Hi ladies, so I guess you`ve heard about  Project Limited & if you haven`t, ohh my you really need to go check it out. Brought to you by Depraved Nation,  Project Limited  is a collaboration of 50 designers who have come together to sell  limited numbers of an item, never to be sold again. They range from 50 to be sold, to 150 to be sold, each item has a counter, so you can see how many will be released as you shop. The first day was a tad crazy, the sim filled as soon as the event opened & even with the owner resetting the sim quite frequently, it continued to immediately fill. Frustrations were high, I guess to be expected, but as in all great events in SL, the 2nd & 3rd day gets much easier to get in, however, the only thing about this event, is will the limited items still be available? I`m happy to say that most were still available on day 2, so a ton of people were able to get in & grab their items & everyone is happy 🙂 ! YaY! I love happy people, lol

To my surprise, because the event is going so well, if a creators items sell out, they are permitted to add in additional “limited” items, so just when I thought I spent all I wanted, the notices started arriving with this creator has just added this, such & such quantity available, & that creator added this, etc. Needless to say, I`ve been running back & fourth for 3 days now, the 1st day really broke me, seriously, I should have been banned for being silly, lol. Project Limited is open for 2 weeks & I`m sure there will be many more items be added whenever one sells out, so this event needs to be revisited, and often!

Now let`s move on to some of the great items I was able to get. I have many more, so the next few days I`ll be bringing you them little by little, I may even do one Project Limited post & show you them all, not sure yet, all depends on the time I have available to blog.

Today`s outfit starts with from ENVIOUS -“Hot Stuff” comes with arm warmers, finger tape, holster w/money, leather dress & boots (not shown) – This is NOT part of  Project Limited , however almost everything else that I`m wearing is. I really liked the texture of this dress, well done 😉

 Project Limited  Designers featured are: Milk, Panik, Reign, DRD, NikotiN, Riske, Elska, Auxilary & Cute Poison. All other items will be listed in credits section at the end.

Below you will see a Brand New Eye Release from SONG – these are ” LOVELEE eyes” in grey. I`m also wearing a beautiful eyepatch from Le Petite Morte from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival opening Feb 1st. (Rare – shown).


MILK HAIR –  Project Limited  *OH LORDE HAIR* in black.

I`m also wearing a portion of the ELSKA neck tattoo – I`m so crazy about this tat & just LOVE the neck part 🙂 Also Project Limited  I did another full post on this tat – if you`d like to see it, click here.


RISKE & REIGN –  Project Limited  –  GEARED STEAMPUNK BACKPACK / EMPOROR HEELS in black & silver.


DRD –  Project Limited – SPIKED KNEE GUARDS


WOW SKINS – VANESSA –  Vanessa comes with appliers for Slink Hands & Tangos & can be found at The Designer Circle.


PANIK –   Project Limited  – MAGIC UNICORN




 Project Limited 


  As always a great big hug & thank you for stopping by to visit & support “PUNKI`S FASHION PASSION!” MUAHZ XO

A very special thank you to my sponsors for allowing me to share your creations.
Skin – WoW Skins – Vanessa @ Designer Circle
Hair- Milk – Oh Lorde  Project Limited 
Lashes – Moyet
Brows – TSG
Liner- Buzzeri
Eyes- SONG
Clothing –
Envious – Hot Stuff Outfit
 Accessories –
Nail Appliers – Virtual Insanity – Oh My Goth
Necklace & Piercings – Face & Chest – CUTE POISON Project Limited 
Rings – Fanatik
Backpack – RISKE   Project Limited 
Knee Guards – DRD   Project Limited 
Heels – REIGN   Project Limited 
Unicorn Head piece – PANIK   Project Limited 
Eye Patch – Le Petite Morte
Nicotine Vapor – NIKOTIN  Project Limited 
Impants/ Mesh Body Parts –
Mesh Hands & Feet – SLINK
Mesh Bum”s”  – L.INC “Cute Azz”
Poses- Props & Backgrounds or Locations if applicable
(I own 1000`s of poses & as you see I usually take many photos, so I generally will grab one creator per post & use their poses, assorted packs.)
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