Hi ladies! Today we’re checking out a brand new Catwa applier from AMARA BEAUTY. This is “Priya”. Priya comes in 6 tones as shown below, as well as a lipstick palette & an eyeshadow palette.

In addition to those makeups, from VEECHI @ The Anybody Event, I’ll share a liners pack from you. If you are a black eyeliner kind of girl, these are a must have. You’ll never need to be black eyeliner again.

Then we have a collaboration from BESOM & FLITE for the ARCADE GACHA EVENTS. The female options are 4 different hairstyles with tons of colors along with snapbacks, also with color & wording changes huds.

Finally from INSANYA also at ANYBODY, Raver Top Lust, comes in either black or white with lots of different textures/laces. I’ll share a bunch of them below throughout all of the pics so you can see all of the choices.

Hope you enjoy the post ladies! Have a fabulous day & HAPPY SHOPPING!


Pic 1 – first 3 tones from Priya, 3 different lipsticks from Priya, 3 haircolors from Besom/Flite and 3 top options from INSANYA.



Pic 2 – skintones 4-6 from Priya, 3 lipsticks, 3 hair colors from BESOM/FLITE, & 3 more textures from INSANYA.


Pic 3 – Group of 9 eyeshadows that come with any Priya purchase from AMARA BEAUTY.



BESOM/FLITE collaboration for the ARCADE . Eyeliners from VEECHI & lips from AMARA.



Veechi eyeliner pack



And that covers everything – see you soon!






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amara beauty – Priya CATWA applier

amara beauty – Priya eyeshadows Catwa appliers 

amara beauty – Priya lipsticks Catwa appliers

CATWA Tumble w/Animations V4.9

Veechi – Obsession Liners [Catwa]

:::insanya::: RaverTop Lust – M.Lara

-SU!- Yuna Eyes ALL COLORS 

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

Besom & Flite ARCADE ITEMS – Jessie, Erika, Missy, Venessa – all with hair color & snapback color huds