Hi everyone 🙂 Today, I`m a bit short on time again, let me tell ya, if you are young, & by young I mean in your twenties, please please please take care of yourself, I swear had I known all of this would catch up with me, I would have done things so differently. Everyday is something else, another procedure, another appointment, believe me, you will want to spend these years having fun & enjoying life, not trying to stay one step ahead of your medical issues. So that`s enough of me preaching, lol. I`ll hop off of my soap box now & get to what we all love & that`s SL Fashion 🙂

Since the surgery & consequently the illness immediately afterwards, I have felt so behind in my event blogging, so I`ve decided that today I would dive back into THE MANGA FAIR, that`s right, it`s still open, still going until the end of this month. And honestly, you haven`t even seen half of the cuteness that this event has. The skirt I`m wearing in  this post, as soon as I unpacked it, I wanted to blog it, but for one reason or another I couldn`t get to it right away & then everyone & their mother blogged it, lol…..and you know how I am about that 😉 So I`ve waited & waited……until I came up with a way to wear it differently than I had seen it blogged so far. The skirt really is just so amazing that I can skip over it, it`s a definite must have in every woman’s wardrobe. The good news is, even if you dont` like the polka dots, it comes in other colors as well….one in particular “coral” is so pretty, I can just see it worn over a beautiful swimsuit, with a great big sun hat & beach bag..mmmhmmmm there`s your next outfit idea 😉 Go ahead, but I wanna see it when you do it! 🙂

For now, I`ve stayed with the black & white theme, mainly because I had some more epic items from PROJECT LIMITED to share with you that went well with the whole look. Speaking of PROJECT LIMITED, don`t forget round 2 opened where the designers have all agreed to create a second limited item. If you all remember, it took people 2-3 days just to get in there last time, I`m sad to say that I`ll be at work today, so I won`t be spending 12 hours this time knocking at Depraves door, lol.

I`m going to be doing a much longer post on these skins, because there is so many to show you, but I`m wearing a NEW skin from DEESSES SKINS, a gacha item for The Gacha Mania Event. Vanessa / Tone: Ice Frappe




And that`s gonna be all for today 🙂 Have fun ladies & Happy Shopping!!

As always a great big hug & thank you for visiting & supporting “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO



Hair – ICONIC /firstms hair – THE HAIR FAIR July 12-27

Lashes – bpm online dating& gute online dating seiten kostenlos

Makeup- NOX / sixx liner white

Eyes – IKON / immortal wight



Face Mask – GOTH1cO / leather bondage mask – PROJECT LIMITED

DeucalionHalo – RANDOM MATTER –  WE<3RP

Crowley Bracers- Cuffs & Crowley Studded Bracelets – RANDOM MATTER –  WE<3RP

Crowley Finger Claws – RANDOM MATTER –  WE<3RP

YingYang Backpack – GOTH1cO THE MANGA FAIR

Top – BLINK2WINK / boobie sayings “this pair”

Skirt – LETHAL CLOTHING / clear skater skirt…dots – THE MANGA FAIR

Mesh Thongs – ESSENCIAL (RENAMED – LOUX) / lick my cherry

Stockings – FOREVER YOUNG / destroyed socks

Garters – CRAZY KITTY / studded heart garters

Shoes – REIGN / saddle plats – PROJECT LIMITED

Ring – TANTALUM / flowered ring in crushed diamonds (gift)


ikonSlink Avatar Enhancement LogoProject-Limited-2014-July-Sponsors-233x300Manga fair poster updated2