[PF] <Caramel> – OMEGA BODY Applier (FATPACK) – Freckles

-SU!- Isolabella Eyes Fatpack

{S0NG} :: Silo~ Aqua Eye (Large turquoise eyes) all others are SU!


TRUTH / Livia – NEW!

[Fetch] Flowered Sunglasses

P O E M A – Ekaterina Eyeshadows *Omega App – @ THE ULTRA EVENT

P O E M A – Ariadna Eyeshadows *Omega App – @ THE ULTRA EVENT

(Yummy) Curator Rings Set – Maityrea

-SU!- Xylia Square Nails 07The EPIPHANY



Vinyl – Sheeran Boyfriend Jeans – Hourglass- @ UBER

E. Vary and Mangula Nina Blouse for [HG] – @ THE ULTRA EVENT

#Cranked# Backdrop Light Room ( LI 131 ) – @ THE ULTRA EVENT